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64. ... for this country, for democracy, for the right to pursue life liberty and happiness, but
Wed May 22, 2024, 02:29 AM
May 22

maybe not fight for ALL of its people.

Because the way I figure it, it shouldn't even BE a close race. The idea that so many supposedly good, honest, decent people can even THINK to support this criminal dictator wanna be - this evil Mfkr,

who's backed by A CULT of malicious, hateful, fascist, racists, anti-Semites, and white supremacists, is A FUCKING DISGRACE in the eyes of the entire world.

I care about this country. My home. But there's a whole LOT of people I personally couldn't give a flying fuck about.

Not any more.

Move overseas PJMcK May 21 #1
A second Trump presidency will be a Revenge-A-Palooza. Initech May 21 #18
Completely agree Juneboarder May 21 #21
How nice for those who have money, and good health... electric_blue68 May 21 #25
Because i do not have money or health, I will be moving. usedtobedemgurl May 22 #75
Sorry, it took me a while to reply an appt kept me preoccupied... electric_blue68 May 26 #108
I was born in Guam... usedtobedemgurl May 26 #109
Ah, waaaay over in Guam (from an NYC pov). Got it. electric_blue68 May 26 #110
How nice for those who have money, and good health... electric_blue68 May 21 #27
any suggestions as to where? vapor2 May 21 #51
Uruguay enid602 May 21 #55
Do you think trump will seize MotownPgh May 22 #104
$$$ enid602 May 22 #107
A few thoughts PJMcK May 22 #92
We've been considering Portugal, large English ex-pat population, not too expensive. lark May 22 #87
Golden visa? PJMcK May 22 #93
We have to face reality: The PutinMAGAGOP will steal the election if they can. Irish_Dem May 21 #2
Could the script be flipped? Arne May 21 #3
We don't play that way. Ever. CrispyQ May 21 #7
We all saw how things can turn ugly instantly. Arne May 21 #14
We need to be a LOT more militant NT GenThePerservering May 21 #26
Tell that to 'old guard' like Nancy Pelosi NanaCat May 21 #44
+1 betsuni May 22 #69
What do you mean? betsuni May 22 #86
It's going to be pure chaos. CrispyQ May 21 #4
I think most of the country is sick to death of this criminal Bayard May 21 #10
And yet the polling data suggests that is not true. Voltaire2 May 22 #76
Polls smolls Bayard May 22 #106
Getting the House will help NanaCat May 21 #45
My wife and I will probably leave the US CanonRay May 21 #5
what I WON'T do is abandon my country to fascism Skittles May 21 #6
🤜🤛 Traildogbob May 21 #17
we will FIGHT Skittles May 21 #22
This vet Traildogbob May 21 #23
this vet agrees Skittles May 21 #34
100 percent correct. Traildogbob May 21 #42
You win the thread tavernier May 21 #38
I despise the Thank You for Your Service spiel as it is NanaCat May 21 #46
I have no "privilege" Traildogbob May 21 #49
The fight might not be a battefield one where the sides are clearly defined and visible. wnylib May 22 #65
Excellent points. Traildogbob May 30 #113
It is good to know you understand and support where some of us are coming from. usedtobedemgurl May 22 #77
I have a trans kid. carpetbagger May 21 #54
Totally understand. Traildogbob May 21 #59
Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on Thank you for your service. betsuni May 22 #70
How do we fight when we have no power or control over the fools on the Supreme Court vapor2 May 21 #53
Take the foot soldiers The Grand Illuminist May 29 #112
When you mean fight... The Grand Illuminist May 29 #111
... for this country, for democracy, for the right to pursue life liberty and happiness, but B.See May 22 #64
Suffer and die in the heretic camps, I guess 0rganism May 21 #8
Regardless of outcome, I'll still work on preparing for catastrophic climate change Kaleva May 21 #9
Batten down the hatches. Baitball Blogger May 21 #11
In the unlikely event that happens, Elessar Zappa May 21 #12
Do you really think that you'll be allowed to protest NanaCat May 21 #48
You are correct. Once they clamp down protests will be a 1st class ticket JanMichael May 21 #50
Very accurate description of what it would be like. wnylib May 22 #66
