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Republicans think Republican presidents should be above the law. tanyev Apr 27 #1
That's a new development- in the days of Nixon it was different RainCaster Apr 27 #7
It's a myth about the 'law-abiding' GQP of the 70s. NanaCat Apr 27 #11
DJt and his acolytes are the people in this country who are most threatened by equal justice and the rule of law. Jrose Apr 27 #2
the rs want t in office b4 the sc makes a decision. AllaN01Bear Apr 27 #3
Biden should lock *rump up in a cave. And then see what... JoeOtterbein Apr 27 #4
Why do people assume that Trump will win a second term? zanana1 Apr 27 #5
The odds of Smelvis winning another term are low, BUT Wednesdays Apr 27 #13
And what of the next TV personality or Cel;ebrity elected Mr.Bee Apr 27 #6
If Rump gets his way, there won't BE any elections for awhile.... lastlib Apr 27 #8
Stuff like this should to mailed to every address in America. KS Toronado Apr 27 #9
You're assuming that the GQPers NanaCat Apr 27 #12
I assume all people can read ! KS Toronado Apr 27 #16
What Really Worries Me- Mr.Bee Apr 27 #10
Let's hope that the name becomes as much mud NanaCat Apr 27 #14
Of course not Barry Markson Apr 27 #15
With Nixon Republicans knew he had done wrong Mr.Bee Apr 27 #17
Sorta like OJ Simpson's jury then. Barry Markson Apr 27 #18
Trump doesn't want to be above the law. He wants to make the law. Ping Tung Apr 27 #19
Robert Reich: Hello? Did everyone forget what Trump was really like? Mr.Bee Apr 27 #20
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