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A few weeks ago, a youngish Jewish person I know said: Tetrachloride Jun 8 #1
So true malaise Jun 8 #2
If only Hamas would accept the latest ceasefire proposal! lapucelle Jun 8 #16
About Media Bias and FDD, spent an hour exploring FDD and went to Media Bias PufPuf23 Jun 8 #42
Facts are facts. Hamas has turned down multiple cease fire proposals, lapucelle Jun 8 #45
Did not question as fact that Hamas turned down latest proposal. PufPuf23 Jun 8 #62
Exactly. multigraincracker Jun 8 #83
So you're not actually disputing the fact that Hamas has rejected numerous ceasefire offers lapucelle Jun 8 #105
Netanyahu/Likud have to accept too. Both sides have to agree to a ceasefire... brush Jun 8 #63
According to President Biden and his State Department, Israel has accepted the proposal. lapucelle Jun 8 #68
I don't know. The lastest I've heard is that Netanyahu has said no and is about to open a second front... brush Jun 8 #73
Yeah it's all disingenuous as shit. AloeVera Jun 8 #86
Yep, 1984. It's sickening. And unbelievably, 1984 is 40 years ago. brush Jun 8 #87
So people don't believe President Biden because they heard *something* else somewhere? lapucelle Jun 8 #117
... lapucelle Jun 8 #111
Read what Netty declared and tell me how it is inconsistent with your post and consistent with Biden's proposal. Beastly Boy Jun 9 #156
Where did you hear any of that? It wasn't at a State Department briefing, was it? lapucelle Jun 8 #96
A CNN report on the latest from the Israel/Gaza war. I normally watch MSNBC... brush Jun 8 #115
If only Netanyahu would stop using indiscriminate killing to hold onto power TomDaisy Jun 8 #123
What indiscriminate killing? Bad Thoughts Jun 8 #124
Forum rules prohibit me from posting responsive videos TomDaisy Jun 8 #125
"Forum rules prohibit me from providing support for my claims". lapucelle Jun 9 #137
... betsuni Jun 9 #139
"Forum Rules don't support my propaganda effort!" Hellbound Hellhound Jun 9 #155
so you're ok with videos of incinerated Palestinian children? TomDaisy Jun 10 #186
If only Hamas would stop using indiscriminate killing to hold onto power nt yagotme Jun 10 #180
I just used Google to look up how many times Israel has rejected cease fir proposals. mjvpi Jun 9 #131
Do you have the actual links? I'm not getting a long list. lapucelle Jun 9 #133
To paraphrase a well-known journalist... appmanga Jun 9 #152
As per the discredited Hamas health agency. Beastly Boy Jun 8 #3
4 hostages rescued is great but questionseverything Jun 8 #50
Wow that number keeps going up and up and up! We're at 200 now?! AnrothElf Jun 8 #54
Those deaths didn't happen in conjunction with freeing hostages. Beastly Boy Jun 8 #61
Why? NutmegYankee Jun 9 #142
There should never have been any hostages TheKentuckian Jun 9 #150
If it's 200 militants, then it's a win manicdem Jun 9 #166
The women and children have no say in any of this questionseverything Jun 9 #169
Honest question: PCIntern Jun 8 #4
The complete lack of credibility of this source has never stopped even the legitimate news organizations Beastly Boy Jun 8 #6
There is far more Israeli rightwing than Hamas propaganda at DU. PufPuf23 Jun 8 #47
This is disputable at the very least. Beastly Boy Jun 8 #53
Not going argue with you as fruitless. You have no idea of my familiarity with Israel. PufPuf23 Jun 8 #66
Assuming you are 100% correct, and I am by no means saying you are, Beastly Boy Jun 8 #88
Nothing. Not trying to quantify, don't even think that is possible. Why insult Martin Buber as "Bieber"? PufPuf23 Jun 8 #100
My sincerest apologies to Dr. Buber Beastly Boy Jun 9 #127
Einstein's 1948 NYT letter refers to Likud and Begin repeatedly, yet you say Likud was not founded until 1973. PufPuf23 Jun 9 #168
Ok, my turn now. Beastly Boy Jun 10 #174
70 plus years of living under multigraincracker Jun 8 #28
You do realize that Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza almost 20 years ago, right? AnrothElf Jun 8 #55
Blaming Hamas is like blaming multigraincracker Jun 8 #71
LOL no. People keep seeming to forget that Hamas is a TERRORIST organization that was ELECTED... AnrothElf Jun 8 #75
Do you support Nety and the majority, multigraincracker Jun 8 #80
Nope. Can't stand Netanyahoo. Shit... he was implicated in the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. AnrothElf Jun 8 #84
I never apologized for Hamas. multigraincracker Jun 8 #89
Then what I said in that context doesn't apply to you. AnrothElf Jun 8 #91
The world is gray. multigraincracker Jun 8 #97
Hamas has really treated the Palestinian people awfully. RandomNumbers Jun 8 #5
