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149. Yessir, even as you suggest.
Mon Jun 10, 2024, 01:11 PM
Jun 10

His comments about D-Day smack of the filthy closet full of sins -- and I'm sure it isn't just "the love that dare not speak its name" but something much, much worse and very very sexually perverted. If the object of the blackmail was merely to expose him as a homosexual, even Lindsay must know that these days all you have to do is come out publicly and say, "Sure, so I'm gay. Big deal."

It's gotta be something foul, and criminally so.

As far as who's doing the blackmailing, maybe Putin. Maybe neo-Nazis. Some person or entity entity that will get its testes tickled at the thought of a former full Colonel in the U.S. Air Force (a military lawyer/judge) disparaging the military and, of course, keeping a fool like Graham on a short chain. (So probably Putin).

Wtaf unblock Jun 9 #1
Incredible, isn't it - especially considering what Nazis would do to someone like Lindsey peppertree Jun 9 #28
Remember when Lindsey had a brain? BonnieJW Jun 9 #55
SPINE, perhaps.? If he ever had either. B.See Jun 9 #72
Naw, he was only borrowing McCain's brain. Crunchy Frog Jun 9 #93
LG is being blackmailed, I'm almost certain of it. There are photos, I've heard. If true, & if they were made public * Oopsie Daisy Jun 10 #135
No doubt about it. That is, after all, how the mafia kept J. Edgar in line - and off their backs. peppertree Jun 10 #141
Yessir, even as you suggest. RVN VET71 Jun 10 #149
You explained it and analyzed it perfectly * Oopsie Daisy Jun 10 #159
Still an idiot. He's sitting there now speaking English, not German... brush Jun 9 #2
My guess - Graham says it was a failure because wnylib Jun 9 #59
Right. Lindsay, always ahead of the curve. sarc gif here if needed. brush Jun 9 #69
Lindsey Is A Failure...... global1 Jun 9 #3
Why would he say something like that? Srkdqltr Jun 9 #4
It seems the whole GOP is damning everything NATO. Midnight Writer Jun 9 #13
This FHRRK Jun 9 #18
My guess is trump told him to under the pain of some rurallib Jun 9 #26
They're all crazier than shithouse owls. Magoo48 Jun 9 #49
Or batshit crazy?? Don't know which is worse Evolve Dammit Jun 9 #110
Why? To further nudge his head up Trump's B.See Jun 9 #73
maybe he is pimping for Trump Skittles Jun 9 #102
Wants to be on the Vengeance Tour. Peeing his pants in fear if he doesn't? Evolve Dammit Jun 9 #108
I hate him with the passion of a million suns dsc Jun 9 #5
I wish everyone would listen to the clip before assuming! LauraInLA Jun 9 #76
Who scripted that little nugget? EYESORE 9001 Jun 9 #6
That's what Putin would say. Kid Berwyn Jun 9 #7
well actually they did do the 'heavy lifting'. Voltaire2 Jun 9 #11
Russia says the D-Day invasion "did not have a decisive impact" on World War II Kid Berwyn Jun 9 #19
Without the bitterness of Winter, who knows where Russia would be right now. TheBlackAdder Jun 9 #24
Actually, you could say the Oval Office "was" Lavrov's office during Donnie Dipshits misadministration maxrandb Jun 9 #42
Without US aid, the Soviets would have been in the shitter. paleotn Jun 9 #57
'Second front'? Voltaire2 Jun 9 #100
Reading comprehension perhaps? That's what I bleeping wrote. paleotn Jun 9 #109
So the Russians are fighting Nazis for three whole years. Ligyron Jun 10 #138
I dunno. You ever hear about the Battle of the North Atlantic? Kid Berwyn Jun 10 #140
This is why I hate video clips that are a few seconds long. mahatmakanejeeves Jun 9 #8
Context? Seriously??? anciano Jun 9 #15
You can make the Bible say anything if you avoid context Kaleva Jun 10 #157
What a stupid ass statement. oasis Jun 9 #9
So, how many community notes does Lindsey have? sakabatou Jun 9 #10
"We had a dozen ways to stop Hitler" ? Say what, Lindsey? ProudMNDemocrat Jun 9 #12
Did He List Them? ProfessorGAC Jun 9 #14
No. ProudMNDemocrat Jun 9 #78
I Figured So ProfessorGAC Jun 9 #82
The U.S. was isolationist before Pearl Harbor. former9thward Jun 9 #23
That's my sense of what he might have meant as well. thucythucy Jun 9 #85
In the sense that fascism is back with a vengeance? tanyev Jun 9 #16
A bit of context sarisataka Jun 9 #17
Given that the war started in July of 1937 - cab67 Jun 9 #119
D-Day was indeed a huge failure, ... JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 9 #20
