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🫡 blm May 23 #1
K&R betsuni May 23 #2
Agree completely - Alice Kramden May 23 #3
ita. I'm not real sure I even want to hear "I'm sorry." He needs to STFU. brer cat May 23 #4
I would be willing to sit and listen to someone ask HAB911 May 23 #5
+1... it's his fault..nt mitch96 May 23 #60
Comey was well aware of Russia's involvement in the Trump campaign and in our nation's 2016 .... Botany May 23 #6
Yes Comey deliberately interfered with a US presidential election. Irish_Dem May 23 #8
I think Trump had kompromat on Comey Botany May 23 #14
Yes either bribes or blackmail. Irish_Dem May 23 #17
Oh, I didn't know about the hug... electric_blue68 May 24 #67
Comey only brought the emails up Johonny May 23 #18
I've hated and distrusted Comey ever since. calimary May 23 #39
The EC was tweaked by Manifort and the Russians. Sogo May 23 #41
Hear, hear!!!!!!!!! BigmanPigman May 23 #58
whatever he says, good or bad; has no worth. Javaman May 23 #7
And I don't appreciate almost every MSNBC host in having him on ToxMarz May 23 #9
I absolutely agree. He's singlehandely responsible for trump. The coward... brush May 23 #55
I turned off Nicole yesterday for having this nation destroyer on her show. lark May 23 #10
Hear, hear!!!! lark May 23 #11
I totally agree BUT radical noodle May 23 #12
I really didnt hear his sage advice. tavernier May 23 #24
yup Skittles May 23 #63
Who is not sorry either n/t radical noodle May 24 #65
I think comey was "extremely careless" in his handling of the case and adherence to government policies. unblock May 23 #13
Since he obviously doesn't have a conscience DENVERPOPS May 23 #15
Perfect Seinan Sensei May 23 #16
What I want to hear from Comey is how he deliberately held a press conference knowing that the FBI had nothing new. Lonestarblue May 23 #19
I am getting sick and tired montanacowboy May 23 #20
K&R and thank you mountain grammy May 23 #21
Comey has nothing to say that I want to hear. Paladin May 23 #22
K & R Grumpy Old Guy May 23 #23
100% I can't believe he's out there selling a book Tribetime May 23 #25
He is hawking his book. MOMFUDSKI May 23 #26
Finally a book to ban....Oh wait....That's Comey's group. LakeArenal May 23 #27
Well stated - agree completely! walkingman May 23 #28
I agree with every word!!! CrispyQ May 23 #29
I love how you put that. Arne May 23 #30
And THAT says it all! /NT sdfernando May 23 #31
K&R Hiawatha Pete May 23 #32
fuckin-a. Make this a letter to the Editor and send it to major papers. NYT? Hotler May 23 #33
I change channels when Comey comes on LetMyPeopleVote May 23 #34
+1 oasis May 23 #40
I would love to hear an "I'm sorry" from every Democrat or person on the Left who chose NOT to vote for Hillary elocs May 23 #35
I despise them more than I do the MAGA crowd NanaCat May 23 #37
K&R Bayard May 23 #36
He did it twice. LisaM May 23 #38
He was on Nicole's show on MSNBC JustAnotherGen May 23 #42
Fuck sorry. SamKnause May 23 #43
Comey was a more important factor in that election than all other factors combined. (eom) StevieM May 23 #44
My feelings exactly DeeDeeNY May 23 #45
I respect Comey. H2O Man May 23 #46
One of the worst interference in the political arena ever. He should have waited the now standard SWBTATTReg May 23 #47
It wasn't even an ongoing investigation. He announced it reopened based on literally zero new evidence. unblock May 23 #52
The only thing that I want to hear from James Comey is markodochartaigh May 23 #48
Obama appeasement nowforever May 23 #49
I agree to a point, but having him say Trump is a danger may get us some votes Quixote1818 May 23 #50
Fantastic post. Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto and double ditto. brush May 23 #51
I would accept... Think. Again. May 23 #53
The Supreme Irony of All This Is That. After Handing the 2016 Presidential Election to Trump, panfluteman May 23 #54
Goddamn right. The Unmitigated Gall May 23 #56
same Evolve Dammit May 23 #57
fuck him. Who the f is his target audience? ecstatic May 23 #59
there is NOTHING he could say or do now to rehabilitate his image in my eyes Skittles May 23 #61
+1 SunSeeker May 23 #62
Nicole Wallace fawning over him, yesterday, was nauseating dlk May 23 #64
The Brand. The Brand. The Brand. czarjak May 24 #66
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