Along with the criminal settlers and right wing multigraincracker Jun 8 #29
Hamas is the government of Gaza. There are no settlers in Gaza. Haven't been since 2005. LeftInTX Jun 9 #170
They support and keep Netanyahu in office. multigraincracker Jun 10 #175
The settlers are in the West Bank, not Gaza. Hamas was not an issue in the West Bank until after this war started. LeftInTX Jun 10 #176
Members of his party are calling for multigraincracker Jun 10 #179
As of now, there are no settlers in Gaza. So, how can we talk about how settlers are treating residents in Gaza? LeftInTX Jun 10 #181
Just look to the East. multigraincracker Jun 10 #185
Hamas Rejects Successive Ceasefire Deal Proposals lapucelle Jun 8 #7
Silly facts! AnrothElf Jun 8 #10
And many more under the rubble. Goddessartist Jun 8 #8
It's very sad what Hamas has done to the Palestinians not just now but the last 30 years. jimfields33 Jun 8 #11
I agree that Hama's complete disregard for Palestinians is clear, but I disagree with your assessment lapucelle Jun 8 #12
+1 betsuni Jun 8 #15
Just like the protected illegal settlers, multigraincracker Jun 8 #30
Thank you John Kirby for setting the record straight. sheshe2 Jun 9 #128
The world is waiting, yet again, for Hamas to accept a ceasefire. lapucelle Jun 8 #13
And in makeshift or mass graves, all uncounted. AloeVera Jun 8 #27
If Israel was interested in actual "genocide" most Gazan's would be dead at this point EX500rider Jun 8 #69
Not genocide. AnrothElf Jun 8 #81
Seventeen Countries Urge Hamas to Accept Ceasefire Proposal lapucelle Jun 8 #9
The UN has blacklisted Israel malaise Jun 8 #18
If that is all, then that isn't much. lapucelle Jun 8 #21
Responding to the news that Hamas is yet again dragging it's feet on a ceasefire proposal lapucelle Jun 8 #22
Is that your justification for Hamas refusing ceasefire ? JI7 Jun 8 #24
Apparently... sheshe2 Jun 9 #129
Genocide. Goddessartist Jun 8 #14
Yes, Hamas is engaged in a genocide. The Biden administration agrees. lapucelle Jun 8 #17
Malcolm Nance: "Hamas attempted genocide on 10/7. They killed Jews to exterminate them. Any they encountered. betsuni Jun 8 #20
Malcolm Nance is correct. sheshe2 Jun 9 #130
Obtuse Goddessartist Jun 8 #32
It's sad that anyone would find Biden Administration member John Kirby's response "obtuse". lapucelle Jun 8 #46
You're Goddessartist Jun 8 #65
I agree with Joe Biden and his State Department. lapucelle Jun 8 #98
My ignore list got longer cause of this thread. ilovegamers43 Jun 8 #56
Welcome to DU sarisataka Jun 8 #58
It seems Goddessartist Jun 8 #64
Too much so that its no longer about debate ilovegamers43 Jun 8 #82
Welcome to DU! You've been here less than a month, lapucelle Jun 9 #135
And just like that.... revmclaren Jun 9 #172
86 posts and PPR'd... sarisataka Jun 9 #173
Oops! LeftInTX Jun 9 #167
Well, what do you suppose you should call someone who believes Hamas leaders are just like Nelson Mandela? tritsofme Jun 8 #67
President Abbas seeks emergency UNSC session following Nuseirat massacre sarisataka Jun 8 #19
Thank you for this. AloeVera Jun 8 #23
The link goes to Wafa, Abbas's media propaganda outlet. lapucelle Jun 8 #26
Pardon me. AloeVera Jun 8 #31
If there there was a "massacre", Hamas is responsible. It uses civilians as human shields. lapucelle Jun 8 #34
Thank you malaise Jun 8 #114
You are welcome sarisataka Jun 8 #37
I wonder if someone or some group is pressuring him. Mosby Jun 8 #40
My speculation, based only on cynical knowledge of human nature sarisataka Jun 8 #43
I try to do that too. AloeVera Jun 8 #44
My opinion sarisataka Jun 8 #49
Yup! He's supporting Hamas because he knows if there was another election held... almost 20 years later... AnrothElf Jun 8 #59
What is Wafa? lapucelle Jun 8 #25
Incorrect. AloeVera Jun 8 #35
Thank you for the admission that Wafa is state run proaganda and that Quds is aligned with Hamas. lapucelle Jun 8 #39
You missed my key point. Again. Typically. AloeVera Jun 8 #41
Quelle surprise , pas qu'elle surprise . On n'utilise pas d'apostrophe dans cette instance. lapucelle Jun 8 #51
Je ne parle plus francais. AloeVera Jun 8 #78
Oh, I see more clearly now. AloeVera Jun 8 #90
I can only give my thought process sarisataka Jun 8 #94
Precisely malaise Jun 9 #134
If I may be pellucidly clear, nothing justifies the pure evil of Hamas or their sympathizers. tritsofme Jun 8 #33
But Bibi's genocide is fine malaise Jun 8 #38
Right right, I mean when one believes Hamas leaders are just like Nelson Mandela tritsofme Jun 8 #48
+1 betsuni Jun 8 #52
The answer is zero credibility BannonsLiver Jun 10 #182
