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16. You nailed it!
Sat May 18, 2024, 08:32 AM
May 18

If that gets no traction, that asshat will think of another excuse not to debate President Biden.

Can we drug test trump ilovegamers43 May 18 #1
for the presence of worms or brain cells? Wonder Why May 18 #18
Drugs ilovegamers43 May 18 #34
Welcome to our DU family. niyad May 19 #51
Mostly chilling between games ilovegamers43 May 19 #55
Already lining up excuses to back out. n/t Liberal In Texas May 18 #2
This BlueKota May 18 #3
Yep. Solomon May 18 #13
You nailed it! Omnipresent May 18 #16
That's what it sounds like. EndlessWire May 18 #45
Absolutely! keithbvadu2 May 19 #54
More projection malaise May 18 #4
And reverse psychology - certainly TFG wouldn't dare take one (nor would Butthead Jr) ... marble falls May 18 #7
So now Trump can't tell the difference between one of his sons and Biden? hadEnuf May 18 #31
Biden was high at the State of the Union but it was not drugs. gordianot May 18 #5
Agreed. Adrenalin, not pharmaceuticals. no_hypocrisy May 18 #6
Joe... myohmy2 May 18 #8
A cognitive test, live, on camera. keithbvadu2 May 19 #56
Stfu already BeyondGeography May 18 #9
Fantastic idea! tavernier May 18 #10
Tit for Tat, Donnie! ProudMNDemocrat May 18 #11
"high as a kite" ? Speak in 1960s cliches much, Donnie DimWit?? /nt bucolic_frolic May 18 #12
Every accusation... MiHale May 18 #14
Fuck you trmp. spanone May 18 #15
They clapped and cheered when he joked about an attack on an 84 year old man EleanorR May 18 #17
The asshole needs a brain scan. LiberalFighter May 18 #19
!!Stephen Miller tweeted just after Trump demanded a drug test from Biden 🚨 riversedge May 18 #20
TSF would fail any drug test and he knows it. lark May 18 #21
HE IS FUCKING PROJECTING! nt CaliforniaPeggy May 18 #22
Every accusation is a confession...nt Wounded Bear May 18 #26
Of course he is. It's SOP with the orange fascist. wnylib May 18 #43
Adderall Apricot says what? Efilroft Sul May 18 #23
He says the same stupid shit over and over Johonny May 18 #24
Good idea, donnie. You should take one... Wounded Bear May 18 #25
Demand this trump???? pwb May 18 #27
Already looking for an excuse to back out, are ya'? Raven123 May 18 #28
You first, moron. Dave Bowman May 18 #29
Trump will not debate. Bobstandard May 18 #30
Sniff Sniff Snortle. Arne May 18 #32
Hey, Donald. Ever hear of cokey talk? SarahD May 18 #33
for $200.00 donnie onethatcares May 18 #35
I am fed up watching his in and out hand movements. Will someone PLEASE, once and for all..... DFW May 18 #36
Sexual assaulter said what? PCIntern May 18 #37
Drug test required joanbarnes May 18 #38
It's a game. Remember when he tried to infect Biden with Covid? Remember? Hekate May 18 #47
Losers don't get to make demands BoRaGard May 18 #39
Okay. You first... ThoughtCriminal May 18 #40
Always projecting, aren't they? tinrobot May 18 #41
That means TSF Asshole is taking drugs.. we knew that. Cha May 18 #42
TFG is not going to debate President Biden LetMyPeopleVote May 18 #44
No more catering to TSF's nasty little games. We know what he is. Hekate May 18 #46
Better roll up your sleeve, traitor NanaCat May 18 #48
Him first Mad_Machine76 May 19 #49
Sure, if Trump explains why he skipped the COVID test in 2020. Hugin May 19 #50
RAPIST/TRAITOR** was mad because the SOTU speech proved that his niyad May 19 #52
Make up your mind, RAPIST/TRAITOR**. Do you want him drug tested, niyad May 19 #53
Makes absolutely no sense. Freethinker65 May 19 #57
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