Another armchair general Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 9 #21
He did not say D-Day was a failure. former9thward Jun 9 #22
Still staggering hypocrisy from a man who initially opposed Trump tanyev Jun 9 #30
Post removed Post removed Jun 9 #32
Kinda sucks that people make personal attacks rather than discussing the post. former9thward Jun 9 #33
"We celebrated the 80th anniversary of D Day, uh it was a failure, an unnessacary war." Autumn Jun 9 #80
Except you misquoted him and changed the context. former9thward Jun 9 #91
OMG the horror, "It was the" He said it, doesn't change a thing. Autumn Jun 9 #99
If we acted forcefully in the 1930s those tens of millions would not have died. former9thward Jun 9 #101
If only we had a time machine. But we don't so what ifs are bullshit. Nope, not gonna Autumn Jun 9 #103
And if Europe went to war in 1938 Wednesdays Jun 9 #132
Just a lot of what if's and should haves to change history to defend a nasty, vile republican. Autumn Jun 10 #144
Okay atreides1 Jun 9 #84
Many, many historians have pointed how that could have been done. former9thward Jun 9 #87
So it is almost like Lindsey supports the Ukraine war Captain Zero Jun 9 #131
He has been a vocal proponent of U.S. aid to Ukraine. former9thward Jun 10 #145
Agreed. Hitler could have been stopped. mwooldri Jun 10 #136
All of which is irrelevant lonely bird Jun 10 #137
We definitely shouldn't have turned Jews away wryter2000 Jun 10 #151
You're pointing out... appmanga Jun 10 #160
You listened to what you wanted to hear. former9thward Jun 10 #161
I also try to be objective. appmanga Jun 10 #162
Has he utterly lost his mind? Hekate Jun 9 #25
Why do they keep interviewing him on Sunday morning Emile Jun 9 #27
Anymore, Republicans don't regard freedom and democracy as worthy goals, but as hindrances to their power. Beartracks Jun 9 #29
Someone is skeered that Biden looked good in Europe senseandsensibility Jun 9 #31
That's my take as well peggysue2 Jun 9 #37
Exactly. sop Jun 9 #58
i always thought the military was a sacred cow in politics Takket Jun 9 #34
Republicans do not care about the actual citizens of the United States Traurigkeit Jun 9 #107
And yet, less than a year later, the Third Reich was no more. Hitler dead, Mussolini dead, Japan crumbling. Swede Jun 9 #35
His sickness shows up more every day. elleng Jun 9 #36
When you're on the side of the Nazis maxrandb Jun 9 #38
Was he talking about Biden's D-Day Speech Deep State Witch Jun 9 #39
No, he was talking about what a mistake it was appeasing Hitler in the beginning of WWII. SunSeeker Jun 9 #53
Idiot Deep State Witch Jun 9 #54
So you disagree with Lindsey that we shouldn't appease Putin? nt SunSeeker Jun 9 #61
IMHO, that doesn't make the invasion a failure wryter2000 Jun 10 #152
Of course he should have put it that way. It was a stupid gaff. nt SunSeeker Jun 10 #155
How does this turd keep getting re-elected? Owl Jun 9 #40
What a terrible human being. colorado_ufo Jun 9 #41
It was a failure for the Nazis. Hmmm. twodogsbarking Jun 9 #43
snork AllaN01Bear Jun 9 #44
Lindsey is a gross human. Bluethroughu Jun 9 #45
This brain worm problem may be more widespread than we thought. surfered Jun 9 #46
Another reason I am glad that my Dad left this world w/o witnessing the stupidity of the last 10 years. TexLaProgressive Jun 9 #47
Disgraceful. Armchair general spouting Russian talking points. 58Sunliner Jun 9 #48
WTAF is wrong w/this guy? Seriously. Now republicans are against democracy? TBF Jun 9 #50
Transcript of his remarks.... reACTIONary Jun 9 #51
Thank you. We have tons of reasons to bash Lindsey, but this isn't it. SunSeeker Jun 9 #56
Thank you for that part of the transcript. Rather than attack him for the D-Day niyad Jun 9 #125
i'll probably die barbtries Jun 9 #52
WOW Jaydog Jun 9 #60
Has anyone ever considered that the Republicans may have been given injections tavernier Jun 9 #62
Wow. That's pretty out there. jobendorfer Jun 9 #63
Graham's comments may indeed be correct, that D-Day would have unnecessary had we dealt with Hitler in the mid-30's OAITW r.2.0 Jun 9 #64
Okay atreides1 Jun 9 #89
Hindsight is 20/20. nt Shipwack Jun 9 #116
Misty Vapor's sad attempt at nazi gaslighting. nt The Unmitigated Gall Jun 9 #65
How does he say that without the Russian accent? Ford_Prefect Jun 9 #66
