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Mon May 20, 2024, 12:49 PM May 20

New 9/11 Evidence Points to Deep Saudi Complicity [View all]


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For more than two decades, through two wars and domestic upheaval, the idea that al-Qaeda acted alone on 9/11 has been the basis of U.S. policy. A blue-ribbon commission concluded that Osama bin Laden had pioneered a new kind of terrorist group—combining superior technological know-how, extensive resources, and a worldwide network so well coordinated that it could carry out operations of unprecedented magnitude. This vanguard of jihad, it seemed, was the first nonstate actor that rivaled nation-states in the damage it could wreak.

That assessment now appears wrong. And if our understanding of what transpired on 9/11 turns out to have been flawed, then the costly policies that the United States has pursued for the past quarter century have been rooted in a false premise.

The global War on Terror was based on a mistake.

A new filing in a lawsuit brought by the families of 9/11 victims against the government of Saudi Arabia alleges that al-Qaeda had significant, indeed decisive, state support for its attacks. Officials of the Saudi government, the plaintiffs’ attorneys contend, formed and operated a network inside the United States that provided crucial assistance to the first cohort of 9/11 hijackers to enter the country.

The 71-page document, released in redacted form earlier this month, summarizes what the plaintiffs say they’ve learned through the evidence obtained in discovery and recently declassified materials. They allege that Saudi officials—most notably Fahad al-Thumairy, an imam at a Los Angeles mosque and an accredited diplomat at Saudi Arabia’s consulate in that city, and Omar al-Bayoumi, who masqueraded as a graduate student but was identified by the FBI as an intelligence operative—were not rogue operators but rather the front end of a conspiracy that included the Saudi embassy in Washington and senior government officials in Riyadh.

