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Trump is a clear and present danger to democracy. Kid Berwyn May 25 #1
Trump is a clear and present danger. Period. meow2u3 May 25 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music May 25 #40
BOOM. Mike Niendorff May 25 #2
Same here! PatSeg May 25 #6
She has little to no reason for being on the bench. paleotn May 25 #12
Yes, it is pretty scary PatSeg May 25 #16
Maybe Heritage had already gotten most of their right-wing judges appointed and Cannon was in the bottom of the barrel. Lonestarblue May 25 #18
Possible. Who knows? paleotn May 25 #22
No joke, she was just in the right place.... getagrip_already May 25 #26
Apparently supporting Dolt 45 is the only Dark n Stormy Knight May 26 #43
She's part of their religious cult. BComplex May 25 #28
Yep. Quit going easy. calimary May 25 #23
Yup wryter2000 May 25 #31
She'll just put it in the "to do" pile intrepidity May 25 #35
Paper threats. Cartoonist May 25 #3
Yeah. How about some 6-figure fines...or cuffs? Girard442 May 25 #7
This is Judge Cannon. I fear not much will happen -maybe not riversedge May 25 #17
Exactly birdographer May 25 #20
Blah blah blah Fullduplexxx May 25 #4
Lock him up, with him behind bars maybe the media will be honest with their reporting KS Toronado May 25 #5
Smith has just put Cannon in a damn near impossible position Takket May 25 #8
Clarence will coach her nt ArkansasDemocrat1 May 25 #10
Clarence isn't smart enough wryter2000 May 25 #32
Dummy Thomas must have oasis May 25 #34
What if she just doesn't rule on it? intrepidity May 25 #36
She might just sit on it and do nohing, no denial of wnylib May 25 #39
This message was self-deleted by its author wnylib May 25 #41
Good dweller May 25 #9
Republican traitors to America need a mega-dose of justice BoRaGard May 25 #11
Throw his ass in jail. paleotn May 25 #13
Cannon won't deny the motion CanonRay May 25 #14
So she either approves it and we're one step closer to Trump's arrest bucolic_frolic May 25 #15
So, the 11th Circuit Court is the answer, eh? jaxexpat May 25 #19
Every single iota of pressure on Trump is appreciated. He is not immune to pressure. Martin68 May 25 #24
...", if Judge Cannon denies this motion,"..., putting the puppet judge between a rock and a hard place. republianmushroom May 25 #25
So she will hold a hearing, maybe in 4 weeks... getagrip_already May 25 #27
Nailed it. nt intrepidity May 25 #38
Thread reader app littlemissmartypants May 25 #29
Thank you for this post & the link to LBN Hekate May 25 #30
What about the RW organ grinders...... wolfie001 May 25 #33
Here's an MSNBC article with more info and easier to read than Xwitter feeds FakeNoose May 25 #37
Judge Cannon was allegedly selected "at random" from a group of 3 (4?) in that District. I'd like to hear more about Evolve Dammit May 25 #42
I wonder how long Cannon will sit on the motion before she has to respond? A week? A month? Next year? padah513 May 26 #44
Well, if you guessed "she'll just deny it", congrats. You were right. Takket May 28 #45
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