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19. He's probably up all night posting
Wed May 15, 2024, 03:08 PM
May 15

I went to Lies Social and counted 45 posts for one night (they are broken down by "1 day, 2 days, etc.). Some of them are quotes and could have been hustled up by a staffer. There are 3 or 4 for today.

I'd have counted for other days but hey, I'd rather be planting tomatoes.

Just an idea. If he's up all night, it's quite likely he can't stay away in the day.

And if you think about it, he perceives his job as poster. He thinks that's what it's all about (besides scamming the American public and anyone else he can deceive). So the way he sees it, he's doing his job at night now and sleeping in the day.

However, I do like the idea of drugging him but it would never happen because if he loses, his lawyers know he'll appeal.

I think he is being sedated so hw will keep his mouth shut lynintenn May 15 #1
That's what my hubby said vapor2 May 15 #9
I'm convinced he's playing a game Beausoleil May 15 #16
I figure that it's Faux pas May 15 #2
I think he cannot take being there Johnny2X2X May 15 #3
Agree ++++ Diamond_Dog May 15 #5
Think so too. His supporters will love trump's disrepect for trial. Silent Type May 15 #4
Sunny Hostin was in the courtroom Monday Wednesdays May 15 #6
Heard her say Rebl2 May 15 #25
It is calming to the Orange Fuhrer's viseral systems knowing he is creating such chaos and mayhem to,...., magicarpet May 15 #7
Correct Cosmocat May 15 #8
Exactly this. mahina May 15 #15
Why do people associate Trump actions with strategy? brooklynite May 15 #10
He's not tired. He's bored because he is not in control. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz May 15 #11
It is his way of giving the finger to the judge and the justice system rurallib May 15 #12
I think he's too broke to buy anymore Adderall. KS Toronado May 15 #13
Lizards will close the eye closest to you Red Mountain May 15 #14
Yes of course MorbidButterflyTat May 15 #17
He's an elderly man in poor health, who naps throughout the day. AnotherMother4Peace May 15 #18
He's probably up all night posting NJCher May 15 #19
IMO along with whatever he's doing all night long he is under enormous personal stress which can lead to sleep as Ford_Prefect May 15 #20
if he is not the center of positive attention Skittles May 15 #21
I have always felt it's his way of thumbing his nose young_at_heart May 15 #22
In all fairness.... usedtobedemgurl May 15 #23
I hope it's an act onethatcares May 15 #24
He thinks it's a joke and nothing will happen to him, imo. Oneironaut May 15 #26
Exactly!! cornball 24 May 15 #27
Honestly, it's an old man thing... Mark.b2 May 15 #28
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