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38. She's on the Dumbass!
Mon May 20, 2024, 01:39 PM
May 20

Effects similar to an admixture of Natty Daddy, Cisco Red, and NyQuil.Any cannibas extracts she's hittin are used to counteract nausea and vertigo.

Perhaps the defense should call Costello instead of playing games. Afraid of being on the stand? jimfields33 May 20 #1
could you please expand on that? I don't have tie to follow every detail rurallib May 20 #41
It is not that great for the jury, or for us, either. niyad May 20 #2
Any idea what the issues are? getagrip_already May 20 #3
I think they don't want all hell breaking loose at the time of the holiday weekend. mucifer May 20 #4
I'm hoping more contempt charges... Hugin May 20 #7
Trump is looking a bit haggard, if the trial continues he can get a little more beauty sleep. sop May 20 #16
What in the world does that numbskull smoke?? lastlib May 20 #17
When you have so few brain cells to work with... Hugin May 20 #19
!!! vanlassie May 20 #20
Yup!! yagotme May 20 #31
She's on the Dumbass! Mopar151 May 20 #38
I noticed that Christian Ziegler seems to be trying the same... Hugin May 20 #18
"to sleep fart" EndlessWire May 20 #39
For now, I believe a hyphen is appropriate. Hugin May 20 #43
Him, he praying???!!! Dark n Stormy Knight May 20 #33
According to Katie Phang, it has to do in part with the judge's trial preferences (so to speak)... Princess Turandot May 20 #9
Okay, that makes sense PatSeg May 20 #15
Does the same jury do the sentencing? n/t yodermon May 20 #5
The judge imposes the sentance... getagrip_already May 20 #12
This has to be rough on the jury -and their families also. riversedge May 20 #6
OK, I'm lost orangecrush May 20 #8
Lots o stuff... getagrip_already May 20 #13
Thank you. n/t orangecrush May 20 #14
I'm still in the "any and all delay helps Trump" camp. jaxexpat May 20 #10
So am I. Delay helps Trump and EmmaLee E May 20 #42
Thwarting justice and the will of the people is, apparently, child's play. jaxexpat May 20 #44
Oh, crap, this is worse than the reality show finale today I'm waiting for. UTUSN May 20 #11
So the defense will call no witnesses? edhopper May 20 #21
Who they gonna call? Ghostbusters? dchill May 20 #24
The defendent edhopper May 20 #25
They DON'T want to do that! dchill May 20 #26
🤣 Dark n Stormy Knight May 20 #34
Dumpy the Clown didn't take the stand in a previous case. 4lbs May 20 #45
chickenshit is actually the best thing he can be for himself. soldierant May 20 #47
This is all moot Owens May 20 #22
Totally agree birdographer May 20 #28
This none legal eagle thinks this was a good call by the judge. The way court was scheduled before this change, the iluvtennis May 20 #23
Sure seems to be a lot of confidence that he will be found guilty. I think we're headed for a hung jury. LonePirate May 20 #27
I have no crystal ball but I think we get a conviction. Demsrule86 May 20 #29
I feel the same. Seems the defense has introduced Dark n Stormy Knight May 20 #35
At some point I feel like trump will be in handcuffs. Arne May 20 #30
I would like to see the jury come back with a conviction after about 3 hours of deliberation. ZonkerHarris May 20 #32
That's actually not so good duckworth969 May 20 #36
It does not follow. Torchlight May 20 #40
That's actually not so good duckworth969 May 20 #37
Maybe Trump could go from sentencing to prison Joinfortmill May 20 #46
Delays boomerang 🪃 apparently... or maybe excessive delays have karma attached live love laugh May 20 #48
This case has been a shitshow from day one. oldsoftie May 21 #49
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