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H2O Man

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Tue May 28, 2024, 12:26 PM May 28

A Request [View all]

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On May 22, I posted "A DU Interview" with author James Kunen. And, of course, I sent him the link to the OP/thread, which he enjoyed. Among our communications since then, he sent the following, which he thought community members might find a pleasant and meaningful way to exercise their Amendment 1 rights:

"Here is a link to a safe site with a pre-filled FORMAL COMPLAINT to the Supreme Court about Justice Alito. You just fill in your name and address, print it out, and mail it in: https://www.dumpalito.com/

"You can also send a copy to Sen. Dick Durbin to get him to wake up and hold hearings.

"I thought you'd want to seize this opportunity, and maybe send the link around to your extensive network. If we could get 100,000 of these complaints to the Court and Durbin, it could really have an impact, I would think."

It is said that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Hence, in anticipation of anyone saying, "No! This will do no good!" I shall share what was Rubin Carter's shortest message when speaking at universities. Rubin stated that the "No!" philosophy and life style was negative, and needed to be replaced with "Yes!' He would then lead the audience in saying "Yes!" rather loudly.

Now, somewhere between our favorite nay-sayers and our "Yes!" friends and associates are good people who wish there was "something (they) could do." Indeed, every grass roots organizer encounters good people who have been tricked into believing that they are powerless to confront the threats to our society. The best organizers know that if you provide them with small tasks now, by election time they will have made progress.

More, we might expect nay-sayers to pontificate the "No!" of the class of citizens who have convinced themselves that they are by definition the "elites, that the Supreme Court doesn't care what we "little people" think. I'll go far as to agree with them when it comes to Alito and Clarence. But the others, even those conservative republican, do care. Roberts knows it is a bad thing when a growing number of citizens lose faith in the court.

Thus, I am requesting that you participate in this small effort, and share it as far and wide as you can. For as Rubin once told me, small doors sometimes open into large rooms.

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A Request [View all] H2O Man May 28 OP
I'll do it nt duhneece May 28 #1
Thank you! H2O Man May 28 #3
K N R Faux pas May 28 #2
Thanks! H2O Man May 28 #4
I just downloaded and will send to both. Lonestarblue May 28 #5
Thanks! H2O Man May 28 #39
Thank you! 2naSalit May 28 #6
And thank you! H2O Man May 28 #40
I got an alert from Malwarebytes not to open the document. CanonRay May 28 #7
Yeah. They posted a link to a Microsoft Word document (.docx) - bad idea erronis May 28 #10
Marking for later, when I have time to complete- thanks, WaterMan! ms liberty May 28 #8
Thanks! H2O Man May 28 #41
I'm in!! lastlib May 28 #9
Excellent idea. But we know where these will end up.... erronis May 28 #11
True, but the message gets through--- lastlib May 28 #16
Thank you! H2O Man May 28 #43
....Was that a "No?" vanlassie May 28 #33
Thanks! H2O Man May 28 #44
Very good! H2O Man May 28 #42
K&R spanone May 28 #12
Thank you! H2O Man May 28 #45
To the both of you: 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 Hekate May 28 #13
Thank you!!!! H2O Man May 28 #46
Thanks! I've forwarded this to EVERYONE on my mailing list Model35mech May 28 #14
Beautiful! H2O Man May 28 #47
I have no idea what the 'nuts and bolts' would be but Prairie_Seagull May 28 #15
I agree. H2O Man May 28 #48
complaining he's doing this ineffective thing that won't hold Alito or the Court accountable at all bigtree May 28 #17
True, but it does stir-up the populist storm against the discredited SCOTUS Model35mech May 28 #18
or, it could create the impression that Democrats are in control of the solution bigtree May 28 #22
Me thinks you missed a "c" Model35mech May 28 #23
thanks bigtree May 28 #25
That and things rather more egregious happen Model35mech May 28 #26
This x1000 is how we work against ourselves ZoMe May 28 #27
That's curious. H2O Man May 28 #49
I like the petition bigtree May 29 #76
Durbin is outstanding. H2O Man May 29 #78
I thought that court security bill was a canard bigtree May 29 #79
Very good! H2O Man May 29 #81
I added a little more to that after you responded bigtree May 29 #84
Done! Wild blueberry May 28 #19
Thank you! H2O Man May 28 #50
"... as Rubin once told me, small doors sometimes open into large rooms." calimary May 28 #20
Thanks! H2O Man May 28 #51
I mailed the form to the Supreme Court and to Sen. Durbin Martin68 May 28 #21
Thank you! H2O Man May 28 #54
Yes, I am in. Thank you H2O Man! c-rational May 28 #24
Thank you! H2O Man May 28 #58
Thank you! Goddessartist May 28 #28
Thank you very much! H2O Man May 28 #59
My formal complaint about Alito Warpy May 28 #29
Right. H2O Man May 28 #60
Downloaded. Thanks nt TeamProg May 28 #30
Thank you! H2O Man May 28 #61
Doing & sharing Attilatheblond May 28 #31
Thanks, Attilatheblond! H2O Man May 28 #62
I wish someone could explain to me what this is expected to accomplish. ShazzieB May 28 #32
That's fine! H2O Man May 28 #63
I'm not eligible canetoad May 28 #34
Okay! H2O Man May 28 #64
Thank you H2O Man. Sending and sharing! 1WorldHope May 28 #35
Very good! H2O Man May 28 #65
I am definitely in!! Saoirse9 May 28 #36
Thank you! H2O Man May 28 #66
Cannot open Sessuch May 28 #37
This link will allow you to download the PDF document (from the OP link) FakeNoose May 28 #56
Thanks! H2O Man May 28 #67
Can't hurt! SallyHemmings May 28 #38
Thank you, SallyHemmings! H2O Man May 28 #68
" it could really have an impact, I would think." brooklynite May 28 #52
Thanks! H2O Man May 28 #53
Please educate me... brooklynite May 28 #55
Lesson #1: H2O Man May 28 #70
This has nothing to do with being "member of the wealthy social class" or not...it has to do with political reality. brooklynite May 29 #73
Interesting. H2O Man May 29 #80
KNR and bookmarking until I can get to the library. niyad May 28 #57
Thanks! H2O Man May 28 #71
K & R malaise May 28 #69
Thank you! H2O Man May 28 #72
It's great idea malaise May 29 #74
doing nothing is et tu May 29 #75
Thank you. H2O Man May 29 #82
Yes. I'm doing this. I can do this. Thank you! Captain Zero May 29 #77
Thanks! H2O Man May 29 #83
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