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All the clues lead in this direction. Baitball Blogger May 20 #1
Among others peppertree May 20 #33
Ignored knowns aren't unknown-knowns? czarjak May 20 #88
True. We know there's a lot we don't know. peppertree May 20 #90
Agreed. citizen blues May 20 #109
Fuck these guy's brains! HUAJIAO May 20 #101
Hey I'm big oil and I don't agree. Yoyoyo77 May 21 #113
And no wonder, Big Awl! peppertree May 21 #140
We already knew this. The terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. onecaliberal May 20 #2
Yeah, I don't get it. yagotme May 20 #3
This is just the attorneys wanting to get a multi-million $ pay day. n/t Jacson6 May 20 #36
"New" evidence. yagotme May 20 #66
Yes we knew it from the beginning. Irish_Dem May 20 #10
No Shit ID DENVERPOPS May 20 #35
Old man Bush BigMin28 May 20 #40
Every so often after 9-11 some group photo from the Reagan years would pop up, & if the names were attached Hekate May 20 #43
I know it is mind boggling. Irish_Dem May 20 #56
"How does Liz Cheney fit into your narrative? Is she angry that another group hopped onto her father's power grab" FoxNewsSucks May 20 #71
Yes some sort of deal was cut. Irish_Dem May 20 #72
Not sure about her DENVERPOPS May 20 #75
Yes all of them. Irish_Dem May 20 #81
Superb analysis Charging Triceratops May 21 #126
Good point about Lindsey Graham: maybe it's the other guy, not Lindsey. yardwork May 21 #129
Do you really think that Linsey Graham would k55f5r May 21 #130
they cd b threatening him. mopinko May 21 #132
Definitely not, but if somebody very powerful cares.. yardwork May 21 #133
Lindsay has deteriorated considerably. Irish_Dem May 21 #138
I don't trust Liz Cheney or any of the former Reagan/W people. yardwork May 21 #121
And back then, you were put in a dark hole if you dared discuss that NoSheep May 20 #64
Bush's torture chambers were a crime against humanity. Irish_Dem May 20 #82
An the media were all either complicit of duped Charging Triceratops May 21 #127
No one has seemed to connect the common theme of involvement through out that 40 years of those same individuals: B.See May 20 #85
Yes Trump is just the logical conclusion. Irish_Dem May 21 #115
It actually goes back much further.... bobalew May 21 #116
That's what I thought Bettie May 20 #111
15 of the 18 Cosmocat May 20 #14
The reality was DENVERPOPS May 20 #96
Yep Cosmocat May 20 #107
The fact that the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia does not mean they had the backing of the Saudi government. Martin68 May 20 #50
They didn't have the backing of the Iraqi government, either. Aristus May 20 #78
I was responding to onecaliblral who wrote, " We already knew this. The terrorists were from Saudi Arabia." Martin68 May 20 #99
Bush and Cheney managed to convince enough people the Iraq was responsible Aristus May 20 #106
I believe the main rationale for the invasion of Iraq was imaginary weapons of mass destruction. Afghanistan was invaded Martin68 May 21 #118
YES! Doesn't anyone remember "Fahrenheit 9/11?" Grins May 20 #110
Yeah, exactly Farmer-Rick May 21 #119
The Atlantic is an excellent source librechik May 20 #4
The evidence may have been hidden, but it was suspected by a lot of us FakeNoose May 20 #15
How about the bin Laden family being allowed to leave the US? Ritabert May 20 #59
If the Bin Laden family members were in on it, they would have left the US before the attack FakeNoose May 20 #74
The fact that they left immediately DENVERPOPS May 20 #97
Wish I could read the entire article. Mme. Defarge May 20 #51
There is a link to it with no pay wall NoSheep May 20 #68
Great! Mme. Defarge May 20 #83
I've always thought they had to be. There's only one conspiracy theory I've entertained about 9/11 underpants May 20 #5
Post removed Post removed May 20 #28
This, underpants Hekate May 20 #38
Actually DENVERPOPS May 20 #42
I remember that underpants May 20 #54
This article appears to back you up. yardwork May 21 #122
The OBL cocktail underpants May 21 #125
the guy who supposedly piloted flight 77 into the Pentagon could barely fly a Cessna. So yeah, makes sense. LymphocyteLover May 21 #136
RIP Senator Bob Graham Nictuku May 20 #6
I would bet $2 billion they were behind this. colorado_ufo May 20 #23
Saudi family from Sarasota Florida vanishes weeks before the GOP allows the 911 attacks suegeo May 21 #139
Duh! OMGWTF May 20 #7
You took the word right out of my mouth. surfered May 20 #29
Unlike Trump, who declassifies documents markodochartaigh May 20 #8
Once again, God bless Joe Hekate May 20 #37
What's always flummoxed me... rubbersole May 20 #9
LIHOP CaptainTruth May 20 #34
