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84. Freedom of speech
Tue Jun 11, 2024, 11:17 AM
Jun 11

Doesn't mean you are free from.judgments by other.

I'm going to keep an eye trained on responses to the Nazi and Confederate flag being flown in America.

Hezbollah is a terrorist organization on par with the KKK. Its intent is to intimidate and strike fear.

Now I know where all.of the BLM non-black activists have went. I knew they were full.of shit and they weren't really with us.

Oh please. Freedom of speech. marble falls Jun 10 #1
Is this sarcasm? Beastly Boy Jun 10 #2
Apparently, it isn't. I had no idea there were so many Hamas lovers and terror supporters among us. SoFlaBro Jun 11 #15
I didn't realize there were so many thought policepersons among us. marble falls Jun 11 #27
"Policepersons"?! No, we believe in the rule of law, don't you? nt SunSeeker Jun 11 #32
I feel like its a plant sboatcar Jun 11 #67
It's not a "plant". It's vile anti-Semite Nerdeen Kiswani of Within Our Lifetime. lapucelle Jun 11 #94
When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time Hekate Jun 11 #104
How far away are we from seeing, "Nova Festival was a false flag!" or "It was nothing but crisis actors!"? Behind the Aegis Jun 11 #111
Sometimes the shoe fits. BannonsLiver Jun 11 #96
Certainly not the entire movement but waaaaay too many Hamas friendly participants for my fucking comfort. SoFlaBro Jun 11 #97
Face reality sarisataka Jun 11 #99
... BannonsLiver Jun 11 #95
They're blocking a street. That's illegal. nt SunSeeker Jun 11 #4
Because traffic law trumps (irony) ciivil rights. Is that a Democratic principle? We have no political prisoners ... marble falls Jun 11 #28
You don't need to block streets to exercise your civil rights. Camping is not speech. SunSeeker Jun 11 #31
Civil disobediance is as American as the Revolution and apple pie. It's how thought and actions gets tested ... marble falls Jun 11 #34
Civil disobedience is for when a law is unjust. These idiots are not the victims of an unjust law. SunSeeker Jun 11 #35
Not civil disobedience. AnrothElf Jun 11 #105
I guess Hezbollah is a Democratic principle??? YMMV LeftInTX Jun 11 #117
No. This is a pedestrian plaza. brooklynite Jun 11 #53
They blocked people from leaving the exhibit hall and basically held them hostage. SunSeeker Jun 11 #55
Yes,freedom of speech. They certainly can do this sarisataka Jun 11 #5
Flags are flags. What flag represents the outrage of over 30,000 non Hamas dead in Gaza. Are you represented ... marble falls Jun 11 #29
They're demonstrating to the wrong people. Hamas refusing to surrender is causing the deaths. SunSeeker Jun 11 #33
Right. The UN says different. ... marble falls Jun 11 #38
They are not opposing an unjust draft. These idiots are protesting a memorial for Israeli dead. SunSeeker Jun 11 #44
So who gets to chose what issue is "correct"? Ever hear of the prohibition on prior restraint? It's in the Constitution marble falls Jun 11 #49
Their speech was not restrained. They blocked people from leaving the exhibit hall and basically held them hostage. SunSeeker Jun 11 #52
I feel like the sad truth is that both sides are lying about most things there sboatcar Jun 11 #69
I pity the fools who choose the flag of a terrorist Iranian proxy to represent themselves. Beastly Boy Jun 11 #40
And the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia sarisataka Jun 11 #60
I don't think you're going find many if any on DU defending the Confederate flag Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 11 #103
I did not claim anyone was defending the Confederate flag sarisataka Jun 11 #108
Ah, I see the spin has changed mcar Jun 11 #74
That's Always Been The Line The Magistrate Jun 11 #79
And when Hamas opened fire in mcar Jun 11 #100
Hey, If They'd Just Left Those Captives In Durance Vile, Those Innocent Palestinians Would Be Alive The Magistrate Jun 11 #101
The absurdity of it all is staggering mcar Jun 11 #102
Some Of It Is a Sort Of Catagory Error, Sir The Magistrate Jun 11 #107
Freedom of speech JustAnotherGen Jun 11 #84
Exactly, freedom to speech does not include freedom from criticism. Despite the claims, sarisataka Jun 11 #85
EXACTLY! ShazzieB Jun 11 #98
Freedom of speech for terrorist supporters, but maybe not for other not-so-pleasant groups? LeftInTX Jun 11 #11
Yup. Just like the Nazi flag on the capitol steps of South Dakota on Saturday... AnrothElf Jun 11 #18
Hyperbole much? marble falls Jun 11 #30
What are the distinctions between the two flags that make their comparison hyperbolic? Beastly Boy Jun 11 #41
Which is worse, being wrapped in a flag or being wrapped around it? It's a flag. marble falls Jun 11 #43
I don't get your metaphor or how it relates to my question. Beastly Boy Jun 11 #45
I'd like to see you explain that to an African American about the Confederate Flag. n/t Coventina Jun 11 #82
LOL no AnrothElf Jun 11 #106
Free speech is only allowed for select folks malaise Jun 11 #57
Indeed. Try flying a US Marines Corps flag in front of the Beirut stock exchange. Beastly Boy Jun 11 #61
The Right To Speak Freely, Ma'am The Magistrate Jun 11 #77
The right to free speech does not guarantee freedom from criticism sarisataka Jun 11 #80
Oh please, indeed. It's hate speech. lapucelle Jun 11 #87
