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4. But as a white male, I have to point out that white people are also a major reason why.
Fri May 17, 2024, 10:04 AM
May 17

Black people, especially Black females, saved us in 2020 when they broke for Biden in the SC primary.

If the polls are to be believed, they show that African American males, and young people would be a major reason why. JohnSJ May 17 #1
Because Biden didn't wave his magic wand and stop SCOTUS from ending Roe and student loan forgiveness Freddie May 17 #2
I think it's that despite decreased mucifer May 17 #5
...and corrupt. pandr32 May 17 #42
Also unrealistic expectations, perhaps, of what early-20s life should be like. RandomNumbers May 18 #69
civics poozwah May 17 #22
I agree, Fudster May 17 #26
or even opened a book, or saw Schoolhouse Rock! on Youtube Traurigkeit May 17 #56
And I would like one of these people to state which policy Trump has that would make things better for them. Ray Bruns May 17 #23
No, I don't think it has much to do with a magic wand. slightlv May 17 #41
It's a nuanced problem and most people can't do nuance Freddie May 17 #46
My daughter was in the same boat... slightlv May 17 #59
What is I/P? SWBTATTReg May 17 #49
Israel and Palestine. n/t usonian May 17 #50
Ah, thanks. I knew it wasn't Internet Protocol, ha ha heh... SWBTATTReg May 17 #52
nor Intellectual Property not any raft of acronyms usonian May 17 #55
Now that I think of it, slightlv May 17 #60
Excellent rant. calimary May 17 #51
Thank you. Mister Ed May 17 #57
Thank you! :) slightlv May 17 #61
But as a white male, I have to point out that white people are also a major reason why. OrlandoDem2 May 17 #4
Thank you!!! How the fuck do black people get blamed when so many white people are voting for the fucker? Solomon May 18 #71
well that's backward quakerboy May 17 #17
Exactly. ismnotwasm May 17 #25
MTG just lost young females stollen May 17 #18
Well, we re-elected Dubya... Wounded Bear May 17 #3
I know what you mean, but at least Dubya hadn't sent a mob to attack the Capitol Ohioboy May 17 #7
Indeed, trump is way worse than Dubya was, but another step on the decline... Wounded Bear May 17 #11
Obama thought it was best to move on stollen May 17 #20
I hissed at Romney's words... slightlv May 17 #62
Exactly ScratchCat May 17 #15
We didn't elect bush the first-time. Butterflylady May 17 #21
They won't. spanone May 17 #6
I hope you're right MustLoveBeagles May 17 #8
👍🏼 spanone May 17 #10
Trump owns the media Johnny2X2X May 17 #9
He's a manipulator John Shaft May 17 #12
Not as innocuous as that Johnny2X2X May 17 #13
If Trump wins everyone will fall all over themselves saying it's because Biden was a "flawed candidate" betsuni May 17 #14
If a slim majority of voters in swing states think electing TSF will lower prices... Justice matters. May 17 #16
They'll still blame Biden Walleye May 17 #36
Men of all colors want to be able to grab them some pussy 617Blue May 17 #19
Eric... and most others either don't understand the situation or it doesn't fit their editorial narrative. WarGamer May 17 #24
Yep. There is little to no chance to change authoritarian disorder. Marcus IM May 17 #32
One reason: It's what the billionaires want in their neoliberal state Ponietz May 17 #27
Propaganda works. mn9driver May 17 #28
Exactly. markodochartaigh May 17 #29
Because Republicans are Weak on Crime! Emile May 17 #30
I'll tell you part of the reason.. quickesst May 17 #31
I fail to see the point of all the doom and gloom... Demsrule86 May 17 #33
Good answer. In general elections Joe's record is 9 and 0 Walleye May 17 #38
There are many reasons that Biden will win. LiberalFighter May 17 #64
The abortion rights issue will certainly draw women to vote for Biden and Harris Jrose May 18 #66
If all dems voted in unity trump would not have a chance oldmanlynn May 17 #34
THIS!!!!! calimary May 17 #53
Now trashing...Elections...specials, the midterm shows Trump losing as do some polls (early so all polls are worthless) Demsrule86 May 17 #35
I'll post it again ScratchCat May 17 #40
K&R Think. Again. May 17 #37
Question is, if he loses, will we be rid of him finally? Walleye May 17 #39
No. mn9driver May 17 #43
If Trump loses the next POTUS election, there are court cases that may take PufPuf23 May 17 #63
I hope he will quickly eat/Adderall himself to death. Sky Jewels May 18 #68
If you've ever met people who make poor dating decisions BaronChocula May 17 #44
To be fair, I've made my share of poor dating decisions RandomNumbers May 18 #70
Poor dating decisions BaronChocula May 18 #72
LOL, true that! nt RandomNumbers May 18 #73
He won't win Norbert May 17 #45
'The nodfather'!! Very clever and apt! Jrose May 17 #47
I'm sure the rest of the world is wondering, cilla4progress May 17 #48
Apparently, another push by oligarchs to take over. usonian May 17 #54
This can happen here LetMyPeopleVote May 17 #58
I think a healthy Democracy requires an educated electorate Torchlight May 17 #65
I do think that they'll try to steal it again. Emile May 18 #67
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