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Wow, ya just can't get any more irresponsible than rightwingers, can ya. Think. Again. May 22 #1
That's because TRUMP TOLD her to say that stupid shit so B.See May 22 #32
Now that is a doozy of a "fake news" headline? imanamerican63 May 22 #2
According to her messiah he would be in the right to do so randr May 22 #3
Another accusation that is actually a confession? Irish_Dem May 22 #4
Time to sue her for defamation. tanyev May 22 #5
Or slander Delphinus May 22 #19
Whatever works. tanyev May 22 #22
Trump was not even at MAL when the FBI searched. Lonestarblue May 22 #6
I miss those quaint times of Jewish space lasers, peach tree dishes, and gazpacho police. bluesbassman May 22 #7
What cop "isn't" allowed to use deadly force? gab13by13 May 22 #8
Just when you think it can't get any worse. Boomerproud May 22 #9
She is clearly mentally disturbed otherwise known as PCIntern May 22 #10
Or as Rep. Jasmine Crockett described her as.... ProudMNDemocrat May 22 #12
I disagree. She is a cynical POS taking her orders. harumph May 22 #16
Yes but also she's Nutz. PCIntern May 22 #17
Maybe we got her all wrong. Maybe she's not a terrible Congressperson, she's a lousy comedian. marble falls May 22 #11
She is BOTH. ProudMNDemocrat May 22 #13
She craves attention...pathetic. spanone May 22 #14
BBBBBB MTG says what? Emile May 22 #15
snork. AllaN01Bear May 22 #18
The FBI and the DOJ are sworn to uphold the law Vogon_Glory May 22 #20
It's a calculated move in case Trump dies Buckeyeblue May 22 #21
Did she come up with that whacked-out theory during one of her steroid-fueled workouts? Blue Owl May 22 #23
Now according to trumps attorneys that would have been OK republianmushroom May 22 #24
Classic Case. Of Projection WiVoter May 22 #25
All the bleach on Miss Bad Butch Body's hair tavernier May 22 #26
In a responsible nation Charging Triceratops May 22 #27
They really need to keep her off QAnon, she's embarrassing everybody FakeNoose May 22 #28
If This Was True, He'd Be Dead ProfessorGAC May 22 #29
MTG is a Bleach-blonde Bad-built Butch Body Congresswoman red dog 1 May 22 #30
I thought the President had Presidential Immunity. LiberalFighter May 22 #31
Tell us more about the Jewish Space Lasers, Margie. Ping Tung May 22 #33
One Word that Terrifies me here: Projection Nictuku May 22 #34
But we already cancelled her! How can she still be talking? Oh the cancel was more bs. GreenWave May 22 #35
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