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35. It might have come up for me this year. My Democratic Senator is on trial.
Sat Jun 8, 2024, 05:22 PM
Jun 8

I live in New Jersey.

Happily my State Democratic Party declined to run him, although the Senator in question, Robert Menendez, is trying to run as an independent, a spoiler. (Andy Kim is the Democratic nominee for our Senator.)

I have always held my nose to vote for Menendez in the past. If he were my only choice vs a fascist Republican, I would vote for him.

Very good question. If trump was the other candidate. Yes. 1WorldHope Jun 7 #1
Hmmm... hadn't thought of that. I guess it depends on how strong the Dem is otherwise LymphocyteLover Jun 8 #17
Depends on who the other candidate is. KarenS Jun 7 #2
If they had a good guy like Joe Tree Lady Jun 11 #61
Not me claudette Jun 7 #3
Every single time Zeitghost Jun 7 #4
Honestly? sarisataka Jun 7 #5
America comes first JustAnotherGen Jun 7 #6
They have nothing else. Demobrat Jun 7 #7
Because they are brainwashed, that's why they have nothing else FakeNoose Jun 9 #48
Depends on the felony wryter2000 Jun 7 #8
I don't think the party would allow the person to run. Emile Jun 7 #9
TBH, if Donnie weaponizes the DOJ and they start railroading our candidates, yeah. unblock Jun 7 #10
Yes! Totally agree LymphocyteLover Jun 8 #18
Depends RobinA Jun 7 #11
Personally speaking... TSExile Jun 7 #12
I would if they were going to vote correctly on important things and their opponent wouldn't. NoRethugFriends Jun 7 #13
It depends. Ms. Toad Jun 7 #14
yeah, it's a tough call though I would probably not vote rather than vote for someone like Liz Cheney LymphocyteLover Jun 8 #19
I Think That's The Best Answer ProfessorGAC Jun 9 #53
I suspect most people here would have voted for Bill Clinton in 2000.... TheRealNorth Jun 7 #15
Interesting... never thought about that. Thankfully we didn't have to make a choice. LymphocyteLover Jun 8 #20
Dems are more likely to eat their own Bayard Jun 7 #16
yes-- for better or for worse LymphocyteLover Jun 8 #21
It wasn't the voters that did it. LiberalFighter Jun 8 #42
Chuck Schumer never wanted Al Franken in the Senate to begin with FakeNoose Jun 9 #50
They trying to hang themselves. LiberalFighter Jun 9 #60
I will say it speaks to something about a former president's power and influence that they can be convicted LymphocyteLover Jun 8 #22
A Democrat, once a candidate, could mount a better defense but the party apparatus would see to it.. brush Jun 8 #29
I would think so LymphocyteLover Jun 8 #41
I have voted in every election since 1966. MineralMan Jun 8 #23
Indeed! LymphocyteLover Jun 8 #25
I'd like to think this would never be an issue. EllieBC Jun 8 #24
No. nt doc03 Jun 8 #26
A Dem candidate going to trial during a campagin would be roundly rejected by the party apparatus. brush Jun 8 #27
In 2028 we ma have to Bobstandard Jun 8 #28
Non issue in 2028 if Trump takes the WH this year wnylib Jun 8 #31
With respect, that's wrong Bobstandard Jun 9 #45
True. But those "elections" are so controlled and predetermined wnylib Jun 9 #47
Oh, Democrats would refuse to vote for a Democratic candidate for a whole lot less than being convicted of a felony. elocs Jun 8 #30
I think I would likely have voted for the JAILED Eugene Debs. Model35mech Jun 8 #32
If the other candidate was named Trump, I'd probably vote for the felon Dem. Vinca Jun 8 #33
Depends on the felony. Lunabell Jun 8 #34
It might have come up for me this year. My Democratic Senator is on trial. NNadir Jun 8 #35
I would put my limit at 33 felonies RainCaster Jun 8 #36
If the balance of power in the House or Senate depended on it, I probably would femmedem Jun 8 #37
vs Trump... I'd vote for ANY Democrat. WarGamer Jun 8 #38
No way, none Cosmocat Jun 8 #39
A Washington DC mayor won with a felony and jail time. jimfields33 Jun 8 #40
We wouldn't have nominated anyone Mountainguy Jun 8 #43
Who, are what, is the media that you believe should be telling Trump what to do? DontBelieveEastisEas Jun 9 #44
i would not vote for the top of the ticket MistakenLamb Jun 9 #46
"Vote for the crook. It's Important" brooklynite Jun 9 #49
A felony conviction means someone would not pass background check. pandr32 Jun 9 #51
I wouldnt gay texan Jun 9 #52
All hypotheses are subjective and relative.. Therefore, the answer must be, " Ping Tung Jun 9 #54
The Republlican party has a long history of fabricating or exacerbating charges against Democrats. hadEnuf Jun 9 #55
Depends on the felony happybird Jun 9 #56
vs Trump? I'd vote for the Dem, no matter what. JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 9 #57
I would vote for a convicted felon over a fascist. MaryMagdaline Jun 9 #58
It depends.... How many felonies was the Republican convicted of? DemocraticPatriot Jun 9 #59
I'm positive that s/he would be replaced. We aren't going to place any one individual over our chances of winning ecstatic Jun 11 #62
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