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16. "Kill hostages now"
Sun Jun 2, 2024, 11:07 PM
Jun 2

You first, buddy. They are welcome to get themselves over to Gaza. The sooner, the better.

WOW, the stupidity is so sad to see.

Winning hearts and minds. RandySF Jun 2 #1
It's quite noticeable.... Dorian Gray Jun 2 #3
I'm way beyond "frustrated" with their pro-Hamas behavior, and am well into disgust & outrage Hekate Jun 3 #73
Beyond TRANSPARENT B.See Jun 3 #83
Their apologists will be here soon to explain... AZSkiffyGeek Jun 2 #4
If the apologists do show up I won't know about it. AnrothElf Jun 2 #22
great point. why aren't they showing up at drumpf rallies? Takket Jun 2 #6
I think we all know why. They exist to divide Democrats. They're bad-faith provacateurs. Probably Russian-paid. AnrothElf Jun 2 #23
More likely Iran than Russia. wnylib Jun 3 #36
There is a difference? getagrip_already Jun 3 #52
That's for sure ronnykmarshall Jun 3 #49
I don't think so. Cha Jun 3 #68
I don't think so either. betsuni Jun 3 #87
ABSO-FKNG-LUTELT! I do. B.See Jun 3 #84
Somebody has paid for them n/t gay texan Jun 3 #78
EXACTLY. I've become convinced they're MAGA plants. And B.See Jun 3 #82
I wholeheartedly support the Pride parade TexasDem69 Jun 2 #2
*headdesk* sakabatou Jun 2 #5
Or they do and they're on board. Or they're paid. Or yeah... they're just that stupid. AnrothElf Jun 2 #24
Well, as the early Soviets so aptly put it (Lenin or Stalin, take your pick) the followers are useful idiots Hekate Jun 3 #79
Showing true colors Mountainguy Jun 2 #7
Meanwhile at the Israel Day Parade in NYC... lapucelle Jun 2 #8
It's appalling that anyone on DU supports these terrorists TexasDem69 Jun 2 #10
It truly is shocking. Especially those that purport to Nixie Jun 2 #15
But you're being Islamaphobic Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 3 #28
Just do what I do with MAGA lunatics. Initech Jun 3 #104
That Cowardly Chickenshit all Wrapped up head to toe is Cha Jun 2 #12
"Kill hostages now" Nixie Jun 2 #16
Heartbreaking. Infuriating. These are the people that are often cheered by pro Hamas individuals online * Oopsie Daisy Jun 4 #107
Fucking monsters. DavidDvorkin Jun 2 #19
I'm being sarcastic here but: are we sure Israel isn't paying these people? Takket Jun 3 #39
It really is like a parody. betsuni Jun 3 #41
These people are filth mcar Jun 3 #88
Their Hamas heroes would do a lot worse than interrupting the parade. BannonsLiver Jun 2 #9
Of course it is. yardwork Jun 3 #50
This Hekate Jun 3 #80
Piling on an already marginalized group being attacked every damn day. What assholes. chowder66 Jun 2 #11
Well said.. TY Cha Jun 2 #13
My pleasure. chowder66 Jun 2 #17
Yes they ARE! From Trashing the Brookly Museum to Cha Jun 2 #25
@chowder, yes. Peaceful protests FOR B.See Jun 3 #89
And the cancer patients awhile back. Nixie Jun 2 #18
WHAT!? I missed that one. JFC. chowder66 Jun 2 #20
It's sickeningly true. Back in January Nixie Jun 2 #26
Oh yes the Cancer Patients.. Cha Jun 2 #27
Pediatric cancer patients, no less. Children with cancer. yardwork Jun 3 #51
considering their heroes are massively anti gay they get the two birds thing going on nt msongs Jun 2 #14
Kinda fitting since Hamas would do a fuck-ton more than merely block Pride. AnrothElf Jun 2 #21
What is the point? Why are they angry at the Pride Parade? betsuni Jun 3 #29
Just saw that the organizers, Queers 4 Palestine, want them to denounce capitalism, colonialism, empire, betsuni Jun 3 #30
" Queers 4 Palestine" should go there. Behind the Aegis Jun 3 #31
The Q4P People Deep State Witch Jun 3 #60
I've met a few in person and tried to discuss I/P issues wnylib Jun 3 #37
For some reason the demand to renounce things reminds me of the Japanese Tokugawa government betsuni Jun 3 #42
That's it. Purity test. n/t OneGrassRoot Jun 3 #44
Same. They are extremely naive and misinformed. yardwork Jun 3 #53
Very true about their stance on Israel and Palestine. wnylib Jun 3 #57
Oh, that's interesting! yardwork Jun 3 #58
The group that I was talking with was a liberal church group. wnylib Jun 3 #61
