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Mon May 20, 2024, 08:33 AM May 20

Hey Garland, When You Lay Down With Dogs, You End Up With Fleas [View all]

The House judiciary committee voted last week to hold Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress for failing to turn over audio recordings of pro-Trump special counsel Robert Hur and President Biden in relation to his retention of classified documents.

WTF did you expect Garland? You picked a pro-Trump person to be special counsel and then you allowed him to release a political hit job on President Biden which Magats are using today in campaign ads. Now you are shocked that Magats want more?

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, President Biden had to claim executive privilege to stop the release of the audio.

Oh and your other pro-Trump special counsel, Weiss is about to take President Biden's son to trial next week which had nothing to do with Burisma or Chinese kickbacks.

Merrick Garland has given TSF a lot of BS propaganda that they are using in campaign ads.

The House Oversight committee is also going to hold a vote this week for contempt which opens the way for vote by the whole House.

The contempt of Congress most likely won't go anywhere but it sure helped Magats with talking points.

Hey Garland, how about appointing a pro-Biden special counsel to look into TSF's 651 million dollar deduction on his Chicago Tower, or a sc to look into the fraud behind Truth Social? No, no, no, that would be partisan. In the meantime Hunter Biden is going to trial for not paying his 1.4 million in taxes which he later paid but Trump stole 100 million at a minimum. Where the hell is the non-partisanship?

