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By that "logic," Israel shouldn't also recognize no_hypocrisy May 22 #1
Here are the borders of the 1949 armistice wnylib May 22 #3
Good malaise May 22 #2
We all want the bloodshed to stop dlk May 22 #4
That is for the Palestinians to determine. Voltaire2 May 22 #9
No. applegrove May 22 #19
For over 100 years, Rincewind May 22 #5
Yes they did. See the Oslo Accords. Voltaire2 May 22 #10
Excellent! Goddessartist May 22 #6
Israel opposes sovereignty for Palestinians and maintains them as subjects, not citizens. David__77 May 22 #7
Only Israeli sovereignty, from the Jordan to the sea. AloeVera May 22 #26
The occupation is an abomination and needs to end. Voltaire2 May 22 #8
So are they going to let Hamas delegates into their countries Mountainguy May 22 #11
I don't think they've worked out who will have authority but it will not applegrove May 22 #20
Have the told Hamas? Mountainguy May 22 #25
All of Europe will follow Prairie Gates May 22 #12
It does seem like more countries will follow soon. David__77 May 22 #13
Even France said it's not the moment, but not out of the question Prairie Gates May 22 #14
I assume the US is acquiescent to it behind the scenes as a means to pressure Israel. David__77 May 22 #15
LOL Prairie Gates May 22 #16
Who are they recognizing as the government? sarisataka May 22 #17
This 👆 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 22 #23
The hard-right Israeli response is very telling. Ping Tung May 22 #18
These countries already voted for Palestinian statehood at the UN a few weeks ago. LeftInTX May 22 #21
Today is National Vanilla Pudding Day JoseBalow May 22 #22
I like ice cream Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 22 #24
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