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3. Don't let Sarah Huckabee know she'll have the legislature outlaw this because xtians like her don't believe
Thu May 23, 2024, 09:55 PM
May 23

In alternative energy unless it’s oil and gas ! And that would piss off her oil and gas donors!

Brilliant. What a learning lab for the students as well. OAITW r.2.0 May 23 #1
This is a rare piece of good news from Arkansas. LonePirate May 23 #2
This could put a target on the schools back Under The Radar May 24 #33
Don't let Sarah Huckabee know she'll have the legislature outlaw this because xtians like her don't believe kimbutgar May 23 #3
I live in this town. IjustDontlikeRepugs May 23 #4
K&R spanone May 23 #5
Keep doing things like this. Green energy is a win-win. Good for the budget, good for the environment and Martin68 May 23 #6
Recommend! sheshe2 May 23 #7
What a great story, thanks! PatSeg May 23 #8
Most welcome. applegrove May 23 #10
Cant believe they just didnt build a nuclear reactor in the school. Eko May 23 #9
we DO NOT talk enough about the economics of renewables. mopinko May 23 #11
K&R +1,000,000 This should be used as THE poster-child in favor of solar power. diva77 May 23 #12
I live in California. hunter May 23 #21
Many years ago some comedian said, "As soon as they figure out how to put a meter on the sun CrispyQ May 24 #27
That's pretty much what happened. And they sold it as "free electricity." hunter May 24 #28
How soon will that sour faced twit in the governor's mansion make them take the panels down? Warpy May 23 #13
Schools and solar panels are a good mix. hunter May 23 #14
K&R betsuni May 23 #15
Kicked and recommended Uncle Joe May 23 #16
De rien Oncle Joe. applegrove May 23 #20
... Uncle Joe May 23 #22
I recently learned from DNA testing.....100% Arkansas young_at_heart May 23 #17
I got solar panels installed on my small home in Santa Fe PoindexterOglethorpe May 23 #18
Got mine in 2014 Woodwizard May 24 #34
I'm surprised the state has not sued them yet, or at least arrested the principal. Scalded Nun May 23 #19
How long before Republicans ban solar? live love laugh May 23 #23
Or start charging people for the sunlight that falls on their applegrove May 23 #24
I remember that. willamette May 24 #25
Maybe some of those Repug states but Ontheboundry May 24 #26
Schools Seem An Ideal Place ProfessorGAC May 24 #29
Nice to hear they actually directed some of the savings back to the teachers... Wounded Bear May 24 #30
What a bright idea! 💡💡💡 Hekate May 24 #31
It's nice to read good news on here nt ArkansasDemocrat1 May 24 #32
Withoug the facebook tracking in your link erronis May 24 #35
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