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15. To be fair, I don't believe in our justice system either
Sat Jun 1, 2024, 12:29 PM
Jun 1

But for much different reasons. Poor people can't operate within the justice system. They get bad representation. The system takes advantage of their poverty and often times their ignorance of the system.

However, Trump had all the means to get the best attorneys. He just happened to be so guilty that not even a top lawyer could save him.

They gave up pre-FDR. Many supported Nazis and still do. GreenWave Jun 1 #1
Absolutely Always Blue Jun 1 #21
Our Founding Fathers never envisioned a time FalloutShelter Jun 1 #2
For a long time the GOP felt the law was for everyone else, not them. Irish_Dem Jun 1 #3
True Always Blue Jun 1 #22
Yes Irish_Dem Jun 1 #42
trump didn't do this alone. The repub party has been headed in this direction for a while... Wounded Bear Jun 1 #4
Trump broke America dalton99a Jun 1 #5
This is trDUMPie's modus operandi,.. magicarpet Jun 1 #6
"Law and order party", my ass. lindysalsagal Jun 1 #7
Do they teach their children moondust Jun 1 #8
Our 'forefathers' were winging it. Voltaire2 Jun 1 #9
Yup. They had good ideas, but they made the thing out of baling wire and chewing gum. Ocelot II Jun 1 #11
There actually were several republics but mostly Voltaire2 Jun 1 #35
Yes, if you have only a single governmental entity to organize and manage, Ocelot II Jun 1 #36
Not likely they dreamed of billionaires with databases and media, either. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 1 #38
I wish Dwight Eisenhower could come back to life Walleye Jun 1 #10
First of all they wouldn't let Ike in, and he would switch parties immediately. erronis Jun 1 #24
"It is up to the Republicans to fix their party" markodochartaigh Jun 1 #37
The Republican Party has been corrupted over the years. pandr32 Jun 1 #12
GOP in TX also doesn't beleive in choice in voting, evidently Attilatheblond Jun 1 #13
They want to control everyone else but yet they have no control on themselves. twodogsbarking Jun 1 #14
To be fair, I don't believe in our justice system either Buckeyeblue Jun 1 #15
Plus the fact that no "top lawyers" would work for Chump anymore FakeNoose Jun 1 #30
by extension they don't believe in America or Americans, since that is our justice system RAB910 Jun 1 #16
They did that in 2016 malaise Jun 1 #17
Marjorie Shit For Brains was calling for MAGAs in Congress to remove New York's funding. Initech Jun 1 #18
New York should then HarryM Jun 1 #26
heard the notion to expand with recess appointments...🧐 bringthePaine Jun 1 #19
I'm rogue, too. I no longer believe in non-partisanship of SCOTUS Model35mech Jun 1 #20
For some justices on SCOTUS, the corruption is as obvious as it is untenable FakeNoose Jun 1 #32
"I LIKE BEER!!" TSExile Jun 1 #33
This has been a long time coming and it's not just one man. hay rick Jun 1 #23
Win at all costs has a new definition SleeplessinSoCal Jun 1 #25
From 2020 on they became election deniers... Jrose Jun 1 #27
They are acting like a bunch of children that didn't get their way. GoodRaisin Jun 1 #28
Absolutely!! TSExile Jun 1 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 1 #29
If they lack faith, they can resign... Half-step Jun 1 #31
They think they have a God given right to rule CanonRay Jun 1 #39
"All because of one single, solitary man" krkaufman Jun 1 #40
They create chaos and hate as a way of pitting American against American and offering a dictatorial solution. Doodley Jun 1 #41
Stop the Senate filibuster no more 60 votes to get something done,.. 50 votes is more realistic,... magicarpet Jun 1 #43
I think the founders anticipated it NanaCat Jun 1 #44
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