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These are the same "people" . . . Richard D May 22 #1
10/7 was intended to provoke rage in Israel. maxsolomon May 22 #2
But the important question is did Hamas take any cameras? sarisataka May 22 #3
One hallmark of terrorist groups is making videos of their heinous actions & broadcasting them Hekate May 22 #9
Simply horrifying. And to honor the families who wanted this video shown - the context of why they Nanjeanne May 22 #4
The negotiating table, you say? WhiskeyGrinder May 22 #8
K&R betsuni May 22 #5
Maybe the Butchers of Hamas don't Appreciate "dogs" Cha May 22 #6
A few days after 10/7 I heard one Israeli father wnylib May 22 #7
Regarding dogs and bitches (ie the right terms for the male and female animals)... Hekate May 22 #10
That's on people, not the dogs. We created the dogs. Coventina May 23 #14
My intent was to explain cultural differences as a means of understanding Hekate May 23 #16
They're female. Igel May 22 #11
Well, that's a human vice that's been forced on the dogs. Coventina May 23 #13
I have a friend who knows the family of one of the women . . . Richard D May 23 #12
That's interesting because it appears that going around Twitter there are stories about this because Nanjeanne May 23 #15
A lot goes around twitter Richard D May 23 #17
I haven't seen any Hamas narrative. Lucky I guess. Nanjeanne May 23 #18
I have . . . Richard D May 23 #19
As I said I'm lucky I don't. But I don't look to X for anonymous people's tweets without actual context and Nanjeanne May 24 #20
Yet the Gen Z far left is acting like Palestinians are all innocent... DSandra May 24 #21
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