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11. You haven't known enough gold diggers
Tue May 14, 2024, 11:02 AM
May 14

Especially ones who make the mistake of not leaving a rich Sugar Daddy when their market value is still high eno--er, when they're still young enough to get a new one.

I was a teenager when my Mum's MD colleagues hit their trophy wife mid-life crisis years, which means I saw a parade of gold-diggers march through our social life. The clever ones stuck around only long enough to enjoy the good life during the marriage, sock away a tidy nest egg where hubs couldn't see, and still get a sweet payout in the divorce settlement while she's young enough to win another sugar daddy. Next, please!

The career arc for gold-diggers is a short one. You have until early 30s to land the rich dude, or to leave one and find another. Every year after thirty puts you further into SOL territory.

TSF's gold-digger was too stupid to know that she needed to get out while the getting was good. She stays now only because she knows in a rudimentary way (the only way that dimbulb could understand anything), that her pre-nup may not be worth very much when it's time to collect (as of April, she's already lost child support), and because she'd have to settle for far less with a new man. An abundance of younger, more beautiful women with much less baggage are a dime a dozen for the type of man susceptible to a gold digger. Those guys do have standards, shallow as they are. She no longer meets them.

That's why the only First Gold Digger in US history has made the calculation that there's more butter for her bread by staying with him than leaving. At least for now. Her best hope now is that he'll die and leave her with enough not to suffer an ordinary life.

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