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What utter pond scum. blm Apr 26 #1
Cruella DeVil peppertree Apr 26 #38
To her credit, Cruella had style. cab67 Apr 26 #178
Makes Romney look Traildogbob Apr 26 #48
+1 peppertree Apr 26 #111
WTF? PittBlue Apr 26 #2
All Trump has to do is validate Noem's actions and MAGA will be onboard with Puppy Killing. TheBlackAdder Apr 26 #71
I wonder if the MSM will jump on board also? LT Barclay Apr 26 #109
No doubt. TheBlackAdder Apr 26 #137
I think you might be right senseandsensibility Apr 26 #131
South Dakota Codified Laws. Title 40. Animals and Livestock. Chapter 40-1. Cruelty, Abuse and Injury to Animals. brooklynite Apr 26 #3
Someone needs to make a formal complaint. Baitball Blogger Apr 26 #6
thank you. barbtries Apr 26 #8
I think they left enough wiggle room in the law woodsprite Apr 26 #37
Throwing the dog into a hole filled with rocks doesn't sound humane to me. Maraya1969 Apr 26 #157
Open and shut - and apparently there were witnesses. dchill Apr 26 #23
Sick, sick, sick. Elessar Zappa Apr 26 #4
Not until '26 - but I'll tell you this: there go her Veep hopes peppertree Apr 26 #42
Actually, I think the complete opposite. TRAITOR** does not give niyad Apr 26 #58
You might be right - given the sick puppy he is. peppertree Apr 26 #110
True and not true Dorian Gray Apr 27 #205
I agree. She killed the dog because she was too lazy and cruel to make the effort Ocelot II Apr 27 #226
Alpha female. Freethinker65 Apr 26 #5
I doubt she's alpha anything. Mr. Evil Apr 26 #17
A real alpha would have known how to train that dog NanaCat Apr 26 #82
is that legal? barbtries Apr 26 #7
In most red states it is, sadly peppertree Apr 26 #39
Glad that animal abusing I_UndergroundPanther Apr 26 #156
It was sad because it was mostly his father's doing peppertree Apr 26 #160
My father was I_UndergroundPanther Apr 26 #166
I'm very sorry to hear that. peppertree Apr 26 #169
I am sad for the horror that kid faced I_UndergroundPanther May 11 #232
Here is the article I just read sheshe2 Apr 26 #9
OMG. I thought I couldn't be shocked any more by Republicans. yardwork Apr 26 #28
Sadly this is the first article I saw this AM on twitter. sheshe2 Apr 26 #40
She talks about watching the dog go on a killing spree, killing chickens 70sEraVet Apr 26 #36
Have not read the article, but if what you say is true Dan Apr 26 #66
BS NanaCat Apr 26 #89
Not BS... Dan Apr 26 #90
It's what many dogs do around chickens womanofthehills Apr 27 #220
Unfortuntely, it happens all the time NickB79 Apr 26 #185
Wow kcr Apr 26 #91
I haven't seen it defended edisdead Apr 26 #124
The poster I replied to said kcr Apr 26 #177
Context is always helpful Polybius Apr 27 #202
I unfortunately had to shoot a dog in just that situation as a teenager in the 90's NickB79 Apr 26 #186
I have no personal experience to back this up, but they could have been feral dogs. LT Barclay Apr 26 #189
Thanks, Dan. I hadnt considered that, not having been raised on a farm. 70sEraVet Apr 26 #97
Yep. My father (a lifelong Democrat if that matters) put down a dog on the farm when I was a kid. progressoid Apr 26 #122
I was raised in the country, too, and I urge you to read the full passage. yardwork Apr 26 #128
Smile, as I acknowledged I hadn't read the article Dan Apr 26 #142
I have volunteered at animal rescues in the past (mostly horses) leftieNanner Apr 26 #163
What about seeking to rehome in a home with a fenced in yard BlueKota Apr 26 #132
To answer your question - rehoming the dog... Dan Apr 26 #140
It answers why it happened in the past when as you point out BlueKota Apr 26 #147
why in the world did she bring her puppy to that home to begin with? ecstatic Apr 26 #175
I see your point, Dan Apr 26 #176
What's wrong with MFM008 Apr 27 #207
What I do not understand about the chicken story, if true, is WHY she niyad Apr 27 #214
