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26. I'd say once you lose an eye and use of a hand in an attack by an Islamist...
Thu May 23, 2024, 01:50 PM
May 23

and endure three decades of regressive idiots calling for your murder, you can say whatever the fuck you want.

He's right. Archae May 23 #1
Yup. It is so jarring to hear college students adopt Hamas rhetoric, calling people who disagree with them "Zionists." SunSeeker May 23 #2
They're fed propaganda and Cha May 23 #34
K&R brer cat May 23 #3
The dogs will catch the car Sympthsical May 23 #4
Well said. wnylib May 23 #30
+1 dalton99a May 23 #36
So what? That is their problem. Voltaire2 May 23 #5
Until the Hamas, or some of their ilk edhopper May 23 #7
So no change at all is the worst case? Voltaire2 May 23 #8
What Israeli regime? edhopper May 23 #9
Uh no. Gaza was and is controlled by Israeli forces. Voltaire2 May 23 #12
I assume edhopper May 23 #15
BS Mountainguy May 23 #21
"left Gaza surrounded by the IDF," So the IDF had forces on the Gaza/Eygpt border or would you like to walk that back? EX500rider May 23 #38
Uh no. elias7 May 24 #51
Really, it's not.... it's OUR problem too. Happy Hoosier May 23 #10
Regime change worked pretty well in Afghanistan. Voltaire2 May 23 #13
If your solution is to just let this play out, that's what we're getting now. Happy Hoosier May 23 #14
This is why I truly feel sad for the Palestinians sarisataka May 23 #16
Of course it would. Hamas is the representative government. nt LexVegas May 23 #6
Not helpful. Any statehood for Palestinians by the ICC, UN or any other international entity... brush May 23 #11
ICC is a court, UN is not an enforcement organization. Beastly Boy May 23 #19
Whatever multi-mation entity takes on a Palestinian election, I say more power to them. brush May 23 #23
Rushdie is as relevant to the Palestinian election, whatever form it may or may not take, as I am. Beastly Boy May 23 #25
Hamas must be eliminated. Rushdie's words are not helpful to anyone... brush May 23 #32
Of course his words are helpful! Beastly Boy May 23 #39
That Would Pretty Much Shut This Place Down, Sir, Eh? The Magistrate May 23 #43
Heh. betsuni May 23 #45
Granted, we do engaged fervently in arguments here on the Gaza war... brush May 24 #48
He Draws The Conclusion Any Knowledgeable Observer Does The Magistrate May 24 #49
Everyone has opinions, amoung other things. You and Rushdie both have no idea of what will happen... brush May 24 #50
I'd say once you lose an eye and use of a hand in an attack by an Islamist... TheProle May 23 #26
Of course. So can you and I. But what good is the negativity? brush May 23 #33
His position is very reasonable. Elessar Zappa May 23 #17
He is absolutely correct sarisataka May 23 #18
Isn't that why the Palestinian Authority doesn't hold elections ? JI7 May 23 #20
K&R betsuni May 23 #22
Stop with the nuanced reasoning, Salman! maxsolomon May 23 #24
What about the ICC? SleeplessinSoCal May 23 #27
Do the women realise that women in any Palestine that is muslum will require a dress and lifestyle they won't like! Srkdqltr May 23 #28
Wait until the supporters find out how the LGBTQ Palestinians will be treated sarisataka May 23 #29
Yes Srkdqltr May 23 #31
And don't get me started on freedom of speech, voting rights, labor rights, freedom from religion, oh my! Beastly Boy May 23 #40
Palestinian women have been covering themselves more and more over the past 40 years. LeftInTX May 24 #46
So... does he think we should re-invade Afghanistan and "liberate" it again? Bucky May 23 #35
No he doesn't. And he is not worried about installing a liberal democracy in the west bank. Beastly Boy May 23 #41
Paper dragon Bucky May 23 #42
For Rushdie it is not a problem. For the Middle East it is. Beastly Boy May 24 #47
The U.S. should stay away from that shit show. dalton99a May 23 #37
At the rate we're going here, the US could become 'Taliban-like' in a frighteningly short time 0rganism May 23 #44
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