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23. There is no way he would pick her as VP.
Fri May 24, 2024, 12:46 AM
May 24

He hates women, they are just play things to him. Toys that are replaceable when he gets bored with them.

He is a user and an abuser. Fact, he wants to have sex with his own daughter and cheated on all his wives. He has no respect for any woman, just a pussy he can grab.

It's archived. usonian May 23 #1
TY. ❤️ littlemissmartypants May 23 #2
According to OpenSecrets, Nikki Haley is the 4th highest recipient of Pro-Israel donations in 23-24 election cycle. PufPuf23 May 23 #3
Dark Money talks. Ms. Haley's numbered accounts have grown. Traurigkeit May 23 #14
I think it's incredibly naive to think they won't vote for him if she gets the VP nod. BlueTsunami2018 May 23 #4
There is no way he would pick her as VP. sheshe2 May 24 #23
If it would ensure his victory, and it just might, he absolutely would. BlueTsunami2018 May 24 #24
I Always Thought Many of Haley's Voters Were ABT- Anybody But Trump Indykatie May 23 #5
I agree. Haley was a protest vote. NH Ethylene May 23 #8
Nikki Haley turned tail and ran away from what values and principles she once had. ProudMNDemocrat May 23 #6
another word is Careerist. maxsolomon May 23 #16
Brilliantly written salute to the oh-so-flakey Nikki Haley. jaxexpat May 23 #7
Nikki Haley sunk her own ship yesterday by endorsing Trump. Greybnk48 May 23 #9
Some Republicans I know will never vote for Trump... ananda May 23 #10
Haley is a woman of color duckworth969 May 23 #11
Oh, they definitely would. maxsolomon May 23 #17
Nikki sold her soul for a slim chance TSF will pick her for the VP slot. Blue Idaho May 23 #12
Let's not pretend Nikki Haley has ever had any principles Traurigkeit May 23 #13
Opportunistic prevaricator. The Wizard May 23 #15
Hopefully it is the last straw for anyone sane still voting for r's. onecaliberal May 23 #18
It's not a surrender. It's a sellout. One might surrender when it's the only choice. One sells out when one picks the Wonder Why May 23 #19
She's a coward and an opportunist. Dulcinea May 23 #20
VP coming MoreDemocracy May 23 #21
She only has voters because she wasn't Trumpy. Joining him, those votes stay home or vote Biden. n/t FSogol May 23 #22
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