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Fuck you, Convict Aviation Pro May 30 #1
This should be the NYT headlines tomorrow Johonny May 30 #11
+1000 Hiawatha Pete May 30 #106
! Kali May 30 #2
Justice matters Wild blueberry May 30 #3
Korbel asti spumante champagne for me tonight! ArkansasDemocrat1 May 30 #41
Just opend my Ardbeg Uigeadail ! stonecutter357 May 30 #81
I don't know about you fellers, but I'm getting tired of all this winning Major Nikon May 30 #4
Yea, me neither. Maraya1969 May 30 #57
Please, sir, stop....I can't take any more 'winning'... Moostache May 30 #78
Oh Donald!!! aurora the great May 30 #82
Justice has prevailed! Initech May 30 #5
My trust in the US justice system has been refreshed Dorn May 30 #6
Fuck me! lpbk2713 May 30 #7
I got the impression he wasn't happy. twodogsbarking May 30 #8
I'm using this a lot today Skittles May 30 #22
That's a keeper mcar May 30 #9
I was surprised that markodochartaigh May 30 #10
I particularly liked how he started talking about immigration. llmart May 30 #92
He has very few arrows... 3catwoman3 May 30 #102
!!!!!!!!!!!!! UTUSN May 30 #12
Congratulations, asshat! You made history! lindysalsagal May 30 #13
Always loved your work. SalmonChantedEvening May 30 #14
The immortal Doonesbury approves... Hekate May 30 #15
Yes! I was thinking of this one csziggy May 30 #79
This is what immediately came to mind the moment the first... 3catwoman3 May 30 #103
that is the picture of America being saved Takket May 30 #16
I heard a different number. llmart May 30 #93
K&R PunkinPi May 30 #17
I think you might have had this one prepped! Nice work! TeamProg May 30 #18
That was quick!!! BumRushDaShow May 30 #19
Convict 34 of 45 NavyDem May 30 #20
Lol, great idea! Dave Bowman May 30 #50
I get the sentiment LeonidPlanck May 30 #91
EAT SHIT DONNIE!!!!! DickKessler May 30 #21
He's slam dunk guilty of the attempted coup and hiding top secret documents too AdamGG May 30 #23
Fuck off Todd Blanche. Magats will never accept you because you're a loser. A loser. Your client is a loser felon. Comfortably_Numb May 30 #24
Saul Goodman was a better lawyer ArkansasDemocrat1 May 30 #42
That inflatable Statue of Liberty on his strip center shop was a class law office, especially compared to Blanche. Comfortably_Numb May 30 #54
He will Surrender. Arne May 30 #25
A classic. Think. Again. May 30 #26
Nice, but you need to double the 'guilty's on there - got room?? LOL consider_this May 30 #27
FACT! NOT OPINION. ancianita May 30 #28
Wonder if he's getting the convicted felon DNA cheek swab happybird May 30 #29
July 11 ArkansasDemocrat1 May 31 #108
If everybody would start saying KS Toronado May 30 #30
A Thing of Beauty AND a Joy Forever!!! calimary May 30 #31
Perfection. greatauntoftriplets May 30 #32
He Won't Be Able To Vote For Himself !! DeeDeeNY May 30 #33
In 2000, Florida pulled lists of convicted felons from Texas AdamGG May 30 #43
Wrong NanaCat May 30 #83
He's bdamomma May 30 #34
Hell yes! William769 May 30 #35
Mostly, I am relieved at the guilty verdict because he has so thoroughly abused our justice system. nt ShazamIam May 30 #36
I wonder what Daddy Vladdy Mr. Evil May 30 #37
Trump will still have PLENTY of use to Putin... Moostache May 30 #80
Regarding what his sentence might be, red dog 1 May 30 #38
The operative word here is... SENTENCED ArkansasDemocrat1 May 30 #61
hear that? DoBW May 30 #39
SO beautiful!!!!! Scrivener7 May 30 #40
Oh gosh, if I could throw confetti on here I would!!!! This is the greatest news we could PatrickforB May 30 #44
Here you go! ArkansasDemocrat1 May 30 #47
Oh frabjous day! ArkansasDemocrat1 May 30 #45
Too good to be true. We're being trolled SpankMe May 30 #46
The ringers were never there NanaCat May 30 #85
I fought the law... shanti May 30 #48
And the law won! Dave Bowman May 30 #59
"I Fought the Law" was written by Sonny Curtis of The Crickets red dog 1 Jun 1 #109
Yes shanti Jun 1 #110
How I feel at the moment! ArkansasDemocrat1 May 30 #49
Just saw Eric Swalwell point out crickets May 30 #51
This post will look silly if he gets probation NanaCat May 30 #86
"may not be able" nt crickets May 30 #104
I was so shocked to hear this ! kimbutgar May 30 #52
Criminal Donald J. Trump. It has a great ring to it. GreenWave May 30 #53
It's real. I love it! sueh May 30 #55
34 count felon and Nikki Haley supports him. Emile May 30 #56
I'm doing my happy dance MustLoveBeagles May 30 #58
By my count, you're missing 12 guilties. :D Hermit-The-Prog May 30 #60
I like it, "Convicted felon". republianmushroom May 30 #62
Remember when the MAGA said you didn't want to vote for someone under investigation? liberal N proud May 30 #63
Fess up EarlG ... you made this yesterday, am I right? FakeNoose May 30 #64
He'll appeal it all the way to the Supreme Court, then his traitorous buddies will overturn it. OverBurn May 30 #65
Trump can't appeal a state conviction to SCOTUS. Progressive dog May 30 #68
Thank you, didn't know. OverBurn May 30 #70
I only got one thing to say, LOL!!!!! Beacool May 30 #66
It's about GD time! ffr May 30 #67
Needs more Guilty 0rganism May 30 #69
Donald is actually wearing a blue tie today as he left in the motorcade. NOT his signature red tie. keithbvadu2 May 30 #71
Celebrate. sinkingfeeling May 30 #72
EarlG, this one deserves printing and hanging on every American wall. KY_EnviroGuy May 30 #73
Well Abstractartist May 30 #74
I can tell you did this one with a big grin on your face Warpy May 30 #75
Audios MOTHERFUCKER! orangecrush May 30 #76
Winning, winning, winning on all 34. That's quite an impressive streak. Denvermosaic May 30 #77
Looking forward to July!! TBF May 30 #84
Only 21 guilties in your pic. Need to add 13 more. Wonder Why May 30 #88
Yippee ki-yay, motherf***er! Dave Bowman May 30 #89
Guilty of bad hair Demovictory9 May 30 #90
We're gonna need smaller handcuffs... SunSeeker May 30 #94
I doubt the 'Merry Fitzmas' routine will hold much water anymore Torchlight May 30 #95
Justice delayed is just as delightful! nt Xipe Totec May 30 #96
we are not gonna get tired RANDYWILDMAN May 30 #97
Guilt-hee Turbineguy May 30 #98
The United States of America did it. It is possible to have a trial and convict a US President. Passages May 30 #99
Yabba Dabba DU Cha May 30 #100
I bet the Orange Oleaginous One rues the day he ever came down that escalator. COL Mustard May 30 #101
Convicted criminal hitler2 wannabe is still convinced he will win in November... Justice matters. May 30 #105
Don the Con could commit 34 felonies on 5th Avenue--and New Yorkers would kick his ass to jail. Hassler May 31 #107
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