She sounds like a psychopath making excuses for cruelty. blm Apr 26 #73
A lot of violent criminals BlueKota Apr 26 #139
The goat didn't deserve to die either MustLoveBeagles Apr 26 #77
Apparently the goat was giving her attitude dflprincess Apr 26 #192
Something is seriously wrong with her MustLoveBeagles Apr 26 #197
What bdamomma Apr 26 #10
I totally agree. She had zero justification. benfranklin1776 Apr 27 #215
My way..... magicarpet Apr 26 #11
When someone has no conscience dlk Apr 26 #12
Halfway expecting her to say, "we used all of the carcass though, nothing went to waste" Torchlight Apr 26 #13
Sadist Wild blueberry Apr 26 #14
Not just admits, BOASTS. niyad Apr 26 #53
Wow. What a piece of shit. CrispyQ Apr 26 #15
Disgusting, absolutely disgusting. What a mean, evil person. Fla Dem Apr 26 #16
The dog was "having the time of her life." dchill Apr 26 #18
"No Going Back: The Truth on What's Wrong with Politics" Jerry2144 Apr 26 #19
This is why we I_UndergroundPanther Apr 26 #158
A predictable result when every "meaningful" presidential candidate has to be filmed handling a gun in some capacity to LT Barclay Apr 26 #190
Isn't this how serial killers start? Farmer-Rick Apr 26 #20
I worked with a guy who killed his dog for a similar reason rurallib Apr 26 #21
I had neighbor who did the same thing. He was (of course) a rabid Repug. peppertree Apr 26 #114
Knowing Donald Trump fears and hates dogs, Kristi Noem revs up her VP campaign by writing about killing a dog LetMyPeopleVote Apr 26 #22
Do she and kimberley go to the same plastic surgeon? And I niyad Apr 26 #63
Let's hope this is her Romney rooftop kennel moment Blue Owl Apr 26 #24
Like the dog couldn't have been rehomed to a family PoindexterOglethorpe Apr 26 #25
We adopted a dog in 2004 Lifeafter70 Apr 26 #138
Thank you for that story. PoindexterOglethorpe Apr 26 #187
I imagine she was quite beautiful! MissB Apr 27 #198
All that botox affecting her mind?? NoMoreRepugs Apr 26 #26
Well, it might help her with the defendant, but not with very many other people ms liberty Apr 26 #27
Best dog ever had was a hunting dog reject zeusdogmom Apr 26 #29
So was my german shorthair pointer. miyazaki Apr 26 #62
In my life all dogs to heaven zeusdogmom Apr 26 #80
No not at the moment. miyazaki Apr 26 #170
"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." ― Will Rogers LT Barclay Apr 26 #191
Me, too. zeusdogmom Apr 26 #193
Dog Killer is also an adulteress. Prof. Toru Tanaka Apr 26 #115
A 14 month old dog can easily be rehomed exboyfil Apr 26 #30
A hateful, spiteful, ugly-minded, vicious, evil, completely-lacking-in-decency one. niyad Apr 26 #50
'I could shoot a dog on 5th Avenue and get away with it.' bucolic_frolic Apr 26 #31
She's a definite shoe-in cilla4progress Apr 26 #32
Laugh out loud..they elect only their best and brightest, don't they? Nt lostnfound Apr 26 #104
You don't train a bird dog in one outing. Just like all other dogs short sessions which are then repeated. Botany Apr 26 #33
She also killed the family's goat because "it smelled." catbyte Apr 26 #34
Last I heard, it was still illegal to kill people in South Dakota DFW Apr 26 #35
She also killed or got tens of thousands sickened with her response to COVID too. She is really sick. Botany Apr 26 #108
Hope she Rebl2 Apr 26 #41
"I hated that dog" Loryn Apr 26 #43
Sick!! PortTack Apr 26 #44
Why do Republican hate dogs? BoRaGard Apr 26 #45
Most dogs are liberal IronLionZion Apr 26 #65
I even have a magnet that says my dog is a Democrat. BlueKota Apr 26 #149
But not most chihuahuas Bucky Apr 26 #171
Little dictators IronLionZion Apr 26 #172
Most of them don't. They hate cats. Sky Jewels Apr 26 #105
Sources, please? Jedi Guy Apr 26 #113
Here you go. Sky Jewels Apr 26 #118
Okay, so... Jedi Guy Apr 26 #136
About cat-hating and misogyny? Personal observation. I have niyad Apr 27 #211
Because they are selfish and have no compassion BlueKota Apr 26 #143
