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I stopped watching that asshole Maher a while back. Prof. Toru Tanaka May 21 #1
He is a libertarian who on a few things but only on those things. Yoyoyo77 May 21 #57
I hate maher. He isnt smart, funny or interesting. I cant stand him. Trueblue1968 May 22 #79
Shut the fuck up, Maher. LuckyCharms May 21 #2
+1 dalton99a May 21 #10
Hey Bill , I know you've entered your Lenny Bruce period, but the other guy wants to be Hitler. surfered May 21 #48
Maher is a smarmy self-satisfied git. Has he been taking lessons from Sam Alito? Hekate May 21 #3
Who cares? H2O Man May 21 #4
I do because he's got a cult following of people who think they're liberal. ForgoTheConsequence May 21 #7
Well, then that answers its own question Wednesdays May 21 #8
Fuck them. H2O Man May 21 #24
Don't forget misogynistic. He's been that for decades. imaginary girl May 21 #38
So fucking misogynistic Danmel May 21 #68
I see, it's now so clear to me! Abolishinist May 22 #117
THANK YOU John Shaft May 22 #92
He didn't stop there. ForgoTheConsequence May 21 #5
I don' t give a fuck what Cha May 21 #25
I'm done with Bill Maher. I used to like his show, Meadowoak May 21 #6
Or, Wednesdays May 21 #11
Dennis Miller/Victoria Jackson like career arc. He seriously pissed me off for his apologizing ... marble falls May 21 #13
He changed dramatically during the pandemic PatSeg May 21 #28
THIS! Lemon Lyman May 21 #65
Yes, it is like his issues all came to the surface PatSeg May 21 #71
And yet I am assured that Bill Maher is indispensible. WhiskeyGrinder May 21 #9
I dispensed of him many years ago. SalviaBlue May 21 #59
That's prob. funnier than anything he's said since "The Decider". Which was what 15 yrs. ago? nt Carlitos Brigante May 22 #106
Has Maher looked in a mirror lately? StarryNite May 21 #12
That was my first thought. SalviaBlue May 21 #60
Yup - pale, male and stale TexasBushwhacker May 21 #67
So now we know that Maher does not have any mirrors wnylib May 21 #14
Maher looked like crap last night on Anderson Cooper senseandsensibility May 21 #15
I was wonderig if he Cha May 21 #21
I think Maher's own insecurity about aging PatSeg May 21 #29
Maher has never been an ally of democrats SocialDemocrat61 May 21 #16
I believe Maher made a massive donation to the maxsolomon May 22 #97
Trump donated to democrats for decades SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #100
No, it doesn't. Trump is the worst person in America. maxsolomon May 22 #102
Maher was never a classic liberal SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #104
He recently described himself that way. maxsolomon May 22 #108
Yes that's the first thing he says SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #112
Sounds like you watch his show a lot. maxsolomon May 22 #113
I use to SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #114
Most scholars would say there is not that much difference Abolishinist May 22 #120
What scholars? SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #121
OK, but leaving now for an early dinner Abolishinist May 22 #122
Bon Appetit SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #123
-crickets- maxsolomon May 23 #140
Thanks, one of the pizza's was excellent, the other not so much. Abolishinist May 24 #141
Do they? SocialDemocrat61 May 24 #142
I was surprised to see his shown... Mike Nelson May 21 #17
Just know that this election is a war for our MOMFUDSKI May 21 #18
No, TSF doesn't look "younger".. he looks older. Cha May 21 #19
Trump looks fatter PatSeg May 21 #34
Biden looks "older" only because he does not use hair dye or hair spray or make-up. raging moderate May 21 #20
Don't look now Mr Maher, but you've misplaced your own wallet-size phto of Dorian Gray. Torchlight May 21 #22
Turn your show over to Mr.Bill May 21 #52
It's not like Тяцмр is young. He's a couple years younger, they're both old. BlueTsunami2018 May 21 #23
Oh fuck him ismnotwasm May 21 #26
Double fuck him, and the nag he trotted in on B.See May 22 #76
Cadaver-like would be several steps up for you, Maher NanaCat May 21 #27
Total asshole samplegirl May 21 #30
I turned off today's episode of The View... TSExile May 21 #31
I stopped paying attention to Maher a long time ago LetMyPeopleVote May 21 #32
I think you're misremembering. Frasier Balzov May 23 #129
That was in 2004 SocialDemocrat61 May 23 #133
You are WRONG LetMyPeopleVote May 23 #135
Maher is totally again trump from crimes, to slurring, to stupidity, etc. Here's trump jerking off two guys-- Silent Type May 21 #33
Yes, I was going to bring this up. Maher is totally against tRump. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tRump jerking off 2 guys beaglelover May 21 #50
maybe someone watched "Silicon Valley" and told him about this scene... lapfog_1 May 22 #81
Bill ain't no young pup either Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 21 #35