Lol. Guns won't be allowed. nt ecstatic May 22 #83
And? Elessar Zappa May 22 #95
Wait, you say : Iwasthere May 21 #13
Biden will win both vote and electoral college. LakeArenal May 21 #15
Keep my powder dry Traildogbob May 21 #16
Get ready for the 4th Reich 303squadron May 21 #19
They did know. They did not have the power to stop what was coming. wnylib May 22 #67
They did not know 303squadron May 22 #74
They knew the Nazis intended to implement authoritarian rule Voltaire2 May 22 #80
1941 303squadron May 22 #82
You are focused on the final solution. Voltaire2 May 22 #84
The mass extermination 303squadron May 22 #89
I was referring to the fact that Poland (and the US and all of Europe) wnylib May 22 #96
I too thought we were not talking about the same thing 303squadron May 22 #101
It's an upsetting topic for anyone who has even a remote connection to it. wnylib May 22 #102
I am worried about the loss of rights, but I am also worried about the potential financial collapse of the country. Lonestarblue May 21 #20
Stand back and stand by. nt doc03 May 21 #24
Turn-about is definitely fair play! GenThePerservering May 21 #28
Work to ensure a future for my kids and grandkids. nolabear May 21 #29
Since I only have SS, and the health care once that's gone my chances aren't very good electric_blue68 May 21 #30
Best not let it get stolen. Groundhawg May 21 #31
This an excellent article... Think. Again. May 21 #32
I guess it depends on what this really means TexasDem69 May 21 #33
Definitely stay and fight. Patton French May 21 #35
I'm sorry but he doesn't know how the election is progressing. He must live in a bubble. LiberalFighter May 21 #36
Storm DC with guns like the republicans wanted to do and have the republicans greet the 'peaceful tourists'? keithbvadu2 May 21 #37
Get my hair cut, delete all social media, buy MAGAt gear and infiltrate those scumbags. I'll be looking brewens May 21 #39
OK, now this is Science Fictiony, and pehaps metaphisical but hear me out. In addition to... electric_blue68 May 21 #40
Too old to leave this time around. More importantly, I think there's a historic worldwide shift going on... Hekate May 21 #41
Wise words and great post. Agreed about climate change and the need by TPTB for distractions. c-rational May 21 #56
Thank you Hekate May 21 #60
"Candide": betsuni May 22 #71
Yes 🌺 Hekate May 22 #72
I agree the outlook worldwide is bleak. Voltaire2 May 22 #85
Let's say he loses to Biden by 3 points, but legitimately wins the Electoral College by 20 or so Polybius May 21 #43
Trump has never won the popular vote Prairie Gates May 21 #47
No. The Constitution covers this. Dr. Strange May 21 #52
Depends on how he gets the EC votes. wnylib May 22 #68
A popular vote victory and a dollar will get you a pack of gum from the 99 cent store and a penny in your pocket. WarGamer May 22 #105
In my humble opinion, if Trump Dan May 21 #57
Our elections ForgedCrank May 21 #58
I have no training in how to fight. BlueKota May 21 #61
Diarrhea Donny's declining dementia will render him unelectable by November Blue Owl May 22 #62
The country schisms Metaphorical May 22 #63
I don't get this, why everyone thinks Trump will have all this power.. DemocratInPa May 22 #73
I don't get it either. Military and government have for a very long time been equal opportunity betsuni May 22 #81
I am hoping like you said the majority of the military would not BlueKota May 22 #90
If Trump wins, your other assumptions are far too optomistic FBaggins May 22 #91
I agree. The hyperbole is over the top. We survivied a tRump presidency before and we will survive it again if beaglelover May 22 #97
It is being stolen RIGHT NOW! Johnny2X2X May 22 #78
Probably claudette May 22 #79
I think I would try to sagetea May 22 #88
Look into moving either to England or Canada. bif May 22 #94
Storm the Capital on January 6, 2025, of course. Sogo May 22 #98
I will hide beside a large rock Model35mech May 22 #99
I know what I'd want to do. Torchlight May 22 #100
Seriously, I can't write my answer here Charging Triceratops May 22 #103
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