They hate cats worse I_UndergroundPanther Apr 26 #161
Plus cats are smarter. Brenda Apr 27 #206
Bout right I_UndergroundPanther Apr 27 #227
May she receive everything she deserves. niyad Apr 26 #46
I christen thee "Dog-Killer Kristi Noem." Paladin Apr 26 #47
The GOP is a death cult. sop Apr 26 #49
Whoever runs against her for governor again needs to put this in billboard ads and tv commmercials kimbutgar Apr 26 #51
Angry beyond anything! North Shore Chicago Apr 26 #52
Worse than Romney strapping Seamus to the roof Danmel Apr 26 #54
Empathy CloudWatcher Apr 26 #55
I use to wonder that too. No more. DontBelieveEastisEas Apr 27 #204
She's on TSF's VP shortlist, right? 0rganism Apr 26 #56
As someone who grew up in that area of the country around that type of environment Nac Mac Feegle Apr 26 #57
As I stated above NanaCat Apr 26 #78
There is a type of person who likes to cosplay "being a farmer." yardwork Apr 27 #212
Another trash human Republican. JanMichael Apr 26 #59
Human? Jilly_in_VA Apr 26 #180
She was doing a good job of covering up her sociopathy up until now. GoCubsGo Apr 26 #60
Trump-Noem ticket should lose the dog lover vote IronLionZion Apr 26 #61
"Donald Trump fears and hates dogs" Prof. Toru Tanaka Apr 26 #119
I know someone who is a hunter Bettie Apr 26 #64
The Truth on What's Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward patphil Apr 26 #67
disgusting piece of shit samsingh Apr 26 #68
She will see Trump in hell. nt TeamProg Apr 26 #69
I'm no fan of dogs NanaCat Apr 26 #70
I have 3 dogs UpInArms Apr 26 #130
I had 1 dog in my life I_UndergroundPanther Apr 26 #165
JohnSJ ............ Upthevibe Apr 26 #72
The real "tell" is that she hated certain animals. colorado_ufo Apr 26 #74
this tweet says it all moonshinegnomie Apr 26 #75
Snicker niyad Apr 27 #217
She's a monster MustLoveBeagles Apr 26 #76
A dog killer Sugarcoated Apr 26 #79
Seriously sick sociopath Bayard Apr 26 #81
Dad was a hunter kwijybo Apr 26 #83
Your dad sounds like a remarkable person. yardwork Apr 27 #213
Is she up for reelction in 2024? Is there a decent democrat running against her in her next election? BComplex Apr 26 #84
2026, according to a post upthread. niyad Apr 27 #216
Thanks niyad! BComplex Apr 27 #222
I think her "gravel pit" needs to be excavated. Solly Mack Apr 26 #85
That is a most excellent, horrifying point. niyad Apr 27 #219
Everything about that story - and her - is horrifying. Solly Mack Apr 27 #225
Sadly true. niyad Apr 27 #229
This story makes me sick to my stomach. I can't believe she told it. There go her VP chances. beaglelover Apr 26 #86
I try, I really try Aviation Pro Apr 26 #87
the party of sociopaths. nt Javaman Apr 26 #88
This message was self-deleted by its author maxsolomon Apr 26 #92
I have one wish for the universe... llmart Apr 26 #93
Are the pup's body parts displayed on the walls to exhibit her skills as a hunter and Ping Tung Apr 26 #94
What a sick person she is. Progressive dog Apr 26 #95
I rarely wish physical harm on an individual, but it would be really nice if her fucking Vinca Apr 26 #96
She will never get elected in this country again... JCMach1 Apr 26 #98
Isn't she worthless as a thinking governor? GreenWave Apr 26 #99
What an absolute piece of sh*t awesomerwb1 Apr 26 #100
She has probably ruined her political career. Sky Jewels Apr 26 #101
MAGAs will love it BannonsLiver Apr 26 #103
I won't say what I would like for her fate to be get the red out Apr 26 #102
I took a dog whose owner didn't want him because he wasn't "fit to hunt". Midnight Writer Apr 26 #106
Horrible woman. Disgusting. I would not mourn her passing. Liberal In Texas Apr 26 #107
A HIT PIECE? Jimvanhise Apr 26 #112
The story is blowing up, and we know why. yardwork Apr 26 #164
She admitted to it, in part I think, to demonstrate her utter disregard for life - and her ruthlessness.. Harker Apr 26 #116