His show was on CNN the other night, that's all he talked was how old Biden is. doc03 May 21 #36
Bill, at your age, grumpyduck May 21 #37
Bill who? never heard of him Peacetrain May 21 #39
Aging dick-bag sez what? Nt The Unmitigated Gall May 21 #40
"He's going to be Ruth Bader Biden" ie. He'll die in office and we'll get a Black Woman as President. TheBlackAdder May 21 #41
Thank you for saying it. This IS his exact problem. onecaliberal May 21 #46
Maybe that possibility is what worries Old Bill? Yoyoyo77 May 21 #62
And I'll say again... appmanga May 22 #110
I mean ITAL May 21 #42
Well, like, thats just your opinion man Johonny May 21 #43
The murdering bastard with dementia who told people to stick bleach up their ass is better. onecaliberal May 21 #44
Please show me how anyone could conclude from Mr. Maher's statements Abolishinist May 21 #73
He says Biden is old and Trump doesn't present that way. Give me a break. onecaliberal May 22 #91
That's not saying to vote for Motherfucker. maxsolomon May 22 #99
Again, show me how he believes the former to be 'better'. Abolishinist May 22 #116
A vote for Trump is a vote to end democracy if you don't understand that, I'm sorry. onecaliberal May 22 #124
Oh fuck him! RandySF May 21 #45
Lol, Maher looks pretty bad himself, like someone bleached him. tRump looks better than Biden?!? Lololol diane in sf May 21 #47
I'm done with Maher. WTF. Initech May 21 #49
Maher's scared of what 'retribution' he'd suffer if Trump won. He's a coward hedging his bets. ancianita May 21 #51
Maher has Rebl2 May 21 #53
Maher is now just another Russell Brand and Joe Rogan BigmanPigman May 21 #54
How about being consistent The Wizard May 21 #55
Maher's not exactly a sex symbol himself. greatauntoftriplets May 21 #56
How the fuck would he know jack shit about what it's like to be a minority in the modern US? SoFlaBro May 21 #58
Boom! Cha May 21 #72
Dislike! Lulu KC May 21 #61
Aw, Bill, lucrching toward total irrelevance Warpy May 21 #63
Insufferable prig Picaro May 21 #64
Ugh! Lemon Lyman May 21 #66
What about you, Bill? SarahD May 21 #69
How much does he drink? And how many worms are in his head? LiberalFighter May 21 #70
Shut yer gob, Maher. LudwigPastorius May 22 #74
I don't know when this was taken, but he looked worse than this senseandsensibility May 22 #93
Wth?! electric_blue68 May 22 #75
I realized that he's an asshole a long time ago. Dave Bowman May 22 #77
Glass house, man, glass house... RockRaven May 22 #78
Bill who?? InAbLuEsTaTe May 22 #80
Maybe it would be best for us here on DU... Think. Again. May 22 #82
He was in DC Cab right? JustAnotherGen May 22 #83
Does that detestable creep malaise May 22 #84
Does Bill own a mirror? HAB911 May 22 #85
Maher seems to be projecting his fear of mortality dlk May 22 #86
Glass houses, Bill. n/t eShirl May 22 #87
Maher lost his "sheep's clothing" a long fucking time ago. Paladin May 22 #88
I wasn't aware that DU, along with the format changes, Abolishinist May 22 #115
I like all three of those movies. Paladin May 23 #131
Words of wisdom from the star of SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #89
Maher says he no longer thinks Trump would be so bad for a 2nd term Johnny2X2X May 22 #90
Seriously? He said that? shrike3 May 22 #94
IIRC, he said that it's not going to be the end of America. maxsolomon May 22 #98
lol old cis hetero white man Bill Maher - "We'll be fine!" Oneironaut May 22 #103
He's changed his tune. shrike3 May 22 #125
Here's the quote from the MoDo profile: maxsolomon May 23 #136
Well, when the damage goes beyond our nervous system all that won't help, unfortunately. shrike3 May 23 #138
Yeah, he loves to hear all the replies tavernier May 22 #95
His wrinkly, pale arse can't talk. Catherine Vincent May 22 #96
Maher needs Rebl2 May 22 #101
I'm disappointed to see anyone giving attention to Maher Mysterian May 22 #105
What's worse is SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #107
I suppose I should know better than to have opinions on Maher that contradict DU Orthodoxy. maxsolomon May 22 #109
DU orthodoxy is to defend democrats SocialDemocrat61 May 22 #111
Hate to say it but Billy looks/sounds older. JanMichael May 22 #118
Maher - NO. NoMoreRepugs May 22 #119
who??? niyad May 22 #126
Maher is 68 with an ever aging audience. Freethinker65 May 22 #127
It sounds like Maher is trying to be...... DFW May 23 #128
Maher North Shore Chicago May 23 #130
"Trump looks younger." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... Bob0264 May 23 #132
The analogy to RBG is wrong. karynnj May 23 #134
Has Maher looked in the mirror lately? Apparently, his daily weed is making him delusional. Vinca May 23 #137
Bill Maher is another fucking one of those emerging turds that's starting to whine like a mongrel bitch in heat. SoFlaBro May 23 #139
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