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Of course she does. This isn't news. Srkdqltr May 22 #1
All of them should be lined up wryter2000 May 22 #2
Are they ALLeating the same food? bluestarone May 22 #3
I think they all have contracted a brain worm. marybourg May 22 #23
Surprised! LuvLoogie May 22 #4
I hope no one was expecting any different. Scumbags do what scumbags do. That should've been Carlitos Brigante May 22 #5
Yeah, NH Full of SHIT. Cha May 22 #6
Just more proof like like calls to like! 50 Shades Of Blue May 22 #7
Totally irresponsible leadership. Irish_Dem May 22 #8
Disgusting. spanone May 22 #9
Old enough to remember when some asked if she'd support Biden. WarGamer May 22 #12
who predicted otherwise? WarGamer May 22 #10
Trump is neither acceptable "on" or "off the field" harumph May 22 #27
She thinks this will montanacowboy May 22 #11
mehh I think Tim Scotts got it wrapped up. WarGamer May 22 #13
I doubt it Just_Vote_Dem May 22 #25
Did you expect anything less? kimbutgar May 22 #14
This does not mean her 20 percent will follow her. Frasier Balzov May 22 #15
She should have said nothing n/t emulatorloo May 22 #16
Aww, such a patriot. miyazaki May 22 #17
Spineless and morally bankrupt just senseandsensibility May 22 #18
This is news? TSExile May 22 #19
She wants that VP spot Bristlecone May 22 #20
So self-respecting! Blue Owl May 22 #21
And there it is. UTUSN May 22 #22
Another reason RANDYWILDMAN May 22 #24
No, actually Hillary was TOO kind.. B.See May 22 #29
In the end, she's a sheep. nt The Unmitigated Gall May 22 #26
I was glad she knocked Trump for as long as she did, but at this point it is just spillled milk under the table riversedge May 22 #28
Haley has not given up her presidential dream delisen May 22 #30
Why? I mean, he's not going to make her VP. viva la May 22 #31
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