Those qualities are seen as positive in her sicko, warped Maga bubble. Sky Jewels Apr 26 #120
I hope so. n/t Harker Apr 26 #153
Kristi Noem the Puppy Killer is a piece of shit JoseBalow Apr 26 #117
My heart cries for that dog JustAnotherGen Apr 26 #121
Noem is human garbage GenThePerservering Apr 26 #123
Wow, what a truly colossal piece of shit! Initech Apr 26 #125
What is with Republicans and dog abuse? anglesphere Apr 26 #126
She should be imprisonment for animal cruelty BlueKota Apr 26 #127
doesn't sound like she tried very hard. unblock Apr 26 #129
What a piece of shit. ismnotwasm Apr 26 #133
A misbehaved dog (of any type) slightlv Apr 26 #134
I called on Nemesis, Goddess of Divine Retribution. niyad Apr 27 #221
All power to you and Nemesis, Niyad.. slightlv Apr 27 #223
I call on Hecate for some things, as well. They are very busy! niyad Apr 27 #224
Trump will probably admire her for it, but he has to wonder if she was that ruthless, what might she do to him if Liberal In Texas Apr 26 #135
Not only does she not deserve a place on the presidential ticket. She doesn't deserve a place in the human race. usaf-vet Apr 26 #141
At least Mitt only made the kids' dog ride on the station wagon's roof. sop Apr 26 #144
She probably shot it just to be able today she shot it. Renew Deal Apr 26 #145
Health care w/ Noem in charge. oasis Apr 26 #146
She's useless as a governor geardaddy Apr 26 #148
What's Wrong With Cold heartless Noem?!! Cha Apr 26 #150
She is disgusting! red dog 1 Apr 26 #151
Wire haired pointer Sanity Claws Apr 26 #152
How long before she utters the phrase, "that dog won't hunt" in reference to a political disagreement... Harker Apr 26 #154
Sociopath scum I_UndergroundPanther Apr 26 #155
Mitt Romney has never lived down strapping his dog to his car roof. Emrys Apr 26 #159
She's less than worthless as a governor and human, so... Lucky Luciano Apr 26 #162
One sick bitch. No offense to mother dogs or women in general. That slur (or name) should be eliminated but I find it Evolve Dammit Apr 26 #167
Fuck that evil woman... LudwigPastorius Apr 26 #168
Who's a good boi? GenThePerservering Apr 26 #196
The Lincoln Project-It's so tragic that Kristi Noem didn't see this important PSA before she did what she did. LetMyPeopleVote Apr 26 #173
Isn't that illegal? Someone went to jail for leaving a puppy on the side of the road ecstatic Apr 26 #174
Pity her poor children, they must live in constant fear. KY_EnviroGuy Apr 26 #179
Noem is less than worthless as a human dai13sy Apr 26 #181
And, apparently , shot and killed a goat, the same day, soldierant Apr 26 #182
Kristi Noem: Puppy Slaughterer Blue Owl Apr 26 #183
This message was self-deleted by its author LudwigPastorius Apr 26 #194
Now they're bragging about killing puppies! Mr. Mustard 2023 Apr 26 #184
Cold, cold heart. Joinfortmill Apr 26 #188
A responsible opposing viewpoint..... brooklynite Apr 26 #195
Republicans prey on the weak and defenseless. This one is the worst of the worst. GoodRaisin Apr 27 #199
A complaint was filed against Kristi Nome with the Pierre SD Chief of Police, ( @cityofpierresd ). LetMyPeopleVote Apr 27 #200
Her action was wrong. Full stop. Layzeebeaver Apr 27 #201
Wow! This Thread has more "recs" and "replies" BigmanPigman Apr 27 #203
May this repulsive act follow her for the rest of her sick life. Paladin Apr 27 #208
The dog was likely dangerous. A lawsuit waiting to happen. JohnnyRingo Apr 27 #209
should I shoot my dog in the head and dump her a quarry? EleanorR Apr 27 #228
If your dog goes on a killing spree you should be concerned. JohnnyRingo Apr 28 #231
Oh so sorry, you said there's a better way to kill a dog EleanorR Apr 27 #230
I consider her a potential threat to one of my family members Norbert Apr 27 #210
Trump VP contender defends killing dog struggle4progress Apr 27 #218
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