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5. I think the governing bodies of the sports should determine what's fair
Thu May 16, 2024, 05:23 PM
May 16

...and the whole thing that's been going on where it's a big internet thing, which some people seem to think will be solved "democratically" on social media by determining what position is the loudest - that's not going to work. I have opinions, but I'm more than happy to say they don't amount to much at all, as compared to the people who are involved and responsible for judging matter.

I'm not a surfer and I'm not trans, and no matter how much I researched either thing my opinion would be worth less than someone's who was involved in the sport, or someone who was trans or who was involved in gender science or the medical field.

The science does not back their claim FreeState May 16 #1
Boys vs Women's Records dwnsouth May 16 #9
You might want to review EarlG's post on the rules of the forum. Ms. Toad May 16 #14
High school boys sports records dwnsouth May 16 #16
Per EarlG (the owner of this discussion board). Ms. Toad May 16 #26
So it's a topic that can't be discussed, on a discussion board Mosby May 16 #21
Just like you can't advocate that science establishes that whites are superior to blacks on *this* discussion board. n/t Ms. Toad May 16 #25
What? Mosby May 16 #27
It's ananalogy. Ms. Toad May 16 #30
It is a BS analogy. former9thward May 16 #35
I haven't made any personal attacks. Ms. Toad May 16 #44
chiming in to say ecstatic May 17 #63
Unless every athlete who set a record is tested for testosterone levels Ms. Toad May 17 #65
The post made a statement of fact Zeitghost May 16 #52
Until it added, "You may want there not to be a physical difference, but that just isn't the case." Ms. Toad May 16 #55
Again, all facts Zeitghost May 17 #64
You are expressing an opinion ("testosterone is responsible for some of them"), not fact. Ms. Toad May 17 #67
It's not my opinion Zeitghost May 17 #74
I know. We get it BootOutTheGoons May 16 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author Mosby May 16 #51
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the post! NoRethugFriends May 16 #31
Except that it advocates a scientific basis for discriminating against trans women. Ms. Toad May 16 #43
all it does is state a fact. infer what you will from it NoRethugFriends May 17 #70
I think over emphesis on winning is a big barrier to equal access in amateur sports. Are we watching for winners or ... marble falls May 17 #81
How many of those Records were made by trans women? LostOne4Ever May 16 #23
Yes and how many of those record breakers were on hormone therapy? Voltaire2 May 17 #71
According to your logic a woman should be able to take enough testosterone rainy May 16 #2
Post removed Post removed May 16 #3
Yours is a legitimate point of view which means it will likely be dismissed out of hand here. elocs May 16 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author jimfields33 May 16 #4
You might want to review EarlG's post on this matter. Ms. Toad May 16 #15
No they aren't vercetti2021 May 16 #39
I think the governing bodies of the sports should determine what's fair bhikkhu May 16 #5
There should be no restrictions. Jirel May 16 #7
Pro Football Teams dwnsouth May 16 #11
All the major leagues are completely open (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA) Mosby May 16 #32
I'm trans and I really don't care, tbh. Oneironaut May 16 #8
This! Silent Type May 16 #49
I'm too disinterested in sports to really care a whole lot personally, but as an issue of fairness for those who do... Silent3 May 16 #10
Always remember Lurker Deluxe May 16 #12
Perhaps a reminder is warranted... Patton French May 16 #13
Trans women are women and trans men are men. WhiskeyGrinder May 16 #17
So WHY are sports segregated by "Gender"? mackdaddy May 16 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author Celerity May 16 #20
If they weren't segregated, and biological cis males were allowed into one exclusively 'open' for all arena, women's' Celerity May 16 #22
and that, in a nutshell, is the very nub of the sitiuation stopdiggin May 16 #53
Do you really want to see Brock Lesnar fighting Amanda Nunes? Polybius May 17 #66
Hard to imagine anyone who has had daughters play and thrive in girls sports would make this claim Prairie Gates May 17 #80
I Don't Think RobinA May 17 #82
Stop electing people who are influenced by Alex Jones and Ben Shapiro? Initech May 16 #19
What I think would be fair would wait until their is evidence of a problem LostOne4Ever May 16 #24
Maybe fairness, or perfect fairness for all, isn't possible... And if so then RockRaven May 16 #28
Entertainment for you, not for the people participating. former9thward May 16 #37
exactly. please DO try to throw that in the face stopdiggin May 16 #54
The anthropological origin of sports is training, and a substitute, for war Ponietz May 17 #86
People suddenly care about "fairness" because it sounds like a good cover for hate unblock May 16 #29
Political disttraction IbogaProject May 16 #34
Do you favor merging all sexes in sports? former9thward May 16 #38
I didn't say that at all, and there's little "fairness" in any arrangement unblock May 16 #41
but you didn't answer the question either. stopdiggin May 16 #56
Because it's an irrelevant question and has nothing to do with me or my post unblock May 17 #61
gottcha' that's pretty straightforward and on point stopdiggin May 17 #62
Are you referring to wrestling or boxing with the 95lb to 145lb line? JanMichael May 16 #46
True- something actually relevant to those particular sports unblock May 16 #50
we have women's wrestling teams stopdiggin May 17 #59
Exactly. Voltaire2 May 17 #72
You Could Do That RobinA May 17 #84
Post removed Post removed May 16 #33
Let them play vercetti2021 May 16 #40
This! Times infinity! LostOne4Ever May 16 #42
And rules aren't even enforced for it vercetti2021 May 16 #45
Yup. Ms. Toad May 16 #58
It's easy: no genital inspections. Shame the motherfuckers for their child genital obsession. AnrothElf May 16 #47
Post removed Post removed May 16 #48
Create a new category pfitz59 May 16 #57
Trans people are like .1% of the population. Oneironaut May 17 #69
Agree Ponietz May 17 #87
You could answer the question experimentally DBoon May 17 #60
I'm staying out of this one Polybius May 17 #68
Wisdom John Shaft May 17 #73
I think it's such a rare case that it's a distraction Johnny2X2X May 17 #75
It seems odd to ask for opinions when the board has specific rules about what can be posted Prairie Gates May 17 #76
Ding Ding - we have a winner. Fix The Stupid May 17 #83
What would be fair ... Think. Again. May 17 #77
Key observation..."evidence doesn't suggest a massive advantage for trans athletes"... Rafi May 17 #78
Yes and that was pointed out to the OP FreeState May 17 #85
I believe this is a highly controversial subject Bucky May 17 #79
To those who missed it the first time around EarlG May 17 #88
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