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Awwww, poor lil tRump Jr scared of goin to jail?? InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 6 #1
Maybe he can get some Russian buddies to take up a collection John Shaft Jun 6 #2
Convicted felon needs to run down to Mexico and leap Bannon's non-existent wall*. GreenWave Jun 6 #3
They won't go to Mexico. They have a woman President now. She'll kick his whole family's butt back to the US 4lbs Jun 6 #4
Indeed, Claudia is very impressive! onetexan Jun 6 #24
When they say the silent part out loud... Ford_Prefect Jun 6 #5
He'll love El Salvador's abortion laws. Gruenemann Jun 6 #6
By November 6... 2naSalit Jun 6 #7
He'll be on vacation with his entire family after November 1st FakeNoose Jun 6 #20
Perhaps... 2naSalit Jun 6 #21
Hasta la vista, baby. Swede Jun 6 #8
Exactly johnnyfins Jun 6 #10
I hear that El Salvador has good gulags jmbar2 Jun 6 #9
Yikes! Joinfortmill Jun 6 #19
Go Don! COL Mustard Jun 6 #11
Honestly, I was thinking more like Nicaragua tornado34jh Jun 6 #12
Please go now. sinkingfeeling Jun 6 #13
Why not just move to Russia? Farmer-Rick Jun 6 #14
Putin wouldn't have any further use of him & onetexan Jun 6 #25
Need any help packing? tanyev Jun 6 #15
Ok, so he's now officially a flight-risk Maeve Jun 6 #16
I've been convinced for quite some time... IrishAfricanAmerican Jun 6 #17
Been waiting for the day they run Joinfortmill Jun 6 #18
Here's a list of countries that DON'T extradite to the U.S., Duh Donnie Boy -- Rocknation Jun 6 #22
"My money would be Jr's crooked dad has plans for their whole clan to bail " TxGuitar Jun 6 #23
Why don't you get a head start and leave now you dumb ass. Diamond_Dog Jun 6 #26
Is El Salvador the New Argentina? Kid Berwyn Jun 6 #27
Hasn't El Salvador been through enough? Yavin4 Jun 6 #28
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