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111. Perhaps you should focus on the event, amount paid, AND Who paid for it rather than lumping everyone
Sun May 5, 2024, 01:00 AM
May 5

Of the discussed judges all together as an amorphous group, in order to determine motive, etc. As long as you defend Judge Cannon, who has shown a definite bias towards Trump, some us may view you just bit unfavorably…

Is being a corrupt dumbass a technical issue? NewHendoLib May 4 #1
Her pen running out of ink is a technical issue. KS Toronado May 4 #25
She submits everything as a PlutosHeart May 4 #43
And of course, knows not to leave a paper trail peppertree May 5 #124
Only because she's technically corrupt...and a dumbass Docreed2003 May 4 #35
Hard Ass " Judge " ... TrueBlue 1968 says .... Throw the CANNON in the slammer for 8 years Trueblue1968 May 4 #83
Were she and Clarence COL Mustard May 4 #95
BS Rebl2 May 4 #2
Might be the impetus to get her removed from the case. Kingofalldems May 4 #3
Not likely, unless somehow it's related to the case or to any of the parties Ocelot II May 4 #14
did anyone who paid for her trips also donate to trump? ZonkerHarris May 4 #36
Really that should be enough senseandsensibility May 4 #58
The "technical issues", was that the puppet master strings got tangled. republianmushroom May 4 #4
Tangled strings, Arne May 4 #9
I believe there are laws in this area that apply to federal judges, but Supreme Court justices are exempt. unblock May 4 #16
Yes, that's what I was going to say PatSeg May 4 #48
Federal Judges outside of SCOTUS are regulated as to ethics, appearance of conflict, and other such faux pas. They can Ford_Prefect May 4 #26
If I'm not mistaken, the ChiefJudge has more authority over her than Roberts has over the rest of the scumbags Hassin Bin Sober May 4 #40
Is this leading to some billionaire paying her way? FarPoint May 4 #5
For a very junior judge. Hmmmm...... vanlassie May 4 #31
$700.00 a bottle champagne,... magicarpet May 4 #6
Is that what the billionaires are serving their RepubliPuppets? BoRaGard May 4 #42
Its funny these people think the price makes it taste better. nt oldsoftie May 5 #113
paid luxuray trips ? snork recurse the alpha hotel AllaN01Bear May 4 #7
Third world jurisprudence in the flesh peppertree May 4 #84
Another crooked repug judge being wined and dined by repug billionaires. brush May 4 #8
Oops! grumpyduck May 4 #10
Groomed for Greatne$$ Kid Berwyn May 4 #11
Is that Ken Burns in the middle? onetexan May 4 #78
Yes. Explains "Baseball" leaving out Hispanic players. Kid Berwyn May 4 #82
Omg, i honestly thought it was a lady tavernier May 5 #118
I am sure the MAGAts will soon declare her innocence ....... Kingofalldems May 4 #12
And they did. Kingofalldems May 4 #69
Hoo Boy! MOMFUDSKI May 4 #13
It'sasecret! czarjak May 4 #87
Same billionaire that keeps Thomas as a pet? Bernardo de La Paz May 4 #17
From NPR: mahatmakanejeeves May 4 #18
A rich man (Jay Gould) once said mountain grammy May 4 #19
All smoothed over if you just recuse! dchill May 4 #20
Can anyone point to the last time a federal judge had a consequence imposed RockRaven May 4 #21
Just saying, IF she's smart, she will bluestarone May 4 #22
Unless she's angling for the long game. calimary May 4 #51
There's probably a multi-million dollar gift from her benefactors in her future. LastLiberal in PalmSprings May 4 #77
It always amazes me Farmer-Rick May 4 #23
Henry Cuellar sold himself cheap at $600,000 Ponietz May 5 #120
Oops! Is this more fallout from the Clarence Thomas bribery scandal? Martin68 May 4 #24
Maybe not related directly, but looks like more of the same "ethics." Ocelot II May 4 #28
bias/buy ass🤡👍time to recuse fuckhead bringthePaine May 4 #27
Technical issues, like not knowing the law? WestMichRad May 4 #29
Presumably their knowledge in matters of law would extend to requirements for their position. yonder May 4 #30
Now, whose job is it to sanction them for this? Scrivener7 May 4 #32
Paging Jack Smith.... Paging Jack Smith.... Blue Owl May 4 #33
The damn corruption Traildogbob May 4 #34
"Any pretense of impartiality in my courtroom is completely inadvertent." BeyondGeography May 4 #37
Trump could call for her removal and get his delay that way? Freethinker65 May 4 #38
Republicans for sale BoRaGard May 4 #39
Maybe the media will go after her like they did Fani Willis. We demand receipts and info on sexual activities! jalan48 May 4 #41
Holding my breath. triron May 5 #119
Sure we all partied..... OnDoutside May 4 #44