LIHOP Mme. Defarge May 20 #52
I've always believed LIHOP since the beginning... Wounded Bear May 20 #100
Read my post DENVERPOPS May 20 #47
Didn't we all know this on, like, the afternoon of the 11th? Sky Jewels May 20 #11
Damn big clue. colorado_ufo May 20 #24
This one is so important. Yes, we did know very quickly ad there was an entire culture against pointing out the obvious. NoSheep May 20 #94
The other big clue was that an intact passport of the pilot Mohammed Atta was found amid all the the pulverized rubble. TheRickles May 21 #117
I remember that. Sky Jewels May 22 #141
Heck, we've known that since 2002. catbyte May 20 #12
Well, it was a $6 Trillion mistake that was a real money maker for some folks. jalan48 May 20 #13
Do you remember DENVERPOPS May 20 #80
Yes, I remember how they sold it and how the media supported the Bush Administration's decision to go to war.. jalan48 May 20 #92
Yea, DENVERPOPS May 20 #95
I think I read Tony Blair joined the Carlyle group as well. jalan48 May 21 #112
And anyone who questioned the Bush administration, PatSeg May 20 #105
K & R Bookmarked - must read! FakeNoose May 20 #16
... Nevilledog May 20 #21
Republican Legacy Wanker in White House FAILED to do his job BoRaGard May 20 #17
That assessment depends on how he and Cheney defined his "job" Hekate May 20 #46
And less than 1 week after 9/11 w bush met with Saudi Arabia's Prince Bandar whose wife was ... Botany May 20 #18
Bandar was so close with the Bush Family that Barbara Bush called him "Bandar Bush" ... Hekate May 20 #30
August 6th 2001 P.D.B. This 9/11 was no surprise to w bush and Cheney Botany May 20 #65
"The global war on terror was a based on a mistake." surfered May 20 #19
It wasn't based on a mistake. It was based on a well crafted lie supported by those who saw Carter's attempts at peace Ford_Prefect May 20 #41
Believing Judith Miller at the NY Times, fed lies by Scooter Libby, surfered May 20 #69
Increasingly to me it seems that we the people are nothing but pawns Dan May 20 #20
been that way since we climbed down from the trees rurallib May 20 #57
... Celerity May 20 #76
They play hard rock? keithbvadu2 May 20 #87
punk/post punk, with electro influences, plus that sax Celerity May 20 #89
A deep hole, but if you want more read Chris Hedges and Danny Sjursen. LT Barclay May 20 #102
The assesment wasn't wrong based on what they had ToxMarz May 20 #22
In Vietnam, we got in the middle of a civil war. In Iraq, we unleashed one. surfered May 20 #25
Oh, we knew. Most of us always knew Warpy May 20 #26
Ya think?! Damnation. Hekate May 20 #27
No shit sakabatou May 20 #31
This isn't news JohnSJ May 20 #32
Before it happened we knew about the 2 hijackers at the FL flight school... CaptainTruth May 20 #39
FBI had been informed Seinan Sensei May 21 #123
And they are still among us, stirring up sh*t. marybourg May 20 #44
Well, doesn't this get . . . Richard D May 20 #45
And then the Trumps/Kushners giving them Joinfortmill May 20 #49
Was I Supposed RobinA May 20 #53
Vastly unsurprising. (nt) Paladin May 20 #55
That day was.. sagetea May 20 #58
We were never going to complete military strikes on SA Buckeyeblue May 20 #60
New? ismnotwasm May 20 #61
Anybody who took any time... orwell May 20 #62
Duh. We know. SamKnause May 20 #63
Getting closer....closer....... Think. Again. May 20 #67
Well, f**king DUH!! returnee May 20 #70
You don't say! Solly Mack May 20 #73
The War on Terror was not based on a mistake, but a willful ignoring of the evidence. Aristus May 20 #77
. dalton99a May 20 #84
you mean MORE evidence Skittles May 20 #86
"New"? lol ... MIHOP and out of it we got the Patriot Act. nt TBF May 20 #91
Yeah. And who ran the Saudis? Kid Berwyn May 20 #93
NSS. . . Most of us here knew that from the beginning. One small niyad May 20 #98
The Democrats united behind Bush; if it had been a Democratic President, the pukes would've impaled him or her. NBachers May 20 #103
Anybody with a brain knew this on 9/12/2001 !!! HUAJIAO May 20 #104
Duh. The Terrorist State HandmaidsTaleUntold May 20 #108
From the most fanatic, BlueMTexpat May 21 #114
It was not a mistake. It was deliberate. yardwork May 21 #120
Too many here are just repeating all their debunked crackpot theories ... TomWilm May 21 #124
I can probably say only one thing HarryM May 21 #128
Never forget OSama Bin Laden was related to and tightly linked to the Saudi royal family and its $$$ JT45242 May 21 #131
and so was GW Bush LymphocyteLover May 21 #135
NO SHIT!!!! Arrgghhhhh LymphocyteLover May 21 #134
like i asked at the time- what did the prez know, and when did he know it? mopinko May 21 #137
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