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11. There was a time that comments like these would lead to retirement
Mon Jun 10, 2024, 01:53 PM
Jun 10

But there is no decorum among conservatives. They flaunt their corruption. They flaunt their bigotry. And the flaunt their contempt for democracy.

Grounds for recusal on every issue - No? gab13by13 Jun 10 #1
You would think so PatSeg Jun 10 #20
"like monarchs." Dave Bowman Jun 10 #27
Hmm, sounds familiar PatSeg Jun 10 #28
Liberals are his enemy and he must beat them. He must win. Irish_Dem Jun 10 #2
This is one sick MOMFUDSKI Jun 10 #3
Nothing he says will ever affect his position. 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 10 #4
Alito must be defeated at all costs. Sky Jewels Jun 10 #5
But how? Jilly_in_VA Jun 10 #12
I can't answer that question the way I'd like to. Sky Jewels Jun 11 #47
A leading indicator he places party politics above justice and rule of law Torchlight Jun 10 #6
He doesn't place party over country: he intends a theocracy& is among those who have bent the party to their will Hekate Jun 10 #8
UNLIKE his Jesus or his God. ancianita Jun 10 #33
THIS malaise Jun 10 #39
It's Amazing To Me RobinA Jun 10 #14
No, it's much worse - he's on this end of the Gaw-duh Pipeline, and is divinely ordained . . . hatrack Jun 10 #34
Pride is a deadly sin. That's in old Catholic doctrine. haele Jun 10 #40
This dangerously powerful man was born in the wrong century, by several centuries Hekate Jun 10 #7
Fuck theocracy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SamKnause Jun 10 #9
Everyone paying attention knows he is a partisan political operative, not a jurist. RockRaven Jun 10 #10
There was a time that comments like these would lead to retirement Buckeyeblue Jun 10 #11
If he cannot be impartial as he said on tape, he must be removed from SCOTUS. deminks Jun 10 #13
Correct. Trust_Reality Jun 10 #25
Absolutely. Religion has no place in any court of this country, least of all the Supreme Court. ancianita Jun 10 #35
But how? Polybius Jun 10 #44
It's all-or-nothing take-no-prisoners attitude of Rs which divides USA. They won't cooperate building USA. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 10 #15
If we get the House and Senate orangecrush Jun 10 #16
This interview alone should be sufficient grounds to impeach Alito if he won't resign. Martin68 Jun 10 #17
Expand the court. westen Jun 10 #18
Yes. ancianita Jun 10 #36
Yes. ancianita Jun 10 #38
Add 5 seats Stuckinthebush Jun 10 #42
Fuck his religious bullshit Catholicism. jalan48 Jun 10 #19
Clarence the Goldeny Retriever sings from the same hymnal. Kid Berwyn Jun 10 #21
Typo needs fixing: struggle4progress Jun 10 #26
Partisan hack. Old Crank Jun 10 #22
We need to get aggressive radical religiosity out of government, especially the Supreme Court. Trust_Reality Jun 10 #23
Absofuckinglutely Nevilledog Jun 10 #43
I wish some reporter would just come out and ask these RWNJs Tansy_Gold Jun 10 #24
Dude needs to be impeached and removed SpankMe Jun 10 #29
Nothing New HandmaidsTaleUntold Jun 10 #30
It's a pity he doesn't consider the constitution his guideline Warpy Jun 10 #31
Shit!!! samplegirl Jun 10 #32
Democrats winning the Presidential elections. surfered Jun 10 #37
Time to take a closer look... ultralite001 Jun 10 #41
This guy needs to resign - TBF Jun 10 #45
Sane people do not want Alito as a ruler. Get the word out. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 11 #46
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