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25. The right wing inherently would like as close to a kingship as people will tolerate
Sat May 18, 2024, 09:37 PM
May 18

And Robert's response will be the typical thing - not addressing the issues any more than necessary to calm general concerns and dampen expectations. Meanwhile, the show goes on as before. Equality itself isn't seen as an actual goal, but a carrot to dangle to distract the general population, while the "real world" of money and power gets on with it's business.

Very good..... getagrip_already May 18 #1
Epic indeed!! riversedge May 18 #2
Oh! Mme. Defarge May 18 #3
It was hard for me to get. mercuryblues May 19 #42
John Roberts, Stealing Elections and Taking Cash Since Who Knows When Kid Berwyn May 18 #4
Three current justices were involved in legal behind the scenes litigation to install Bush/Cheney in 2000. magicarpet May 19 #52
These are honorable-like people. Kid Berwyn May 20 #53
Profound HighFired49 May 18 #5
Excellent point - silence is complicity. nt TBF May 18 #6
I'm 100% with @SenBlumenthal on this................ riversedge May 18 #7
Sadly, there's no way to 'make them recuse.'' elleng May 18 #8
I believe Tansy_Gold May 18 #14
they need to be forced off the bench mercuryblues May 18 #16
With great difficulty, elleng May 18 #23
Progressive humor. Who knew? jaxexpat May 18 #9
Nobody is saying it, but... Mike Nelson May 18 #10
I heard it! lastlib May 18 #11
I came here to post crickets. Irish_Dem May 18 #26
In other words, we actually are a monarchy. tavernier May 18 #12
The right wing inherently would like as close to a kingship as people will tolerate bhikkhu May 18 #25
I waited too damn long. irisblue May 18 #13
i recall how burned out Roberts looked at the Defendant's impeachment trial and the way he tapped diva77 May 18 #15
do you have a non-twtter link? mercuryblues May 18 #17
What you see is all there is. Its a joke. oldsoftie May 19 #47
All I see is a link to twitter mercuryblues May 19 #51
Is the white supposed to be a joke or is the image broken? sakabatou May 18 #18
It means that the country can hold its breath until it turns blue tavernier May 18 #20
Can't see the tweet ugh! ALBliberal May 18 #19
blank tweet isitreal May 18 #22
I am so GULLIBLE thx ALBliberal May 18 #24
I thought that too. markodochartaigh May 18 #27
Wow feel I'm in Good company 😂🤍🙏🏻 ALBliberal May 18 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author COL Mustard May 18 #31
I know you mean it in good humor Col Mustard ALBliberal May 18 #33
Sorry if it was offensive COL Mustard May 19 #38
It took me a minute COL Mustard May 18 #28
Give it another minute,... it will finish loading. magicarpet May 18 #36
Twitter X is wonky for me today, all just a bunch of vibrating, blurry mess Attilatheblond May 19 #43
lol..you got me BlueWaveNeverEnd May 18 #21
I would have been shocked if it was real. nt BootinUp May 18 #30
They answer to no one...literally. spanone May 18 #32
Exactly as expected! NT JayDem May 18 #34
Roberts got his crickets training from Moscow Mitch. KY_EnviroGuy May 18 #35
That's also his statement on Clarence Thomas not recusing himself on 1/6 cases his wife was involved in. SunSeeker May 19 #37
Robber Baron Roberts approves. Hermit-The-Prog May 19 #39
Roberts has no real authority over the other justices Buckeyeblue May 19 #40
Remember... czarjak May 19 #41
I connected ... DoBW May 19 #44
OK photo-shoppers, fill in the blank space KS Toronado May 19 #45
Omerta usonian May 19 #46
so apparently this post was actually a joke from what I gather? Joke in the most cynical application of the meaning. msfiddlestix May 19 #48
Who is surprised by this? LetMyPeopleVote May 19 #49
Well played. Martin68 May 19 #50
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