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7. Enquiring Minds Want To Know:
Wed Apr 24, 2024, 09:56 AM
Apr 24

If POTUS & Pecker Paid a Pack of Pissed Porn Performers, How Many Pissed Porn Performers Did POTUS & Pecker Pay?

55 years ago, a classmate in sixth grade no_hypocrisy Apr 24 #1
LOL malaise Apr 24 #3
this . ding. AllaN01Bear Apr 24 #20
About that age, my classmates and I would occasionally sneak into a garage where our church stored old newspapers to sel Squaredeal Apr 24 #51
OMG!!! My mom forbid us from looking at it..LOL LeftInTX Apr 24 #62
Lol my mom would read it for fun Tree Lady Apr 25 #82
Pre-click prediction: Rocknation Apr 24 #2
Yeah, Bat Boy never lied to us underpants Apr 24 #4
My mother loved the WWN. SergeStorms Apr 24 #66
First job at Winn-Dixie underpants Apr 24 #72
How could anyone forget Batboy? SergeStorms Apr 25 #78
Geezz Louise even when I was a wee lad I knew the Nat Inq was junk. Back in 1962 there was. a mitch96 Apr 24 #5
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 24 #31
You have a very different memory of the 90s RainCaster Apr 24 #34
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 24 #37
It was one of our resident trolls. niyad Apr 24 #53
Hello again. What flavour pizza today? niyad Apr 24 #39
Before I even clicked on this thread, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 24 #6
Exactly! BobTheSubgenius Apr 24 #35
Enquiring Minds Want To Know: alterfurz Apr 24 #7
A plentiful plethora. CaptainTruth Apr 24 #13
So glad my mouth was empty when I read that lindysalsagal Apr 24 #26
Anyone "just learning" that National Perspirer stories "may not be true" DFW Apr 24 #8
Trump (TSF) gets snipped DoBW Apr 24 #9
They make it so easy. lindysalsagal Apr 24 #27
I even stopped grocery shopping usonian Apr 24 #10
LOL h2ebits Apr 24 #15
many years ago on du there was a campaign to turn around ne at the check out stand . i still do it. AllaN01Bear Apr 24 #23
Our grocery store finally realized it was bad practice. (Basically its a form of electioneering) LeftInTX Apr 24 #64
Bravo Borowitz! (nt) Paladin Apr 24 #11
You mean Jennifer Anniston isn't pregnant from an extraterrestrial? lpbk2713 Apr 24 #12
oh such disappointment- et tu Apr 24 #14
Does almost true count? SupportSanity Apr 24 #16
Give Fox a shot, lol. Is this the Onion? Emile Apr 24 #17
good, it's always been a shit rag gopiscrap Apr 24 #18
"Now I don't know what to believe." What a quandary! dchill Apr 24 #19
are the owners of the ne and trump friends ? lol AllaN01Bear Apr 24 #21
I remember! niyad Apr 24 #41
Oh, yeah Leith Apr 24 #73
Hah! AllyCat Apr 24 #22
and here I was, thinking Elvis is still alive RainCaster Apr 24 #24
Of course Borowitz. I should have know when I read that 'millions' canceled their subscription to the NE. SWBTATTReg Apr 24 #25
Everything in a grocery store has negociated for shelf placement lindysalsagal Apr 24 #29
And the store* is making money off of everything that's sold there. ShazzieB Apr 24 #70
"Hundreds of supermarkets go out of business..." Martin68 Apr 24 #28
Satire: Still dead. Aristus Apr 24 #30
Satire is not dead, it just smells funny JoseBalow Apr 24 #63
Father confesses: I drove my son to school! GreenWave Apr 24 #32
I love good satire and the Borowitz Report LetMyPeopleVote Apr 24 #33
Andy B shouldn't print fake news like this. Ilsa Apr 24 #36
Pick one up in the grocery checkout pwb Apr 24 #38
I used to do that a lot, when I didn't just plain hide them. niyad Apr 24 #55
National Enquirer Stories May Not be True? pazzyanne Apr 24 #40
this was a click bait parody. not an actual news report. msfiddlestix Apr 24 #43
Next time, please indicate it's parody, sarcasm or just plain Borowitz mentioned in the title line, tia much appreciate msfiddlestix Apr 24 #42
Borowitz was clearly in the link above the article. And most of us niyad Apr 24 #52
Yeah, who the Hell has a subscription to the National Enquirer? Ligyron Apr 24 #69
Yes it was clearly in the link below the article. To see that requires clicking on the post. The request still stands msfiddlestix Apr 25 #77
And the reply still stands. It was clearly understood by most to be niyad Apr 25 #80
Actually, the link was posted ABOVE the article. And I will point out niyad Apr 25 #81
To my shame I used to subscribe to the a national enquirer my Dad used to buy the weekly tabloid but used kimbutgar Apr 24 #44
Mad Magazine, issue no. 102, April 1966 Doc_Technical Apr 24 #45
In the early or mid 60's, was at the grocery store KS Toronado Apr 24 #46
If the grocery stores would remove them from the checkout line, that would be helpful. Uncle Joe Apr 24 #47
Does this mean that Bat Boy is NOT on the jury in Trump's case? ECL213 Apr 24 #48
I am sorry to have to tell you that he is not. niyad Apr 24 #54
Please, not the Enquirer. If it weren't for this paper I would have never known that JFK is alive and living twodogsbarking Apr 24 #49
So if everyone has always known that the Enquirer is junk Barry Markson Apr 24 #50
I believe Pecker was buying "exclusive " rights to the story central scrutinizer Apr 24 #57
So is Pecker accused of breaking the law then? Barry Markson Apr 24 #58
He was given immunity for his testimony central scrutinizer Apr 24 #65
Because of their John Edwards work. SYFROYH Apr 24 #60
Oh great Barry Markson Apr 24 #61
"Bat Boy" Mad_Machine76 Apr 24 #56
Just imagine a different world where John Edwards was corrupt enough to pay for catch-and-kill. SYFROYH Apr 24 #59
After hearing Pecker's testimony Mr.Bill Apr 24 #67
Headline must be from The Onion 🧅. live love laugh Apr 24 #68
Borowitz ShazzieB Apr 24 #71
I learnt my critical thinking skills and cynical attitude from reading Mad magazine. Aussie105 Apr 25 #74
There are millions of people who subscribe to Bettie Apr 25 #75
"I'll give Fox a shot". haha JohnnyRingo Apr 25 #76
Will they cancel their cable subscriptions when they learn WWE is fake? Stinky The Clown Apr 25 #79
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