Unbelievable Jilly_in_VA Jun 9 #67
In fairness to Graham anamnua Jun 9 #68
well then, he should probably be telling Trump that re: Putin harumph Jun 9 #70
He can't. He's too busy appeasing the Hitler wannabe, Trump Autumn Jun 9 #83
Graham: yet another fine, upstanding Reich wing 'American patriot. " B.See Jun 9 #71
I wonder if anyone asked that twit about those dozen chances to stop Hitler Warpy Jun 9 #74
D-Day was "a failure", it was an unnessacary war. Autumn Jun 9 #75
His point was that Hitler should have been stopped. It was his way of arguing that Putin needs to be stopped onenote Jun 9 #92
Fuck him and his worthless appeasing of his Hitler wannabe Trump. The only people who don't Autumn Jun 9 #98
Why in the hell does the TV media stations continue to give these assholes airtime? FarPoint Jun 9 #77
Lindsey Graham is a weak and sad person LetMyPeopleVote Jun 9 #79
We commemorate D Day for the immense sacrifices made that day in June, 1944 Deuxcents Jun 9 #81
Lindsey's greater purpose may be to undermine the belief in collaborative effort to achieve good. c-rational Jun 9 #86
Lindsay will do/say anything to prevent clown MOMFUDSKI Jun 9 #88
Graham picked the wrong day for this; however, he is correct that we should have stopped Hitler Silent Type Jun 9 #90
Lindsey Graham is a failure as a senator. Emile Jun 9 #94
The D-Day failure remark seems very out of place in his comment. hadEnuf Jun 9 #95
He was a JAG lawyer RANDYWILDMAN Jun 9 #96
Is there a GOP. Competition Blue Idaho Jun 9 #97
Possible motives. SarahD Jun 9 #104
That whiny poor excuse of a Senator should get 40 lashes with a 9 tails. Traurigkeit Jun 9 #105
Words chosen so poorly as to be without a rational defense. Torchlight Jun 9 #106
I guess that explains why we're all speaking German... Sibelius Fan Jun 9 #111
This confirms that all of the Republican Party think that Military Service members were all suckers. Jacson6 Jun 9 #112
Lindsey the warmonger likes to pontificate about sharing his battle plans and fighting all those brutal wars.wars magicarpet Jun 9 #113
Like Ted Nugent keithbvadu2 Jun 9 #126
Ya just like him,... magicarpet Jun 10 #146
Time to fire off another letter to this idiot. liberal N proud Jun 9 #114
The liberation of Europe and the fall of Hitler was a failure? patphil Jun 9 #115
Well that explains that noise I've been hearing all day maspaha Jun 9 #117
Today's republican party is more like the nazis than the brave troops who gained the beachhead Mysterian Jun 9 #118
What. yardwork Jun 9 #120
"we had a dozen chances to stop Hitler" krkaufman Jun 9 #121
Leningrad Lindsey has had his head up the convicted felon ex-president's ass for so long, republianmushroom Jun 9 #122
I'd like John McCain to return from the dead just to kick Lindsey's pathetic ass. spanone Jun 9 #123
Huh? Lulu KC Jun 9 #124
Lindsey, how long have you 'known' that D-Day was a failure? keithbvadu2 Jun 9 #127
Well, his political party IS full of fascists, so... RockRaven Jun 9 #128
Yup, a failure. That's why there were hundreds of thousands of allied troops in Normandy on June 7. 4lbs Jun 9 #129
I think he meant that the war itself was a failure of allowing Hitler to stay in power, but, it's still equally stupid. Oneironaut Jun 9 #130
How nice he took a moment from licking Nazi-loving tRump's toilet to tell us that Blue Owl Jun 10 #133
Low-life piece of shit. (nt) Paladin Jun 10 #134
i do believe that grahams brain, that he had when he was hanging out with dawn5651 Jun 10 #139
And vets still line up to eat the shit straight out of their asses Orrex Jun 10 #142
As a South Carolina resident, I fired off a message liberal N proud Jun 10 #143
O. M. G. calimary Jun 10 #147
If you are on the side of Nazis, and you wanted the Nazis to win, yes, D-Day was an absolute failure. SupportSanity Jun 10 #148
Linsey says that Hitler should've been assasinated. There were a dozen attempts. No war if Hitler had been assasinated. SupportSanity Jun 10 #150
It's not like people didn't try wryter2000 Jun 10 #153
Lindsey is a tool - that's a given. Phootie is the de facto head of the Republican Party- a given. NoMoreRepugs Jun 10 #154
What kind of employee benefits do you get when you're on Putin's payroll? PeaceWave Jun 10 #156
Anyone have a link to what he said in entirety? Kaleva Jun 10 #158
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