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K&R spanone May 20 #1
K & R!!! 50 Shades Of Blue May 20 #2
Hopefully... 2naSalit May 20 #3
If joe Biden wins the election, do we get a new AG? One with some junkyard dog bark and bite. One that's Hotler May 20 #4
i know that if joe does not win the election we will have such an ag rampartc May 20 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author peggysue2 May 20 #6
My husband was wondering the same thing peggysue2 May 20 #7
He is better suited for NOTHING! colorado_ufo May 20 #64
Almost four years later and we still have NO accountability as to the funders/ orchestrators of the coup. n/t Evolve Dammit May 20 #66
you mean one like jack smith??? nt et tu May 20 #13
Jack Smith? RicROC May 20 #39
Oh, FPS! Give it a rest. Oopsie Daisy May 20 #8
Yeah, that woul'd be a GREAT political move by Biden edhopper May 20 #10
Show Garland the door after the election. Many cabinet officers depart or are encourage to after two years, four years. brush May 22 #84
that is the path to take edhopper May 22 #87
Why do you demand self-censorship of ideas that don't flatter your preconceptions? Orrex May 20 #18
I didn't see any call for censorship, just calling out nonsense for what it is. tritsofme May 20 #19
Yes, the cheerleaders are well-practiced in gatekeeping Orrex May 20 #36
And the whiners are well practiced at their craft as well. tritsofme May 20 #40
Who are these whiners, exactly? Orrex May 20 #43
No, just the ones being completely unreasonable, and who have an unhealthy obsession with Garland and bashing Democrats. tritsofme May 20 #46
Pointing out Garland's actions, inactions, and the consequences of both FoxNewsSucks May 20 #47
Yea sure...plenty of them delight in bashing Democrats. It is one of their favorite pastimes. tritsofme May 20 #53
Who is this mysterious "them"? I don't see any delight. FoxNewsSucks May 20 #68
didn't you get the memo? Skittles May 20 #65
Post removed Post removed May 20 #70
Yeah I don't understand it. FoxNewsSucks May 20 #72
🤣😂 Oopsie Daisy May 20 #20
It's pretty naive to assume a president is happy with a cabinet Takket May 20 #32
Republicans are incapable of non-partisanship for anything with propaganda potential. jaxexpat May 20 #9
Owned press isn't a free press I_UndergroundPanther May 20 #57
If Garland wanted to look nonpartisan edhopper May 20 #11
No, Ds always have to bend over backwards Dark n Stormy Knight May 20 #41
This narrative is complete nonsense. tritsofme May 20 #62
Wrong. FoxNewsSucks May 20 #69
kidding! Jean Genie May 20 #12
nexgard for the reichgard in our congress? nt et tu May 20 #14
This is a lesson on how not to be a spineless weasel nt wolfie001 May 20 #15
Garland has been completely disappointing samsingh May 20 #16
Amen ! republianmushroom May 20 #28
Yeah, appointing that amateur Jack Smith was "completely" the worst. 😂🤣🙄 Oopsie Daisy May 20 #38
No one's criticized Jack Smith. Just the amount of time it took to appoint him FoxNewsSucks May 20 #48
Hating on Garland isn't going to change a thing. Oopsie Daisy May 20 #49
It definitely can. DU has a reputation and is watched by many politicians Mr.WeRP May 20 #51
So your're suggesting that the "base" (ie: the most loyal Democratic voters) are going to withhold their vote? Oopsie Daisy May 20 #52
who said anything about withholding a vote? just b/c dems aren't happy with AG you're jumping orleans May 20 #73
The implication of "there will be consequences" is clear. Oopsie Daisy May 22 #85
you're assuming "there will be consequences" means "i'm withholding my vote." ASSUMING. orleans May 22 #86
I'm not an idiot. The meaning was clear. It's been repeated often enough. Oopsie Daisy May 22 #88
looks like you're going off on another track, to detract. orleans May 22 #89
Nobody suggested otherwise. Oopsie Daisy May 22 #91
No one's advocating witholding votes from Biden. Just hoping Garland is shown the door after the election. brush May 22 #83
Good. Blue Owl May 20 #17
Resign in Biden 2nd term and oasis May 20 #21
So disappointed in him ecstatic May 20 #22
THe DOJ is not interested in justice for the planners and plotters of the coup attempt. onecaliberal May 20 #23
Yep. Sky Jewels May 20 #24
Yes, they despise me for pointing it out every chance I get. If the american people had gotten justice then, onecaliberal May 20 #27
Jeffrey Clark was in the courtroom supporting TSF at his campaign finance trial. gab13by13 May 20 #31
Now we have ended up with election deniers in office markodochartaigh May 20 #34
40 months and counting (includes foot dragging) republianmushroom May 20 #29
The A.G. is (supposedly) a non-partisan office, yes? Garland makes it so, Barr did not. To BASH Garland is NOT bashing TeamProg May 20 #25
OFFS MorbidButterflyTat May 20 #26
Yeah garland just gave them the gun. It isn't his fault they are shooting it now! Takket May 20 #33
Garland appointed a special counsel gab13by13 May 20 #35
Not everything, just for failing to obtain justice for the american people when a president tried to overthrow a free onecaliberal May 20 #37
I understand why the optics would have been bad Takket May 20 #30
Makes one wonder has Garland been a rethug mole all along? brush May 20 #42
McConnell voted to confirm him as well. jalan48 May 20 #50
I suspected he was. I_UndergroundPanther May 20 #58
I don't understand why Manchin was chosen to be the Chairman of the Senate Energy Committee. jalan48 May 21 #81
Are you serious? This is beyond silly, completely detached from reality. tritsofme May 20 #63
Don't be naive. He released Hur's damaging and in many ways untruful report unedited. brush May 21 #74
It is simply delusional conspiracy mongering. Democrats in Washington have known Garland for decades. tritsofme May 21 #75
President Biden is not happy with Merrick Garland gab13by13 May 21 #76
That is a completely different argument from the unhinged accusation that Biden is stupid enough to appoint a GOP mole tritsofme May 21 #79
Everyone has an opinion. I go by Garland's actions. He's either been asleep at the wheel, incompetentj or... brush May 21 #82
Obama knew his SCOTUS nominee would be DOA, so he sent Garland. Biden's AG pick was a troll move. Marcuse May 20 #44
Mike Lee of Utah gab13by13 May 21 #77
Yes, Mike Lee is as odious as he is vile. Marcuse May 21 #78
Maybe we'll get a twofer after Biden is re-elected. Garland and Dejoy given pink slips. jalan48 May 20 #45
Message auto-removed Name removed May 20 #54
Because it is none of the republican's business. Kingofalldems May 20 #67
I see the usual apologists have appeared Skittles May 20 #55
Right....people defending a Democratic administration on Democratic Underground are "apologists" tritsofme May 20 #56
if we defend actions no matter WHAT Skittles May 20 #59
You're telling me. tritsofme May 20 #61
If the shoe fits. . . . FoxNewsSucks May 20 #71
I don't understand why President Biden picked him Tribetime May 20 #60
There is a thread today on DU gab13by13 May 21 #80
The cheerleaders showed up to praise and defend Garland and condemn anybody who does not republianmushroom May 22 #90
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