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Thanks, will catch reruns. elleng May 3 #1
Amen!!! Traildogbob May 3 #2
Brutally honest and I wouldn't expect anything less from Lawrence O'Donnell. Deuxcents May 3 #3
+1 SunSeeker May 3 #7
"Anyone watching Lawrence?" Well, you're "anyone" so I think you qualify. elocs May 3 #4
Why didn't she quit? RussBLib May 3 #5
Yes!! She was an entitled, unqualified little liar ("Deny Deny Deny!") who played on her gorgeous looks. SunSeeker May 3 #6
Jonathan Karl? moondust May 3 #8
Yes, thanks, I believe that's him! SunSeeker May 3 #9
Yep. cilla4progress May 4 #29
She got on her knees and steamed her boss's pants while he was wearing them. kskiska May 3 #10
Wait, is that a euphemism? Orrex May 3 #16
Nope. vanlassie May 3 #17
yes, but only in Cleveland... alterfurz May 4 #40
How did she not burn his balls off while doing that? 3catwoman3 May 3 #22
I think it was just the seam on the front - but then again.... Talitha May 4 #36
I love Lawrence O'Donnell. skylucy May 3 #11
I have been feeling the same way. Irish_Dem May 3 #12
I agree. Someone on Stephanie Ruhle's show was trying to paint her as a sympathetic figure tulipsandroses May 3 #18
Exactly. Irish_Dem May 3 #19
Lawrence is a master of the righteous rant, delivered with... 3catwoman3 May 3 #13
Yes he is calm but his words are like a surgeon's scalpel. Irish_Dem May 3 #20
I like him better than Olberman because of his style & substance - thanks to his Capitol Hill experience. nt SunSeeker May 3 #23
I am grateful to him for saying what he did, I have felt the same about her for a long time Bev54 May 3 #14
Good for Lawrence!!!!! montanacowboy May 3 #15
I kind of feel sorry for her... DET May 3 #21
Here's the link. summer_in_TX May 4 #24
Thank you! n/t North Shore Chicago May 4 #35
I've been calling his twenty minute A block's "LOD's Righteous Twenty" all week Cheezoholic May 4 #25
All I care about is whether she influenced the jury towards a guilty verdict relayerbob May 4 #26
I think this is the segment you refer to. SouthBayDem May 4 #27
Yes, that's it. Perfection! nt SunSeeker May 4 #30
Wow.. TY! Hope Hicks, Consider yourself Properly & Cha May 4 #32
For every politically weary person -- watch this and speak likewise! Duncan Grant May 4 #33
It was a cilla4progress May 4 #28
Yes, finally catching rerun! elleng May 4 #31
Lawrence is the best. GoodRaisin May 4 #34
The Kyle Rittenhouse, defense, maybe ? republianmushroom May 4 #37
The Rittenhouse defense, and as poorly played as Kyle did it. republianmushroom May 4 #38
In a sane World... Pluvious May 4 #39
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