Yeah, Fucking Hamas Adjacent Assholes Can Cha Jun 11 #116
Nazi garbage has been free to show its ass and TheKentuckian Jun 11 #120
Useful idiots for Hamas (and Putin). nt SunSeeker Jun 10 #3
The flag of terrorists with a hand holding an assault rifle. sheshe2 Jun 11 #6
That's the one, right there on video. Beastly Boy Jun 11 #7
I imagine the FBI might be interested in whoever is waving that Hezbollah flag. nt SunSeeker Jun 11 #8
A useful idiot cosplaying resistance. No self-respecting professional terrorist would expose himself Beastly Boy Jun 11 #10
I've been wondering about that. Must be like when medical professionals watch cheesy hospital TV shows betsuni Jun 11 #16
Nah it's more like "We would kill you if you came here." AnrothElf Jun 11 #21
Terrorists must be flabbergasted by the cluelessness. betsuni Jun 11 #26
I imagine that the terrorists love them. yagotme Jun 11 #75
Yup. Especially on the Internet. nt AnrothElf Jun 11 #20
They certainly aren't. sheshe2 Jun 11 #9
And they will be outside the Convention in August speak easy Jun 11 #12
They will be... sheshe2 Jun 11 #13
They'll throw things at the police and make sure they're arrested so they can post betsuni Jun 11 #19
"Help, I'm being repressed!" Just_Vote_Dem Jun 11 #24
they're not gonna get away w shit in chgo. mopinko Jun 11 #23
They aren't the only ones... Behind the Aegis Jun 11 #22
Top line translation from Arabic reads... littlemissmartypants Jun 11 #14
What?? LeftInTX Jun 11 #109
Interesting. I too used Google translate. I didn't research the entire flag on Wikipedia. littlemissmartypants Jun 11 #110
yawn TomDaisy Jun 11 #17
Apparently, a flag of an Iranian proxy terror group on Wall Street does not sufficiently impress you. Beastly Boy Jun 11 #25
I don't know about NY, but in many States they would be 1st and 2nd amendment protected sanatanadharma Jun 11 #36
It is their right of free speech that is protected, not their hateful message. Beastly Boy Jun 11 #39
I was commenting about a armed 'death to America' group on the streets of open carry States sanatanadharma Jun 11 #65
Then you are taking my comment out of context. Beastly Boy Jun 11 #71
Heavily armed people in the streets of some States get a yawn sanatanadharma Jun 11 #89
I am perfectly OK with comments made out of context, as long as Beastly Boy Jun 11 #93
First amendment does protect most hate speech. Happy Hoosier Jun 11 #50
NOBODY was prohibiting this demonstration. Neither was it blocking traffic. brooklynite Jun 11 #56
Protesters were blocking access to the street, trapping people in the Nova Exhibit Hall. SunSeeker Jun 11 #58
2nd Amendment protected? Please elaborate sarisataka Jun 11 #62
Open carry States sanatanadharma Jun 11 #63
Still fail to see the connection with carrying a Lebanese based terrorists organization flag sarisataka Jun 11 #66
I did say "in some Strates", legal carry sanatanadharma Jun 11 #68
As I said, it is early. I get your point now sarisataka Jun 11 #70
Hey, if your okay with your movement identifying with Hezbollah.... Happy Hoosier Jun 11 #46
You're replying to someone who has shared pro-Hamas Twitter accounts. Ace Rothstein Jun 11 #47
OMG, its even worse that that. They were protesting the Nova Exhibit of 10/7 dead as "propaganda." SunSeeker Jun 11 #37
Sane people would think twice before associating themselves with these scumbags. Beastly Boy Jun 11 #42
They blocked people from leaving the exhibit hall and basically held them hostage. SunSeeker Jun 11 #48
That's a crime. Unlawful detention. Beastly Boy Jun 11 #51
The full text. sheshe2 Jun 11 #59
I am a Zionist, too!! And fucking "Hitler was NOT"... Cha Jun 11 #113
Wow, I hadn't realized there were there to celebrate the rape and murder of Jewish civilians sarisataka Jun 11 #64
"I wish H*tler was still here, he would've wiped you all out" - man tells Jews in Union Square" Cha Jun 11 #114
Black People Were Hitler's Victims Too.. That Must Not Be Forgotten. Cha Jun 11 #115
Yup. nt SunSeeker Jun 11 #118
Deport whoever flew it n/t Polybius Jun 11 #54
How can you deport American citizens? obamanut2012 Jun 11 #72
These people are filth mcar Jun 11 #73
If you can't smell Russia all over trying to inflame this "Jews vs Palestinians dust up" then I ... Botany Jun 11 #76
There is a whole bouquet of smells that I detect, Russia and Iran being most prominent, Beastly Boy Jun 11 #78
And The Traditional Idiocies Of Campus Radicalism, Sir The Magistrate Jun 11 #81
A Pathological Fallacy is an overgeneralization in which the pathological or abnormal characteristics of an sop Jun 11 #83
Show me one example of me doing this, and then Beastly Boy Jun 11 #88
Oh please. sop Jun 11 #90
Not a single example. I suppose that settles the matter, just as I anticipated it would, and sooner than I expected. Beastly Boy Jun 11 #92
And the Palestinian vs Israeli not getting along goes back 80 + years but thanx to the GOP and .... Botany Jun 11 #86
Certainly one of the less nuanced smells in the aforementioned bouquet. Beastly Boy Jun 11 #91
Precisely What you said!! "They're losing their narrative and it's glorious to see‼️" Cha Jun 11 #112
AOC responds - don't think the pro-Hamas crowd will like this mcar Jun 11 #119
Good for her sarisataka Jun 12 #121
I'm impressed she spoke out. EllieBC Jun 12 #122
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