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5. He didn't stop there.
Tue May 21, 2024, 06:52 PM
May 21

He went on Fox News and criticized his speech at Morehouse.

Bill Maher swipes Biden's speech to Black graduates: 'We're not living in that world that he's talking about'

"I always keep saying, let's live in the year we're living in. We're not living in the year where you have to be ‘10 times better’ to succeed if you're a person of color," Maher continued. "And in some instances, it's an advantage. In some places, it's not an advantage but we're not living in that world that he's talking about. And I don't think that helps anybody."


Bill knows all about being a person of color, I guess.

I stopped watching that asshole Maher a while back. Prof. Toru Tanaka May 21 #1
He is a libertarian who on a few things but only on those things. Yoyoyo77 May 21 #57
I hate maher. He isnt smart, funny or interesting. I cant stand him. Trueblue1968 May 22 #79
Shut the fuck up, Maher. LuckyCharms May 21 #2
+1 dalton99a May 21 #10
Hey Bill , I know you've entered your Lenny Bruce period, but the other guy wants to be Hitler. surfered May 21 #48
Maher is a smarmy self-satisfied git. Has he been taking lessons from Sam Alito? Hekate May 21 #3
Who cares? H2O Man May 21 #4
I do because he's got a cult following of people who think they're liberal. ForgoTheConsequence May 21 #7
Well, then that answers its own question Wednesdays May 21 #8
Fuck them. H2O Man May 21 #24
Don't forget misogynistic. He's been that for decades. imaginary girl May 21 #38
So fucking misogynistic Danmel May 21 #68
I see, it's now so clear to me! Abolishinist May 22 #117
THANK YOU John Shaft May 22 #92
He didn't stop there. ForgoTheConsequence May 21 #5
I don' t give a fuck what Cha May 21 #25
I'm done with Bill Maher. I used to like his show, Meadowoak May 21 #6
Or, Wednesdays May 21 #11
Dennis Miller/Victoria Jackson like career arc. He seriously pissed me off for his apologizing ... marble falls May 21 #13
He changed dramatically during the pandemic PatSeg May 21 #28
THIS! Lemon Lyman May 21 #65
Yes, it is like his issues all came to the surface PatSeg May 21 #71
And yet I am assured that Bill Maher is indispensible. WhiskeyGrinder May 21 #9
I dispensed of him many years ago. SalviaBlue May 21 #59
That's prob. funnier than anything he's said since "The Decider". Which was what 15 yrs. ago? nt Carlitos Brigante May 22 #106
Has Maher looked in a mirror lately? StarryNite May 21 #12
That was my first thought. SalviaBlue May 21 #60
Yup - pale, male and stale TexasBushwhacker May 21 #67
So now we know that Maher does not have any mirrors wnylib May 21 #14
Maher looked like crap last night on Anderson Cooper senseandsensibility May 21 #15
I was wonderig if he Cha May 21 #21
I think Maher's own insecurity about aging PatSeg May 21 #29
Maher has never been an ally of democrats SocialDemocrat61 May 21 #16
I believe Maher made a massive donation to the maxsolomon May 22 #97
Trump donated to democrats for decades SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #100
No, it doesn't. Trump is the worst person in America. maxsolomon May 22 #102
Maher was never a classic liberal SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #104
He recently described himself that way. maxsolomon May 22 #108
Yes that's the first thing he says SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #112
Sounds like you watch his show a lot. maxsolomon May 22 #113
I use to SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #114
Most scholars would say there is not that much difference Abolishinist May 22 #120
What scholars? SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #121
OK, but leaving now for an early dinner Abolishinist May 22 #122
Bon Appetit SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #123
-crickets- maxsolomon May 23 #140
Thanks, one of the pizza's was excellent, the other not so much. Abolishinist May 24 #141
Do they? SocialDemocrat61 May 24 #142
I was surprised to see his shown... Mike Nelson May 21 #17
Just know that this election is a war for our MOMFUDSKI May 21 #18
No, TSF doesn't look "younger".. he looks older. Cha May 21 #19
Trump looks fatter PatSeg May 21 #34
Biden looks "older" only because he does not use hair dye or hair spray or make-up. raging moderate May 21 #20
Don't look now Mr Maher, but you've misplaced your own wallet-size phto of Dorian Gray. Torchlight May 21 #22
Turn your show over to Mr.Bill May 21 #52
It's not like Тяцмр is young. He's a couple years younger, they're both old. BlueTsunami2018 May 21 #23
Oh fuck him ismnotwasm May 21 #26
Double fuck him, and the nag he trotted in on B.See May 22 #76
Cadaver-like would be several steps up for you, Maher NanaCat May 21 #27
Total asshole samplegirl May 21 #30
I turned off today's episode of The View... TSExile May 21 #31
I stopped paying attention to Maher a long time ago LetMyPeopleVote May 21 #32
I think you're misremembering. Frasier Balzov May 23 #129
That was in 2004 SocialDemocrat61 May 23 #133
You are WRONG LetMyPeopleVote May 23 #135
Maher is totally again trump from crimes, to slurring, to stupidity, etc. Here's trump jerking off two guys-- Silent Type May 21 #33
