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Response to Coventina (Original post)

Dumb question here. EllieBC May 22 #1
Panicked? Think. Again. May 22 #7
I fly a few times per year. EllieBC May 22 #9
I wish you the most enjoyable trip ever! Think. Again. May 22 #12
Airports used to be exciting to me. EllieBC May 22 #14
I just flew in to Seattle from Denver. Aristus May 22 #16
I'm curious if the man who died was in his seat with the seat belt buckled? brush May 22 #2
The unfortunate ForgedCrank May 22 #6
Unless Delphinus May 22 #25
he died of a heart attack drmeow May 22 #20
The heart attack may have occured from the shock of the plane suddenly plunging 6000 feet... brush May 22 #23
I'm calling ForgedCrank May 22 #3
Did you read it? nt drmeow May 22 #21
I did. ForgedCrank May 22 #22
It would be helpful drmeow May 22 #24
I did. ForgedCrank May 22 #27
Insufficient nt drmeow May 23 #32
I'll do ForgedCrank May 23 #33
This message was self-deleted by its author Carlitos Brigante May 22 #4
Is "...Here's What That Means For You"... Think. Again. May 22 #5
How do they even know what it will mean for us? True Dough May 23 #34
Thanks wryter2000 May 22 #8
Me too. I'm always buckled, with my shoes on. Coventina May 22 #10
It's gross when I see people walking around an airplane with no shoes on. Don't they know how disgustingly dirty the beaglelover May 22 #13
Just keep your seatbelt fastened and you'll be fine. I highly doubt turbulence is getting any worse. beaglelover May 22 #11
It's not a problem. We take Amtrak on our trips. No problems with air turbulance - just trespassers on the track. Wonder Why May 22 #15
I hope "tRump Force One" gets to experience it during its next flight Blue Owl May 22 #17
with more energy in the atmosphere due to global heating, its not surprising. Blues Heron May 22 #18
If it was my daddy's atmosphere True Dough May 23 #35
What it means is Jilly_in_VA May 22 #19
Exactly. RussBLib May 22 #26
Kick and rec, article below ... cliffside May 22 #28
Seems like a perfect storm is brewing ecstatic May 22 #29
Dropped 3,000 feet Dave says May 23 #30
I say......hogwash Melon May 23 #31
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