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Defense of council would have required donny to testify. DemMedic May 29 #1
In any event, he waived this defense. unblock May 29 #9
and that throbbing vein in his temple onethatcares May 29 #2
Most of us would be under observation if we were that far gone bucolic_frolic May 29 #3
Somebody needs to throw a net over him. StarryNite May 29 #25
De Nero "was met with a force far greater than the radical left"...? Wednesdays May 29 #4
The tweet about DeNero was obviously ghost-written by someone other than TFG. Mister Ed May 29 #30
"Stable Genius" is an apt description Prof. Toru Tanaka May 29 #33
The pressure is cooking Trump's brain. Botany May 29 #5
Just sitting back and watching his mind deteriorate. badhair77 May 29 #6
Should the jury return a "GUILTY" verdict. ProudMNDemocrat May 29 #10
I can't believe the media continues to treat him like a viable presidential candidate. unblock May 29 #11
True. The media is complicit. badhair77 May 29 #12
His family bdamomma May 29 #26
Hey trmp... spanone May 29 #7
Oh boy, he has another demented catch phrase, Arne May 29 #8
Half remembered lyric from "Mrs Robinson"? LittleWoman May 29 #21
It's a line from a Simon and Garfunkel song. Nt sab390 May 29 #22
More on Trump's "Advice of Counsel" defense. sop May 29 #13
"So what's your strategy, council?" sakabatou May 29 #29
He may have... 2naSalit May 29 #14
Maybe he dictated it to one of his loosingest lawyers, the one who prances around his pool Attilatheblond May 29 #20
Thank you for posting. He's a dangerous man who cannot be ignored. AnotherMother4Peace May 29 #15
How many minutes will it take for the jury to find him guilty? RainCaster May 29 #16
20 minutes! FSogol May 29 #32
That is a man who is very scared right now PatSeg May 29 #17
He's raving like a lunatic. CaptainTruth May 29 #18
Sounds like Donald Von Shitzinpantz is shitting his pants. surfered May 29 #19
Ooh ooh that smell COL Mustard May 29 #27
Great song... surfered May 29 #34
the beatings will continue until morale improves😬👍 bringthePaine May 29 #23
What??? bdamomma May 29 #24
Looking at the shares and likes Woodwizard May 29 #28
The best part of this nonsense? Moostache May 29 #31
Long night, donnie ? Your thoughts and prays may help you. (chuckle chuckle) republianmushroom May 29 #35
...pants on fire Bundbuster May 29 #36
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