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Perhaps we should post.... Think. Again. May 24 #1
No, it's probably best that people reveal themselves, painful though it may be to see. Mister Ed May 25 #66
They camouflage themselves as doves orange jar May 25 #69
Well said. H2O Man May 25 #88
The Great Unmasking OneGrassRoot May 26 #114
I agree. I thought some of those comments were mean and thoughtless Ocelot II May 24 #2
+1. I think lots of folks have become a little meaner, but I also get roughly half Silent Type May 24 #3
This may not be a popular sentiment, but I'm going to say it anyway. ShazzieB May 24 #17
Popular or not, it is the truth. We allowed ourselves to become meaner. marble falls May 25 #79
Question: did you express condolences to the family... brooklynite May 24 #4
I remember that. I don't know if I responded to the post but I did not think he deserved to die and was sorry for him Srkdqltr May 24 #8
Not a question of "deserving" to die.... brooklynite May 24 #9
You made my point. Srkdqltr May 24 #10
You just made their point obamanut2012 May 25 #104
As they say, Conjuay May 25 #53
I think I remember some of that. Is that the one where they ate the Christian? SoFlaBro May 25 #27
They didn't eat him. They warned him and then shot him Voltaire2 May 25 #34
Whataboutism SocialDemocrat61 May 25 #40
There are a thousand different little things we do everyday that illustrate the content of our character. Torchlight May 24 #5
This is spot on TexasDem69 May 24 #6
I agree. Some of those comments were shameful and heartless mcar May 24 #7
plenty of horrible things have been said about peaceful student protesters TomDaisy May 24 #11
They are all victims . saying "im sorry for your loss" to one dosnt mean you are not sorry for another. Srkdqltr May 24 #14
Lame whataboutism. BannonsLiver May 25 #24
The appearance of Donald Trump on the political "scene" has caused MANY people... to change WarGamer May 24 #12
It was like that around here before Trump. Many on DU hate Christians, especially missionaries. LeftInTX May 24 #16
I don't think that it's Trump's influence that brings out the hate on this topic, wnylib May 25 #35
Question: has an atheist ever come to your door... brooklynite May 25 #81
This is disengenuous. MorbidButterflyTat May 25 #101
I don't understand being unable to set down political, religious, cultural issues for even a moment Wingus Dingus May 24 #13
Haiti is complicated Lulu KC May 24 #15
You are probably right, but, the point of my post was that a simple nice word of condolence would be sufficient Srkdqltr May 25 #72
Agreed Lulu KC May 25 #90
I think the post we're discussing illustrates the horrors of what is going on in Haiti right now. LeftInTX May 25 #91
I didntsee that op or the replies, so I dont know any of the details. ShazzieB May 24 #18
"...they could not be consoling to people who lost family." MorbidButterflyTat May 24 #19
Losing a child is horrnedous and losing one to violence must make it all worse Warpy May 24 #20
The young man's parents founded the schools and churches 20 years ago, maybe betsuni May 25 #23
Someone at the top of that organization displayed very bad judgment Warpy May 25 #108
Everyone is entitled to their opinion about religion Ex Lurker May 24 #21
Agree. The practical work is the important thing. betsuni May 25 #26
There are people here I wouldn't associate with in real life. Kaleva May 25 #22
Haiti is a failed state BannonsLiver May 25 #25
Perhaps you could look up the history of Haiti's Independence Debt niyad May 25 #31
I have and don't share your assessment BannonsLiver May 25 #59
So you choose to ignore basic facts. Understood. May you have the day niyad May 25 #82
These threads tend to bring out the casually cruel hardluck May 25 #28
I'm sure that there was some nasty stuff in whatever thread you are RockRaven May 25 #29
I think they were living there. They were teachers etc. LeftInTX May 25 #32
There are many situations in life that would fit your description wnylib May 25 #41
Trying to do good things in dangerous situations is the very definition of courage. Ocelot II May 25 #85
Thank you. I do not think that they are foolish, either. wnylib May 25 #87
