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good for him. WarGamer Jun 1 #1
Yeah. It's a duck. LuvLoogie Jun 1 #2
Thank you Senator Sanders. Think. Again. Jun 1 #3
Bernie is correct malaise Jun 1 #4
Bravo to him. I hope more humanitarian progressives dare to join him. Ping Tung Jun 1 #5
I wish we could clone him. I don't always agree but he's usually right about things. Deuxcents Jun 1 #6
Ahhh Bernie MuseRider Jun 1 #7
Nice to know that Bernie, the ICC, and I are in agreement on this. B.See Jun 1 #8
Absolutely gutted that we are signing off on giving this ultra RW fascist a joint session address to further empower him Celerity Jun 1 #9
Go say over and over, Bernie until they start listening to you. flying_wahini Jun 1 #10
Totally agree. nt Dave Bowman Jun 1 #11
Thank you Senator Sanders. Nanjeanne Jun 1 #12
Careful, Bernie. LudwigPastorius Jun 1 #13
100% agree with you Bernie, as usual. K&R nt TBF Jun 1 #14
DURec leftstreet Jun 1 #15
I can see the republicans engineering an "unfortunate incident" with Bibi and using it to make Biden look bad. I think NBachers Jun 1 #16
"Israel does not have the right to kill more than 34,000 civilians." So in his mind the dead are 100% civilians? EX500rider Jun 1 #17
even one is too many TomDaisy Jun 1 #18
And which recent war was it that had zero civilian dead? EX500rider Jun 2 #23
Past wars don't make current wars ok womanofthehills Jun 2 #31
I'm glad you set him straight. Omnipresent Jun 3 #37
Israel has doomed itself for generations with this genocide. TomDaisy Jun 3 #36
What does that have to do with the crisis in Gaza? obamanut2012 Jun 3 #41
That isn't quite the justification you think it is John Shaft Jun 3 #46
Well, for one, I don't like the phrasing Israel doesn't B.See Jun 2 #19
"34,000 civilians or even half as many is certainly beyond the pail, I would think." EX500rider Jun 2 #22
Funny, I don't recall suggesting that it should be B.See Jun 2 #25
My point is the IDF is causing no more civilian casualties then the US in recent wars EX500rider Jun 2 #26
So again, are you justifying Netanyahu's actions in Gaza B.See Jun 2 #28
I'm saying fighting non-uniformed opponents in urban environments is not easy EX500rider Jun 2 #30
Okay. You're entitled to that kind of rationalization of Netanyahu's actions I guess. B.See Jun 2 #33
As horrible as Oct 7 was, Israel's newspapers womanofthehills Jun 2 #32
Yes, I'm aware of the discrepancies in what was reported which B.See Jun 2 #34
So the anti Israel crowd dismisses everything that happened on 10/7 as fictional BannonsLiver Jun 2 #35
Is any criticism of bibi's right wing government, considered antisemitism? Omnipresent Jun 3 #38
I'm sorry you feel that way. BannonsLiver Jun 3 #42
Can you answer my question? Omnipresent Jun 3 #43
I think most are antisemites BannonsLiver Jun 3 #44
I agree with Sanders. The mistakes are not mistakes. ecstatic Jun 2 #20
Bibi only comes calling when he wants something. Like he did B.See Jun 2 #29
I have to tell you.. Omnipresent Jun 3 #45
Insane that Netanyahu has been invited. I hope he receives a fitting (unwelcoming) welcome. David__77 Jun 2 #21
I call on all progressives in Congress to follow suit. pecosbob Jun 2 #24
That is fine. Sanders also has endorsed President Biden, and encouraged his supporters JohnSJ Jun 2 #27
This reminder needs to be repeated as often as possible. It was Sarandon (and "others"✴️) who sabotaged Hillary ✳️ Oopsie Daisy Jun 3 #39
Thank you, Senator Sanders obamanut2012 Jun 3 #40
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