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101. I didn't like Hillary. I voted for her.
Sat Apr 27, 2024, 02:05 PM
Apr 27

Most like me did the same. A handful voted for Trump as a protest in 2016, like voting for the Chewbacca candidate.

But I don't know anyone who voted for Trump in 2016 based on a principled dislike of Hillary who voted for him in 2020.

"I just don't like Hillary..." [View all] MineralMan Apr 26 OP
Sometimes it's really hard to understand how some people decide things. bluestarone Apr 26 #1
I wonder if DU should update this rule... Think. Again. Apr 26 #2
What does the OP have to south Primaries brooklynite Apr 26 #6
Not talking about the primary. MineralMan Apr 26 #7
In spite of everything, Hillary won in 2016, too. Tansy_Gold Apr 26 #41
We have the system we have. With just a few tens of thousands of MineralMan Apr 26 #43
I mentioned "the last election" because Tansy_Gold Apr 26 #61
We can change the electoral system, MineralMan Apr 26 #63
You joined DU in 2023. What are you talking about the 2016 primary? yardwork Apr 26 #15
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 26 #62
Does the word "last" have a new meaning now? Not even about the primary anyway. betsuni Apr 26 #20
A grouped reply to all of the above posts; Think. Again. Apr 26 #22
Why forget such an important and fascinating year in history? betsuni Apr 26 #34
You are so right, also I am looking for rats that are still creeping around. William769 Apr 26 #38
You would have to take that up with the admins. Think. Again. Apr 26 #39
... betsuni Apr 26 #40
The OP is not about the last Democratic primary. Permanut Apr 26 #26
Why Would you Think the OP is About a "Primary"? Cha Apr 26 #28
Exactly. Its obviously about the general election. revmclaren Apr 26 #75
I agree. intheflow Apr 26 #86
First rule of the TOS Arthur_Frain Apr 27 #93
Lol! Thanks for that. Think. Again. Apr 27 #96
For no reason? MrsCoffee Apr 27 #117
Yes, OPs popping up without anything prompting such... Think. Again. Apr 27 #119
That's No. 2 on my list of phrases I loathe that are related to Trump supporters. Aristus Apr 26 #3
They're dumb and bored. yardwork Apr 26 #16
Tractor pulls and monster truck rallies not enough for them anymore? Aristus Apr 26 #21
Where does this one rank? wryter2000 Apr 26 #24
I'm not sure that one even deserves to have a numeric ranking. Aristus Apr 26 #32
Oh, I do like a good Hitchiker's reference lmao n/t Cheezoholic Apr 26 #56
For my ex-neighbor, it was "he tells it like it is". She would never explain "it". LoisB Apr 26 #31
Of course not. They're just babbling what they hear the babblers on the TV say. Aristus Apr 26 #35
I heard those exact words from almost every Trump voter I knew. Mr.Bill Apr 26 #52
It's difficult for smart people to admit when they're wrong. Aristus Apr 26 #54
That's a good one. Mr.Bill Apr 26 #65
Who are you asking? brooklynite Apr 26 #4
Whoever said that. Whoever said that MineralMan Apr 26 #9
A lot of people who did not like Hillary still voted for her. Did those people cause Trump? Autumn Apr 26 #5
If they voted for her, I have no brief with them. MineralMan Apr 26 #8
Well... just expect crickets cause that's all anyone is going to put in the pot. Autumn Apr 26 #11
OK, then. MineralMan Apr 26 #12
Former Bernie follower who voted Hillary Tree Lady Apr 26 #10
"Biden is too old." Same thing. MineralMan Apr 26 #13
Did they shit on her all throughout 2016 while doing so? W_HAMILTON Apr 26 #59
Pure hyperbole. You are never going to find a Democratic or Republican candidate that everyone Autumn Apr 26 #69
Lawrence: SCOTUS justices of 3 GOP presidents ended Roe. 'Your vote lives after you.' LetMyPeopleVote Apr 26 #14
Exactly! MineralMan Apr 26 #19
Damn right. calimary Apr 26 #36
The fictional Hillary monster is the one they thought they didn't like. betsuni Apr 26 #17
She was certainly not my first choice but I voted for her eagerly over Trump! Quixote1818 Apr 26 #18
I was stunned also... Think. Again. Apr 26 #23
The polls right before election day said she had about a 2 in 3 chance of winning. Mariana Apr 26 #84
Yes, they said she was ahead, I think I mentioned that. Think. Again. Apr 26 #85
I was so stunned, I had to go home sick from work. Aristus Apr 26 #33
I wanted her so bad in 2008 Polybius Apr 26 #25
It is good to learn from history but it is useless to try to beat it to death. Chainfire Apr 26 #27
Talking about history is beating it to death? betsuni Apr 26 #37
more people voted for Hillery in that election. period. Srkdqltr Apr 26 #29
Hillary, please. MineralMan Apr 26 #47
Thank you so much. Srkdqltr Apr 26 #72
That doesnt matter that's not how we elect presidents Fullduplexxx Apr 26 #64