Maybe she should hire Kristi Noem to resolve the issue of the dog who ate the travel receipts. Ping Tung May 4 #45
Are there enforceable ethics rules for courts below the Supremes? diane in sf May 4 #46
Rocky Mountain pickles Tetrachloride May 4 #47
Montana, ay? Can I send her one of my special hats for her next trip? Attilatheblond May 4 #49
Come on Aileen. Sneederbunk May 4 #50
And whoare the billionaires bankrollong her trips? onetexan May 4 #52
Good. Remove her from the case Joinfortmill May 4 #53
Being groomed for the Supreme Court... surfered May 4 #54
Absolutely. jalan48 May 4 #63
That's what I'm dreading. If her "idol" gets back in the White House, calimary May 4 #74
Actually, her being a 'candidate' should be one of the lesser problems...... MyOwnPeace May 4 #93
Well, this explains everything! LOL Any tiny bit of faith in humanity is nearly gone! K and R nt Quixote1818 May 4 #55
No judges should be allowed to have any gifts Tree Lady May 4 #56
Influenced to do what? TexasDem69 May 4 #60
Let people off or help them like Tree Lady May 4 #61
But there's nothing in the story suggesting she ruled in favor of anyone TexasDem69 May 4 #62
I know its not a law not to Tree Lady May 4 #65
That's fine as a general matter TexasDem69 May 4 #67
Must she look so Creepy! "Who else wants Cannon Impeached? Cha May 4 #57
I Wish Was Good At Photoshop ... I See A Unibrow WiVoter May 4 #89
Judge I. Lean Bannon Kid Berwyn May 5 #114
So I read the article TexasDem69 May 4 #59
If you don't see it, no reason to even respond. Kingofalldems May 4 #64
Care to enlighten me? TexasDem69 May 4 #66
Billionaires aligned with Trump trying to harness ALL power Kingofalldems May 4 #68
Those billionaires contributed to cheato senseandsensibility May 4 #72
"Billionaires" doesn't equal Trump TexasDem69 May 4 #73
One thing for sure bluestarone May 4 #75
I'm with you. triron May 5 #127
"I have seen zero evidence that the Supreme Court is compromised" TBF May 4 #86
This message was self-deleted by its author Ponietz May 5 #121
Does it bother you that NPR also identified reporting failures by appointees of Presidents Clinton and Obama? onenote May 4 #101
Perhaps you should focus on the event, amount paid, AND Who paid for it rather than lumping everyone bobalew May 5 #111
You want to focus on the event -- here you go. onenote May 5 #116
Working on her USSC bona fides, I see... Wounded Bear May 4 #70
Technical difficulties? Like she thought she was already on the SCOTUS and didn't have to report such freebies? Attilatheblond May 4 #71
How about an investigation into how this might impair judgement; and isn't Clarence overdue? WTF America? Evolve Dammit May 4 #76
IF this gets resolved I bet it happens after the election. It might not matter then mucifer May 4 #79
Another Clarence. live love laugh May 4 #80
The original NPR investigation... reACTIONary May 4 #81
Which apparently almost no-one posting in this thread has bothered to read. onenote May 4 #96
So shocking ... TBF May 4 #85
Ignorance of the law and all that rot Pas-de-Calais May 4 #88
That's bigger than an affair with a colleague liberal N proud May 4 #90
Yep. I'll bet if folks keep digging, they'll find more corruption duckworth969 May 4 #91
George Mason University & Koch Brothers duckworth969 May 4 #92
IOKIYAR RULES!!! whoooooo! pansypoo53219 May 4 #94
So, I guess this qualifies her to succeed... AdamGG May 4 #97
K&R. nt Wednesdays May 4 #98
Getting a little ahead of herself, isn't she? She is not on a SCOTUS bench seat yet. Scalded Nun May 4 #99
Others have failed this, too, but she's taken on a higher profile calimary May 4 #102
Remove her from the bench, she is a law breaker. Bluethroughu May 4 #103
Does that apply to the several dozen other judges who failed to make a timely report? onenote May 4 #104
If they didn't disclose vacations and other goods? Bluethroughu May 4 #105
So you'd dump Stacey Abrams sister for something NPR's investigation concluded was not a big deal onenote May 4 #108
Who does she think she is, Clarence Thomas? spanone May 4 #106
Or Sam malaise May 5 #123
Bwahahahahahaaa... spanone May 5 #125
Might be a contest on ---who can get the most. Kingofalldems May 5 #126
This message was self-deleted by its author spanone May 4 #107
Recuse!! Be The Light May 5 #109
When do we meet up with pitchforks?!! 58Sunliner May 5 #110
She techinically tried to hide it. I get it. n/t aggiesal May 5 #112
She"d lock you up for less malaise May 5 #115
No question. Kingofalldems May 5 #122
could that be a fusillade of pickles?.........anybody? jaxexpat May 5 #117
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