Conflating missionaries with Chef Andre is disingenuous to the extreme. NoRethugFriends May 25 #103
There is an epidemic of hate these days ... Cassandra325 May 25 #30
Thank you for putting it in words! Kid Berwyn May 25 #43
Very true. I posted because instead of saying sorry for your loss people were spewing hate for everything. Srkdqltr May 26 #115
I agree. 23 and 21 years old. betsuni May 25 #33
Missionary history is exactly what they were part of. Voltaire2 May 25 #36
What exactly was the missionary position they were a part of? betsuni May 25 #38
Position? Lol. Voltaire2 May 25 #42
You responded to my post. What was I attempting? What dubious history of missionaries? betsuni May 25 #44
Seriously? Voltaire2 May 25 #47
... betsuni May 25 #49
This is exactly what I see from some on DU and elsewhere mcar May 25 #94
what the fork? Voltaire2 May 26 #112
We get your point I think BannonsLiver May 25 #64
Missionaries doing evil shit in the 1500s orange jar May 25 #70
Never said it did. Also missionaries were shitty agents Voltaire2 May 25 #89
Haiti is 96% Christian, they weren't there to convert 4% of the population. 15% of Christians in Haiti are protestant. LeftInTX May 25 #93
Missionaries are 'there' to convert people to Voltaire2 May 25 #99
I tend to agree with you... PCIntern May 25 #37
On the topic of THIS post... Think. Again. May 25 #39
It's a devious plot to divide us! Bucky May 25 #45
As longtime DUers will tell you... Think. Again. May 25 #48
I'll just note the interesting juxtaposition Sympthsical May 25 #46
There is a distinction between... Think. Again. May 25 #50
I hear you. Do you hear you? Sympthsical May 25 #56
+1 betsuni May 25 #57
Nah, I have a list of non-religous organizations... Think. Again. May 25 #58
Then you do your bit and leave them to do theirs Sympthsical May 25 #60
No, I will not leave people to... Think. Again. May 25 #61
This is very funny Sympthsical May 25 #63
Cryptic. Think. Again. May 25 #75
Oh, interesting! What are you planning to do to missionaries? yardwork May 25 #96
You are seeing it in action... Think. Again. May 25 #106
"But I don't piss on others who actually help" BuddhaGirl May 25 #74
I don't see how you could consider my posts "appalling"... Think. Again. May 25 #78
It's ok BuddhaGirl May 25 #92
Exactly. betsuni May 25 #80
I'll just say Sympthsical May 25 #83
Yes, exactly why people in traumatic situations are so vulnerable... Think. Again. May 25 #98
Did you think that Jimmy Carter was trying to orange jar May 25 #102
Good point, not EVERYBODY can be put in the same boat... Think. Again. May 25 #105
Habitat for humanity is a christian organization Voltaire2 May 26 #110
Yes, I shop a lot at their retail stores. Think. Again. May 26 #111
Does this careful avoidance of religious organizations extend to other religions? yardwork May 25 #95
All religious, or otherwise nefarious organizations... Think. Again. May 25 #100
Christians like Jimmy Carter helping people, bad. Non-Western religious fundamentalists not helping people, good. betsuni May 25 #52
I see your point JustAnotherGen May 25 #55
Anti west sentiment is all the rage with the supposed cool kids. BannonsLiver May 25 #62
I often think of the three British Muslim teenagers who went to Syria to be ISIS brides. betsuni May 25 #68
Yes BannonsLiver May 25 #76
It is inticing orange jar May 25 #71
Oh I agree BannonsLiver May 25 #77
Could not agree more. It's the current fad. yardwork May 25 #97
That's an odd point of view... Think. Again. May 25 #107
I am, too. They died trying to do good. I am shocked by how mean sprited we can be. Thankyou for posting. marble falls May 25 #51
I've been appalled by comments malaise May 25 #54
I have been, too. Deeply appalled. Mister Ed May 25 #65
40 years ago, a co-workers friend died of AIDS Danmel May 25 #67
I don't think I commented on that Bettie May 25 #73
The young man's parents founded Missions on Haiti some 20+ years ago, niyad May 25 #84
I feel both ways happybird May 25 #86
agreed Skittles May 25 #109
Religion is a plague on human consciousness. Voltaire2 May 26 #113
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