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14. Looks out window to check.
Fri May 24, 2024, 10:42 AM
May 24

Kansas, I think.
I live in an old church that I turned into a theater. It's haunted, so things tend to appear and disappear when I'm not looking. My three cats may be involved, too.

Yes, you have it right. Think. Again. May 24 #1
And they blocked the border control bill. raging moderate May 24 #2
Silly Wabbit... GiqueCee May 24 #8
Stop assuming logic rules. It isn't true for many people Maeve May 24 #3
Confusion, projection, hypocrisy, reality flips are their propaganda methods bucolic_frolic May 24 #4
It's just a new face on the old Nazism. hadEnuf May 24 #27
The fascinate power of the magic R 🎩. Emile May 24 #5
Perfect. James48 May 24 #6
Kicked and recommended Uncle Joe May 24 #7
Considering more than half our population think we are in a recession, Native May 24 #9
I look at it this way.... FarPoint May 24 #10
This needs to get wider publiction beyond DU. Those are great points, even for those of us who follow this closely. usaf-vet May 24 #11
Yeah...I might have it. ChazInAz May 24 #12
That's where the damn thing is! Who are you and where do you live? usaf-vet May 24 #13
Looks out window to check. ChazInAz May 24 #14
Thank you for your service to our country! 10 Turtle Day May 24 #18
Great post! And post #9 is great too! liberalla May 24 #15
K&R usonian May 24 #16
Great OP malaise May 24 #17
Great post Ohioboy May 24 #19
Right wingers do not hesitate to apply double standards in every situation. What they do is always okay, and Martin68 May 24 #20
That's right wendyb-NC May 24 #21
There are some days DENVERPOPS May 24 #22
That sure resonates, down to my WWII dad getting friction blisters Evolve Dammit May 25 #33
Well said. Sogo May 24 #23
You are welcome to it surfered May 24 #24
It's all so effing warped AKwannabe May 24 #25
You forgot to mention.... getagrip_already May 24 #26
And Sleepy Joe... SomedayKindaLove May 24 #28
Good one. I'll add it to my list. Thanks surfered May 24 #30
"Where do they find these people?" Dave Bowman May 24 #29
What an excellent summation of the cultists. llmart May 24 #31
This is why 'they'' are never wrong Tesha May 25 #32
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