Yes i know, its stupid Srkdqltr Apr 26 #66
Oh i completely agree ...nt Fullduplexxx Apr 26 #71
Well... Mike Nelson Apr 26 #30
It was the demonizing of Hillary for me. ismnotwasm Apr 26 #42
Yes, exactly. MineralMan Apr 26 #45
What's even more appalling NanaCat Apr 26 #87
This is the fascinating thing! How did so many people be so stupid to believe the BS? betsuni Apr 26 #49
Yeah, the Obama campaign was pretty rough on her. Hassin Bin Sober Apr 26 #73
lol ismnotwasm Apr 26 #80
I could never understand why. She's likable enough Autumn Apr 26 #89
In 2016 I grew so frsutrated pfitz59 Apr 26 #44
Something tells me that many, if not most, of the petulant people who did that Patton French Apr 26 #46
You are correct. MineralMan Apr 26 #48
Too many men used such personal animus... GiqueCee Apr 26 #50
Yes. MineralMan Apr 26 #58
Their response is, predictably, seething psychosis. jaxexpat Apr 26 #51
Yes. MineralMan Apr 26 #60
I know people who didn't like Hillary but still voted for her Model35mech Apr 26 #53
Yes. Just not quite enough. MineralMan Apr 26 #55
Ding ding ding! PortTack Apr 26 #57
And now some of these geniuses are mcar Apr 26 #67
I voted for Trump because of HER EMAILS Martin Eden Apr 26 #68
There are none here who MineralMan Apr 26 #70
Silence of the .... Martin Eden Apr 26 #74
As far as I know there is a rule against saying you don't like Hillary. Hope22 Apr 26 #76
There is a rule against saying you don't like Hillary? JoseBalow Apr 26 #88
i just love it when they cant give u an answer. AllaN01Bear Apr 26 #77
We have just seen how media poisoned voters away from her. GreenWave Apr 26 #78
Well, I DO like Hillary Jilly_in_VA Apr 26 #79
Sadly, this year the "Biden's old" whine proves we are useless children lindysalsagal Apr 26 #81
Biden IMO is better than any other POTUS. He always has that calm I've got this Autumn Apr 27 #94
Well, it was Hillary's "turn" so ... Ligyron Apr 27 #118
No one is entitled to a turn as President. That's for a monarchy. Autumn Apr 27 #120
Only the terminally stupid and divorced from reality NanaCat Apr 28 #125
Not so sure about the everyone else "busting their hump to get her into office" part. progressoid Apr 29 #133
Oh FFS NanaCat Apr 28 #127
Where did ahe say she didn't know why Joe didn't run? Rob H. Apr 29 #130
Anyone who has been paying attention for a month would know Democrats are well Autumn Apr 29 #132
OFFS yourself. It was a what if. Your rage doesn't change the fact that had he as Bidens VP Autumn Apr 29 #131
I saw an interview with Bill Clinton several years ago and he was asked this question. jalan48 Apr 26 #82
Do you imagine those voters wringing their hands in regret? SYFROYH Apr 26 #83
No, I don't imagine that. MineralMan Apr 27 #91
You just couldn't break rank and not vote R because? czarjak Apr 27 #90
Yet many Trump voters said they didn't like him but voted for him anyway. betsuni Apr 27 #92
People often act strangely. MineralMan Apr 27 #95
The electoral college is a difficult explanation peacebuzzard Apr 27 #97
I agree, but it is a constitutional issue. MineralMan Apr 27 #99
It is difficult to explain peacebuzzard Apr 27 #102
No doubt. However, there is an explanation. MineralMan Apr 27 #103
same thing w bill. same thing with jimmy. same thing w obama. i remember it well thank you very much. AllaN01Bear Apr 27 #98
Politics is the art of the possible Kennah Apr 27 #100
I didn't like Hillary. I voted for her. Azathoth Apr 27 #101
Did you ever meet her? DFW Apr 27 #116
Saw her in person a few times over the years, shook her hand once I think Azathoth Apr 28 #123
That's taking the dimmest view. DFW Apr 28 #124
And? So? NanaCat Apr 28 #129
It was more than a handful of the 'I Hate Hillary' crowd NanaCat Apr 28 #128
You're not giving PUTIN enough blame. Nt Baltimike Apr 27 #104
Putin? MineralMan Apr 27 #105
Not different...absolutely related Baltimike Apr 27 #122
I agree, completely. MorbidButterflyTat Apr 29 #134
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 27 #106
Me? Yes MineralMan Apr 27 #107
Post removed Post removed Apr 27 #108
Spreading rumors again I see. Enjoy!!!! GP6971 Apr 27 #109
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 27 #110
Was that LG? I was just started to read all about their supposed Jill Stein CT against Hillary and 'poof' hlthe2b Apr 27 #112
Yes it was. GP6971 Apr 27 #113
Seemed familiar... MineralMan Apr 27 #114
Very familiar...long term resident troll. GP6971 Apr 27 #115
Thank you MIRT for taking out the trash Niagara Apr 27 #111
I don't like her Polybius Apr 27 #121
Here in the prison labor camp Stardust Mirror Apr 28 #126
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