OMG. They're basically calling for the genocide of all Jews in the Middle East. yardwork Jun 3 #65
Useful fools is right, becoming useful tools. wnylib Jun 3 #66
Ironically, their ideal state is essentially what Israel is today. yardwork Jun 3 #69
Agree. wnylib Jun 3 #70
Not just the Middle East . . . Richard D Jun 4 #114
"Russia is a socialist Eden" -- hey, has anybody heard from Edward Snowdon, who stole US secrets... Hekate Jun 3 #85
Haven't heard about him or Tara Reade lately over there in socialist paradise. betsuni Jun 3 #95
"the organizers, want them to denounce capitalism, B.See Jun 3 #92
They "call on all Queer & Trans people to denounce capitalism, colonialism & empire as anti-queer." betsuni Jun 3 #93
... right. B.See Jun 3 #94
Oklahoma has moved their pride parades to October because of the heat. Behind the Aegis Jun 3 #32
Ohh Nice.. Cha Jun 3 #67
I am in Oklahoma. Behind the Aegis Jun 3 #96
When I saw "Oklahoma" I got Cha Jun 3 #98
Our pride is in late October early November, also due to the heat of the summer. beaglelover Jun 3 #77
Fuck these dumbass Hamas supporters vercetti2021 Jun 3 #33
Well said. yardwork Jun 3 #54
Rather fitting. Hamas proudly murders LGBTQ, so this further demonstrates the Maru Kitteh Jun 3 #97
I have heard some suggestion that these pro Palestine/Hamas people aren't actual Democrats or Liberals... PeaceWave Jun 3 #34
It used to take some time but now seems to work pretty much overnight. betsuni Jun 3 #35
This anti Israel view is very strong in liberal churches. wnylib Jun 3 #38
Yes, our local party lost a liberal pastor over this LeftInTX Jun 3 #40
I decided that I could not be involved with wnylib Jun 3 #43
Pointed out so well over ten years ago DFW Jun 3 #46
Nope. Not the same thing. The religious people in the linked video wnylib Jun 3 #47
I wasn't equating the types of churches, but rather their penchant for using one phrase to mean another DFW Jun 3 #48
Sure, there are differences between Muslims, just as there are wnylib Jun 3 #62
I'm not aware of any anti-Israel feeling in my Episcopal church wryter2000 Jun 3 #90
Your specific congregation might not be taking sides or discussing wnylib Jun 3 #99
Then we need data on how many churches are like mine wryter2000 Jun 3 #100
You would probably know where or how to get such data more than I would wnylib Jun 3 #103
I hadn't heard of Sabeel. This is interesting. yardwork Jun 4 #106
It's not an evangelical thing. It's a Palestinian Christian thing. LeftInTX Jun 4 #109
Everything you've posted affirms my opinions about this. yardwork Jun 4 #111
I pretty much agree with what you posted. wnylib Jun 4 #110
I'm far from an expert, but I can't think of a majority-Muslim nation that tolerates other religions. yardwork Jun 4 #112
Agree. wnylib Jun 4 #113
Honestly, hard core Islamists have more in common with the GQP than Democrats Happy Hoosier Jun 3 #55
I'm with you right to the end of your last sentence. yardwork Jun 3 #56
They remind me of that old French musical video, "Manie, Manie" (Mania, Mania) DFW Jun 3 #45
"No pride in genocide" sarisataka Jun 3 #59
These people believe that Palestine is the only cause on the planet. orange jar Jun 3 #64
They're as stupid and incompetent and ill-informed as MAGA. Oopsie Daisy Jun 4 #108
Not very progressive to harass marginalized groups. orange jar Jun 3 #63
Yeah they're really winning over new followers aren't they? Initech Jun 3 #71
They are targeting Dylan Mulvaney too FreeState Jun 3 #72
Damned if you do, damned if you don't. orange jar Jun 3 #74
It's supper frustrating FreeState Jun 3 #76
They're really just bigots hiding under a mask. Oneironaut Jun 3 #102
What the....????? nt LAS14 Jun 3 #75
These are vile and disgusting creatures. No different than Trump's cult, and with the same electoral aims. tritsofme Jun 3 #81
Well, they are getting kudos from the Ayatollah mcar Jun 3 #86
It is not helping. I don't support Palestinians if this is what they do LiberalFighter Jun 3 #91
2 for 1 - Hate Pride, cool! Palestinian Protest! OAITW r.2.0 Jun 3 #101
I have no doubt that the ultimate goal of all this is to reelect Trump. yardwork Jun 4 #105
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