Yes, I was going to bring this up. Maher is totally against tRump. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tRump jerking off 2 guys beaglelover May 21 #50
maybe someone watched "Silicon Valley" and told him about this scene... lapfog_1 May 22 #81
Bill ain't no young pup either Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 21 #35
His show was on CNN the other night, that's all he talked was how old Biden is. doc03 May 21 #36
Bill, at your age, grumpyduck May 21 #37
Bill who? never heard of him Peacetrain May 21 #39
Aging dick-bag sez what? Nt The Unmitigated Gall May 21 #40
"He's going to be Ruth Bader Biden" ie. He'll die in office and we'll get a Black Woman as President. TheBlackAdder May 21 #41
Thank you for saying it. This IS his exact problem. onecaliberal May 21 #46
Maybe that possibility is what worries Old Bill? Yoyoyo77 May 21 #62
And I'll say again... appmanga May 22 #110
I mean ITAL May 21 #42
Well, like, thats just your opinion man Johonny May 21 #43
The murdering bastard with dementia who told people to stick bleach up their ass is better. onecaliberal May 21 #44
Please show me how anyone could conclude from Mr. Maher's statements Abolishinist May 21 #73
He says Biden is old and Trump doesn't present that way. Give me a break. onecaliberal May 22 #91
That's not saying to vote for Motherfucker. maxsolomon May 22 #99
Again, show me how he believes the former to be 'better'. Abolishinist May 22 #116
A vote for Trump is a vote to end democracy if you don't understand that, I'm sorry. onecaliberal May 22 #124
Oh fuck him! RandySF May 21 #45
Lol, Maher looks pretty bad himself, like someone bleached him. tRump looks better than Biden?!? Lololol diane in sf May 21 #47
I'm done with Maher. WTF. Initech May 21 #49
Maher's scared of what 'retribution' he'd suffer if Trump won. He's a coward hedging his bets. ancianita May 21 #51
Maher has Rebl2 May 21 #53
Maher is now just another Russell Brand and Joe Rogan BigmanPigman May 21 #54
How about being consistent The Wizard May 21 #55
Maher's not exactly a sex symbol himself. greatauntoftriplets May 21 #56
How the fuck would he know jack shit about what it's like to be a minority in the modern US? SoFlaBro May 21 #58
Boom! Cha May 21 #72
Dislike! Lulu KC May 21 #61
Aw, Bill, lucrching toward total irrelevance Warpy May 21 #63
Insufferable prig Picaro May 21 #64
Ugh! Lemon Lyman May 21 #66
What about you, Bill? SarahD May 21 #69
How much does he drink? And how many worms are in his head? LiberalFighter May 21 #70
Shut yer gob, Maher. LudwigPastorius May 22 #74
I don't know when this was taken, but he looked worse than this senseandsensibility May 22 #93
Wth?! electric_blue68 May 22 #75
I realized that he's an asshole a long time ago. Dave Bowman May 22 #77
Glass house, man, glass house... RockRaven May 22 #78
Bill who?? InAbLuEsTaTe May 22 #80
Maybe it would be best for us here on DU... Think. Again. May 22 #82
He was in DC Cab right? JustAnotherGen May 22 #83
Does that detestable creep malaise May 22 #84
Does Bill own a mirror? HAB911 May 22 #85
Maher seems to be projecting his fear of mortality dlk May 22 #86
Glass houses, Bill. n/t eShirl May 22 #87
Maher lost his "sheep's clothing" a long fucking time ago. Paladin May 22 #88
I wasn't aware that DU, along with the format changes, Abolishinist May 22 #115
I like all three of those movies. Paladin May 23 #131
Words of wisdom from the star of SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #89
Maher says he no longer thinks Trump would be so bad for a 2nd term Johnny2X2X May 22 #90
Seriously? He said that? shrike3 May 22 #94
IIRC, he said that it's not going to be the end of America. maxsolomon May 22 #98
lol old cis hetero white man Bill Maher - "We'll be fine!" Oneironaut May 22 #103
He's changed his tune. shrike3 May 22 #125
Here's the quote from the MoDo profile: maxsolomon May 23 #136
Well, when the damage goes beyond our nervous system all that won't help, unfortunately. shrike3 May 23 #138
Yeah, he loves to hear all the replies tavernier May 22 #95
His wrinkly, pale arse can't talk. Catherine Vincent May 22 #96
Maher needs Rebl2 May 22 #101
I'm disappointed to see anyone giving attention to Maher Mysterian May 22 #105
What's worse is SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #107
I suppose I should know better than to have opinions on Maher that contradict DU Orthodoxy. maxsolomon May 22 #109
DU orthodoxy is to defend democrats SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #111
Hate to say it but Billy looks/sounds older. JanMichael May 22 #118
Maher - NO. NoMoreRepugs May 22 #119
who??? niyad May 22 #126
Maher is 68 with an ever aging audience. Freethinker65 May 22 #127
It sounds like Maher is trying to be...... DFW May 23 #128
Maher North Shore Chicago May 23 #130
"Trump looks younger." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... Bob0264 May 23 #132
The analogy to RBG is wrong. karynnj May 23 #134
Has Maher looked in the mirror lately? Apparently, his daily weed is making him delusional. Vinca May 23 #137
Bill Maher is another fucking one of those emerging turds that's starting to whine like a mongrel bitch in heat. SoFlaBro May 23 #139
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