A genocide in hyperbole only Bad Thoughts Jun 8 #57
Not genocide. AnrothElf Jun 8 #60
Gaza's population was 1.1 million in 2020, 2.2 million in 2023 (according to info I saw, but also saw that it betsuni Jun 8 #70
DING DING DING DING DING!!! AnrothElf Jun 8 #72
And what kind of genociders give announcements and warnings before attacking Hamas so civilians betsuni Jun 8 #74
Yup! I used to believe that the "Up is Down", "Black is White" doublespeak mentality was limited to the rightwing. AnrothElf Jun 8 #79
No one is saying Israel has been genociding for 20 years AloeVera Jun 8 #92
So which of these wars, some US with MUCH higher body counts as "genocide"? EX500rider Jun 8 #93
Have a source for this chart? AloeVera Jun 8 #95
Sure EX500rider Jun 8 #99
If US Iraq war were waged the same way, it would have resulted in 2.6 Million deaths, not 125K. AloeVera Jun 8 #101
Easily explained by urban warfare Bad Thoughts Jun 8 #102
Perhaps that is why you should not bomb dense urban areas into dust and rubble. AloeVera Jun 8 #103
Don't start war Bad Thoughts Jun 8 #104
For sure don't start a war with a genocidal, vengeful regime that hates you and wants you gone, expelled or subjugated. AloeVera Jun 8 #109
There is no genocide outside hyperbole Bad Thoughts Jun 8 #110
Those are not UN numbers. Those are the figures Hamas provides via the Ministry of Health lapucelle Jun 8 #119
No sh*t. AloeVera Jun 8 #121
If you knew that the numbers were "according to Hamas" why make the claim "according to the UN"? lapucelle Jun 9 #132
I wrote "Hamas-run" in air quotes for a reason. AloeVera Jun 9 #143
No, they are not UN numbers. The UN makes that quite clear in its disclaimation. lapucelle Jun 9 #144
Threading the needle. Splitting hairs. AloeVera Jun 9 #146
So disappointed that the retreat did not play out in bad French this time. lapucelle Jun 9 #147
Oui, c'est dommage. AloeVera Jun 9 #151
'C'est dommage" rather than "quel dommage"... a wise choice, given the last mishap. lapucelle Jun 9 #153
What is evident is that you will go on defending Israel AloeVera Jun 9 #154
Hit another nerve there, eh? lapucelle Jun 9 #160
If you knew that the numbers were "according to Hamas" why make the claim "according to the UN"? lapucelle Jun 9 #138
Civilian casualties were almost seventy percent in iraq EX500rider Jun 8 #113
And you believe the unsubstantiated IDF numbers on combatants killed AloeVera Jun 8 #116
I tend to believe that IDF over the terrorist numbers, yes EX500rider Jun 8 #122
You are misuderstanding. AloeVera Jun 9 #126
Hamas makes no distinction between combattants and civilians when Hamas reports the "Hamas numbers". lapucelle Jun 9 #141
That is irrelevant. AloeVera Jun 9 #145
Of course the Gaza war will be at a accelerated rate, it's a very small area EX500rider Jun 9 #148
The US committed war crimes in Iraq malaise Jun 9 #164
Absolutely. AloeVera Jun 9 #165
Yes they have. Malcolm Nance: "When you say 'Stop Palestinian Genocide' ask why Palestinian pop in Gaza increased betsuni Jun 9 #136
I teally don't recall talk of genocide here at DU before Oct 7. AloeVera Jun 9 #140
"I really don't recall talk of genocide here at DU before Oct 7" Beastly Boy Jun 9 #159
Let me guess ... it was was *lurking*. lapucelle Jun 9 #161
Why the accusations in the context of the current war? Beastly Boy Jun 9 #158
According to Hamas. 🙄 Oopsie Daisy Jun 8 #36
I wish that were all Warpy Jun 8 #76
And four fewer hostages. RandySF Jun 8 #77
Sorry, that is so NOT all - sad so many are still drinking a terrorist group's Kool-aid elias7 Jun 8 #85
I was going to post something, madaboutharry Jun 8 #107
How many of f those are Hamas terrorists do you think? TexasDem69 Jun 8 #106
99% are women and 110% are children Bad Thoughts Jun 8 #108
How many of those casualties are Hamas? According to the Israeli embassy that number is around 10000 - 12000. JohnSJ Jun 8 #112
DURec leftstreet Jun 8 #118
According to who? Mountainguy Jun 8 #120
Post removed Post removed Jun 9 #149
I posted this elsewhere but I wanted to post here in response to this OP as well Nanjeanne Jun 9 #157
The cost of modern warfare is increased civilian deaths. How many are acceptable? How many needed for genocide? andym Jun 9 #162
Ask Hamas. RandySF Jun 10 #177
So Israel can kill as many civilians as it wants Doc Sportello Jun 10 #178
Israel can fight within the bound of modern warfare Bad Thoughts Jun 10 #183
How many rapes is Hamas allowed as "resistance" sarisataka Jun 10 #184
The ghouls don't care. n/t demmiblue Jun 9 #163
36,000, the will be more. republianmushroom Jun 9 #171
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