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21. No,they had no business there
Fri May 24, 2024, 06:53 PM
May 24

Every culture that has existed for the last two thousand years has been destroyed by missionaries "preaching the word"

Their people have been slaughtered, their culture overrun.Mind you own damned business - your religion is a constant flow of contradictions and is A GUILT BASED con. Christianity has not been the panacea promised.

They had no business being there. Insane. #PoisonwoodBible TomDaisy May 24 #1
Awful Awful post... y ou should be ashamed of yourself. Srkdqltr May 24 #5
Agreed BannonsLiver May 24 #17
Why malaise May 24 #19
In reality.... MyOwnPeace May 24 #26
Not much peace in Haiti, not for centuries. Worst ever long wave outcome for a Caribbean island nation. Celerity May 25 #58
They never forgave Haiti fir winning the revolution malaise May 25 #70
Perhaps for the same reason there are outsiders in Gaza. Igel May 25 #69
No,they had no business there Conjuay May 24 #21
THIS malaise May 24 #34
Damn straight! IrishAfricanAmerican May 24 #54
Exactly. Jirel May 24 #8
What do you think is the goddamn prize that they won? SoFlaBro May 24 #29
The stupidest prize of all. Think. Again. May 27 #79
I agree -- they shouldn't have been there. Sky Jewels May 27 #74
WTF? Horrible post. There is a place for missionaries. brush May 27 #78
I am very sorry to read this Delphinus May 24 #2
How horrible. :( 50 Shades Of Blue May 24 #3
How Awful. I have no other words. Srkdqltr May 24 #4
We are doing something there..their weapons and ammunition are coming from the States. Deuxcents May 27 #82
That's really sad. LuvLoogie May 24 #6
Religious missions are only making it worse. Jirel May 24 #9
"Religion is what keeps the poor from eating the rich" - Napoleon maxrandb May 24 #12
Napoleon wasn't remotely an authority on the matter NanaCat May 24 #23
Shhhhhhhh malaise May 24 #20
My condolences to their family and friends MustLoveBeagles May 24 #7
missionaries don't do anything to help. What happened is horrible and sad JI7 May 24 #10
I honestly didn't think any charities were allowing their mcar May 24 #11
Hmmmm RussBLib May 24 #13
Sorry for their deaths. We all need to understand that RELIGION is KILLING people in every country bluestarone May 24 #14
How awful. I'm so sorry for the loss to all of those who loved them. chowder66 May 24 #15
horrible Skittles May 24 #16
Sad story. BannonsLiver May 24 #18
I don't think anyone was grave dancing, just questioning why they were still there. we can do it May 24 #22
The thread is full of grave dancing. former9thward May 24 #36
no... just read above. WarGamer May 24 #43
I'm saving my grave dancing JustAnotherGen May 25 #59
I'm 56 and getting stiff and old, newdayneeded May 27 #84
God's plan HAB911 May 24 #24
Some of the opinions in the answers are really heartless and small minded. Srkdqltr May 24 #25
You can..... MyOwnPeace May 24 #27
These were not the first people killed in this governmental overthrow Conjuay May 27 #80
Good post RazorbackExpat May 27 #81
Such a sad thing for us all to lose ANYONE to violence. Think. Again. May 24 #28
Bullshit post TexasDem69 May 24 #33
I do actually... Think. Again. May 24 #37
It happened at a church. A Haitian was also killed. Haiti is crazy right now. Americans shouldn't be there. LeftInTX May 24 #39
Yes, I agree with all of that... Think. Again. May 24 #41
I doubt if that was why they were killed. The mission runs a school and group home. LeftInTX May 24 #42
I have no idea why they were killed... Think. Again. May 24 #44
What if they were working for the UN? Often UN workers get killed in conflicts. Even vaccine workers get killed. LeftInTX May 24 #45
You do realize that the UN.... Think. Again. May 24 #46
What does the Taliban think? That's what matters. LeftInTX May 24 #47
Is that relevant somehow... Think. Again. May 24 #48
This couple was murdered and you are blaming the couple for their own deaths because you say they LeftInTX May 24 #49
Please don't falsely attribute a quote to me that I did not make.... Think. Again. May 24 #50
You are the one who brought that up in response to the OP. LeftInTX May 24 #51
yes, THAT was my response, my response was NOT what you quoted as my response. Think. Again. May 24 #52
Seems to be a pattern, eh? Brenda May 25 #60
Yeah, it seems creating division among DUers... Think. Again. May 25 #62
Right. Brenda May 25 #63
Sure we do. Voltaire2 May 25 #64
Not true (at least for me and others), see post 57 Celerity May 25 #71
Does not matter. When people loose loved ones Srkdqltr May 27 #83
This is Awful, But.... Deep State Witch May 24 #30
Serving as missionaries. LisaL May 24 #31
Haiti has been hell for Haitians for generations, at this point. AnrothElf May 24 #32
I hope the Bakers reflect on the misery guns cause dickthegrouch May 24 #35
You are correct - Many of the guns JustAnotherGen May 25 #61
Jamaica now... guns are being smuggled in from America BlueWaveNeverEnd May 25 #65
So now we're turning this tragedy into a call to ban guns? TexasDem69 May 27 #88
It's odd. Patton French May 24 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author dalton99a May 24 #40
Let this one go Wifes husband May 24 #53
Horrendous Freethinker65 May 24 #55
Our church growing up suppoted Hatian missionaries. czarjak May 25 #56
So much horror and sadness. niyad May 25 #57
Weird... I don't see any of the grave dancing in this thread that people keep mentioning. AnrothElf May 25 #66
some consider statements of "missionaries shouldnt go there" as victim blaming BlueWaveNeverEnd May 25 #67
Any criticism of christianity gets angry responses, and in this case Voltaire2 May 25 #68
Really, is that it? Patton French May 26 #72
Nobody cheered their assassination. Voltaire2 May 27 #73
The word missionary always makes my skin crawl. ananda May 27 #75
Peace and condolences to their loved ones. Dulcinea May 27 #76
I hope now it is obvious why migrants come to the United States and seek asylum. They could be killed at any minute Walleye May 27 #77
Thoughts and prayers.... Sogo May 27 #85
Just an add on: I think missionaries sometimes leftyladyfrommo May 27 #86
The missionary's mission was to offer themselves as sacrificial lambs for the slaughter, they must be euphoric. msfiddlestix May 27 #87
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