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Wth? electric_blue68 May 24 #1
What? The county doesn't have Animal Control? They would have taken him to a dog shelter. TheBlackAdder May 24 #30
Maybe not? Such cruelty, a hideous action. electric_blue68 May 24 #32
Exactly.... reACTIONary May 25 #57
There's a video out there of a cop who entered a fenced yard, shot the dog that was in the yard, rsdsharp May 24 #2
Heartless Coward ProfessorGAC May 24 #3
sociopath ZonkerHarris May 24 #16
That Too! ProfessorGAC May 24 #17
Pretty much SOP these days that LEO's avoid all risks. Girard442 May 24 #4
When are these trigger happy cops going to face consequences? captain queeg May 24 #5
As soon as people stop worshiping them NanaCat May 24 #36
Terrible MustLoveBeagles May 24 #6
Why the fuck are so many of them like this? They always go right to the fucking gun with this fuck shit. Unconscionable. SoFlaBro May 24 #47
I agree MustLoveBeagles May 26 #63
Then a thousand run to the cop's defense, "aggressive dog" and "split second decision". Fucking pig shit. SoFlaBro May 26 #64
It makes me sick MustLoveBeagles May 26 #65
Sick of this fuck shit. Never any accountability. "It was just a dog/cat/pet." Fuck you, jerkoff! How fucking dare you? SoFlaBro May 26 #66
Idiocy. Disaffected May 24 #7
From the same place they always get them NanaCat May 24 #37
That was a scene from Reno 911 lame54 May 24 #8
This asshole needs to fired LetMyPeopleVote May 24 #9
Did Kristi Noem send him? LiberalFighter May 24 #10
Probably not but... Old Crank May 25 #55
Glad it wasn't somebody's mother or father the was blind and deaf. chouchou May 24 #11
I would be devastated JustAnotherGen May 24 #27
FTP. If I need help I'm calling the fire department. OMGWTF May 24 #12
Some cops seem to enjoy shooting dogs Diraven May 24 #13
Cops should be required to take an IQ test. Emile May 24 #14
They do. NanaCat May 24 #38
The issue isn't IQ. It's the institution of policing itself. WhiskeyGrinder May 24 #53
MAGAts are infiltrated all through the police forces. hadEnuf May 24 #15
Thugs have been cops long before MAGA existed NanaCat May 24 #39
MAGAs aren't just random thugs. hadEnuf May 24 #45
Feature, not a bug, no matter who holds the job. Twas ever thus. WhiskeyGrinder May 24 #52
May that cruel, callous dog murderer and his enablers receive everything niyad May 24 #18
That fucking murdering fuck. I hope he get's what coming to him. chowder66 May 24 #19
Republicans hate dogs SpankMe May 24 #20
That's because some dogs... CCExile May 24 #29
And your evidence for this is...? NanaCat May 24 #41
Why did that police officer have to use deadly force? red dog 1 May 24 #21
No mattedr the offense and mitigation circumstances The Wizard May 25 #58
Omg nt XanaDUer2 May 24 #22
What a sad story. Police just seem to be so quick to use their guns. A little 13 lbs dog was not a threat. Fla Dem May 24 #23
I agree, pulling out his gun & shooting a harmless little dog was despicable red dog 1 May 25 #62
FTP, yup. AnrothElf May 24 #24
Until we rid the world of sociopaths and psychopaths Javaman May 24 #25
More fun than shooting at targets Progressive dog May 24 #26
Such a callous action. Evolve Dammit May 24 #28
Even assuming the officer was concerned about the suffering of what he thought was an injured stray... cab67 May 24 #31
Also - cab67 May 24 #33
WTF wendyb-NC May 24 #34
If he thought the dog was injured MacKasey May 24 #35
UNACCEPTABLE. vanlassie May 24 #40
Do you feel safer ??? SamKnause May 24 #42
No one is safe around unaccountable armed bullies who live in fear. Iggo May 24 #49
Largely despicable post TexasDem69 May 24 #50
oh I think I've made my opinion of cops pretty clear lol WhiskeyGrinder May 24 #54
Why should I think the next new thing is PlutosHeart May 24 #43
police officer Myron Woodson Celerity May 24 #44
Another nail. Turbineguy May 24 #46
Another coward with a gun. Iggo May 24 #48
To paraphrase an old saying VMA131Marine May 24 #51
Police behaving badly continually makes me believe... maspaha May 25 #56
Oink! LudwigPastorius May 25 #59
Does the trigger-happy cop have a sister, and........... DFW May 25 #60
FTP! lark May 25 #61
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