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And we know your character and personality, Mr Johnson Deuxcents Jun 3 #1
Yeah, as a lyin SOB!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 3 #14
Yeah, sure. We believe your lies. Lunabell Jun 3 #2
Exactly. BlueKota Jun 3 #6
"I just know their character, their personality." jls4561 Jun 3 #3
I bet his walking back his comments has to do with his learning that this is a state case and not a federal... Botany Jun 3 #4
cannot be heard? Fullduplexxx Jun 3 #5
Not before all state appeals claudette Jun 3 #8
Yes, and no... getagrip_already Jun 3 #18
That was in a federal case. Not a state one. n/t Ms. Toad Jun 3 #25
thank you nt Fullduplexxx Jun 3 #56
Not true. If a conviction violated a defendants Constitutional rights Mr.WeRP Jun 3 #26
Yup, 5 paid justices. Traurigkeit Jun 3 #38
"not a federal....... one that can be heard by the SCOTUS" applegrove Jun 3 #12
ok thanks nt Fullduplexxx Jun 3 #57
I have a different take CelticCrow Jun 4 #60
Yeah claudette Jun 3 #7
Mikey, you make a lousy character witness. n/t Silent3 Jun 3 #9
...he's a poor liar. spanone Jun 3 #10
In other words he is a liar. Irish_Dem Jun 3 #11
It has a caveat that they all use NanaCat Jun 3 #55
There is always a loop hole for criminals. Irish_Dem Jun 3 #58
He's an arrogant little back bencher isn't he? Raven Jun 3 #13
Translation From MAGA: "I Lied" ProfessorGAC Jun 3 #15
he said Character RANDYWILDMAN Jun 3 #16
On the other hand, he would have made a statement before national TV if Hunter Biden had been convicted of Jaywalking. DFW Jun 3 #17
Thou shalt not lie. He's going to hell for sure now. Emile Jun 3 #19
Too late LiberalFighter Jun 3 #20
As I suspected. n/t Ms. Toad Jun 3 #21
So, he doesnt know them personally coprolite Jun 3 #22
Such a delicate way to say "I don't know how the Constitution works" Bucky Jun 3 #23
Fuck MOMFUDSKI Jun 3 #24
Little guy said he was pals with more than a few. Kid Berwyn Jun 3 #27
This sorry guy needs to keep his walk-back mouth shut. brush Jun 3 #28
LIAR! PlutosHeart Jun 3 #29
The Subversive Court's character is clear, from Strip-Search Sammy to Coathanger Amy. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 3 #30
IOW, you're an unprincipled liar, Mike Warpy Jun 3 #31
Mike doesn't know Jack. Arne Jun 3 #36
Are they good christians ? Traurigkeit Jun 3 #42
Sure, which they'll tell you, usually at great length. Warpy Jun 3 #50
Oh, no, Mikey, you don't get to try to hide your lies. Biophilic Jun 3 #32
"you have lied most bravely, but not convincingly." JoseBalow Jun 3 #33
As a religious fanatic The Speaker should know The Wizard Jun 3 #34
He tossed that to the ashes decades ago. Traurigkeit Jun 3 #40
Religious fanatics allow themselves the "noble lie" if it serves their god's purposes. Li'l Pervy knows this. Hekate Jun 3 #54
That lying little maggot makes me sick. StarryNite Jun 3 #35
Pssst... Mike Nelson Jun 3 #37
Mike Johnson is a wanta be Sunday morning TV pastor. Pull out your debit card. Traurigkeit Jun 3 #39
You know they're rape protectors? They're fascists. Yeah fucker, we know too. onecaliberal Jun 3 #41
Xtian Mook Johnson means he's talked to Hassler Jun 3 #43
Leonard Leo wants another word with Mikey. rubbersole Jun 3 #44
He's a lying hypocrite videohead5 Jun 3 #45
He might have told the truth this time. We all know their character and personalities. flashman13 Jun 3 #46
I'm calling Bull $h1t. ... aggiesal Jun 3 #47
I call bullshit, but also Johnson wants to be important. TNNurse Jun 3 #48
Good luck shoving that turd back up your asshole, fucko Blue Owl Jun 3 #49
Li'l Pervy lies like a trouper when caught out Hekate Jun 3 #51
Does his son's Traildogbob Jun 3 #52
He spilled the beans spanone Jun 3 #53
They're buds live love laugh Jun 4 #59
And they should rule on the law, not "personality." yellowcanine Jun 4 #61
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