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Priceless! 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 11 #1
No. He's not okay. 1WorldHope Jun 11 #2
Neither is America. Marcus IM Jun 11 #6
Neiher are the pople who vote for him. Jakes Progress Jun 11 #86
Even a shark True Dough Jun 11 #3
I salute you! leftieNanner Jun 11 #4
I'd have hidden all sharp instruments, any cords/cables/ropes/shoestrings, alcohol, Probatim Jun 11 #14
Which would leave you one option leftieNanner Jun 11 #17
Electrocution by boat. Pinback Jun 11 #27
ROFL Prairie Gates Jun 11 #46
🏆 Think. Again. Jun 11 #53
Further proof we're funnier, nicer, more educated, and better looking than our conservative counterparts. Probatim Jun 11 #56
One bite of Donald and that shark is going to wish TBF Jun 11 #5
You win the thread malaise Jun 11 #25
You'll get a kick out of this underpants Jun 11 #33
There's a reason nobody ever asked that question intrepidity Jun 11 #7
BUT he has that "connection to MIT." vanlassie Jun 11 #82
Of course, the guy at the boat company called him "Sir"! PatSeg Jun 11 #8
Everyone calls him "sir." BobTheSubgenius Jun 11 #16
Yeah, in his dreams! PatSeg Jun 11 #18
In his dreams, it's "Mein Feuhrer." lastlib Jun 11 #36
Yep, an all powerful entity PatSeg Jun 11 #50
I presume that a Dung beetle feels the same way. Dave Bowman Jun 11 #91
Hey now! PatSeg Jun 11 #92
Ah, yes that's so true. Dave Bowman Jun 11 #93
Actually, I did a search PatSeg Jun 11 #94
Yikes!!! I had forgotten "tippy-top" generals. niyad Jun 11 #85
That's Trump's tell VMA131Marine Jun 11 #99
That's it! Red State Prisoner Jun 11 #35
Yes, you're right PatSeg Jun 11 #61
Like the little girl who littlemissmartypants Jun 12 #107
Oh, she is adorable! PatSeg Jun 12 #113
I can't agree. Never, ever, ever, ever use brilliant in the same sentence with trump. brush Jun 11 #67
He loves the sound of his own voice. central scrutinizer Jun 11 #77
With tears in his eyes...n/t hibbing Jun 11 #38
Yes, of course! PatSeg Jun 11 #62
traitortrump was trying to find a boat owner, again ... Hermit-The-Prog Jun 11 #41
Oh my god, I'd forgotten that! PatSeg Jun 11 #63
If it ain't a Sir Story, he ain't tellin' it Prairie Gates Jun 11 #47
It cracks me up every time he says it PatSeg Jun 11 #66
Someone needs to do an animated enactment of this story. Tommy Carcetti Jun 11 #9
One of your best, EarlG Wild blueberry Jun 11 #10
None of my friends talk this way. mwb970 Jun 11 #11
I don't feel one bit sorry for any of them. Deuxcents Jun 11 #15
Not one iota of symoathy do I have for these cultists Actually, I am annoyed niyad Jun 11 #87
OMG BumRushDaShow Jun 11 #12
Where's Walter Sobchak when you need him? Initech Jun 11 #13
There's an easy solution. chouchou Jun 11 #19
I wish we still had DUzy's !!! FirstLight Jun 11 #39
Or, knowing Donnie, he'd eat the other 1/2 the meat and strand everybody out there. :) chouchou Jun 11 #49
... FirstLight Jun 11 #52
Lunatic Hekate Jun 11 #20
It sounds like *rump has realized that he's the Marlin Uncle Joe Jun 11 #21
Whenever I get my leg bitten off by a shark, Qutzupalotl Jun 11 #22
And the shark says to Trump speak easy Jun 11 #79
C'mon heart disease! SpankMe Jun 11 #23
I guess that's our best hope, GopherGal Jun 11 #68
We do not need heart disease. We need a terminal cardiac event. NOW!!! niyad Jun 11 #88
A stroke would do nicely also FakeNoose Jun 11 #95
Yes, that also. Either, or. . anything that would get him GONE!!! niyad Jun 11 #97
Shark Shock! Kid Berwyn Jun 11 #24
Would the shark not be electrocuted too? underpants Jun 11 #31
Nobody has ever asked that question before!!!! Hermit-The-Prog Jun 11 #43
Sir, it's such an incredible question, sir! Think. Again. Jun 11 #55
They feed off electricity. Kid Berwyn Jun 11 #59
No. ECL213 Jun 11 #60
I saw someone post that earlier underpants Jun 11 #73
darn, late to the game again... ECL213 Jun 11 #75
Kick & Rec Hiawatha Pete Jun 11 #26
Brings new meaning to the words... littlemissmartypants Jun 11 #28
"Sir, you have jumped me." Tactical Peek Jun 12 #104
Did the sharks have freaking laser beams attached to their heads? Ray Bruns Jun 11 #29
Did he ask this mythical person TWO questions he'd never been asked before? underpants Jun 11 #30
My head hurts. niyad Jun 11 #32
Adjusting his meds is not going to fix this. Several qualified observers have said he's going over the edge as we watch Ford_Prefect Jun 11 #34
Read transcrips of him while in office. Woodwizard Jun 11 #54
His current condition is much worse. This is far beyond where he was while in office. Ford_Prefect Jun 11 #71
From your lips to Gods ears! Woodwizard Jun 11 #76
I remember years ago I read a transcript of an interview he'd done captain queeg Jun 11 #101
We need a meme to go viral about man v. bear and electrocution v shark! FirstLight Jun 11 #37
Good Lord...... Upthevibe Jun 11 #40
Quite apart from the insanity of the battery vs shark nonsense, how bloody niyad Jun 11 #42
Convicted felon 34&52-to-go short-circuited brain made it all up... Justice matters. Jun 11 #51
This boat builder... heckles65 Jun 11 #44
John Barron. Think. Again. Jun 11 #57
Imagine how stupid one has to be if that sounds presidential? NoMoreRepugs Jun 11 #45
Madman mountain grammy Jun 11 #48
More moronic crap. A boat being too heavy that it sinks? WTF? brush Jun 11 #58
The Boat Wouldn't Have That Problem If It Wasn't Loaded Down With Trump's Fat Ass nt smb Jun 11 #100
I seem to remember Stormy Daniels saying that she spent time watching television with him during "Shark Week." colorado_ufo Jun 11 #64
Damn. I hadn't seen any of that before the MIT reference. CrispyQ Jun 11 #65
Can't you see them circlin', Donnie...? regnaD kciN Jun 11 #69
Sharks, wow. Jump in the water, me'boys. JoseBalow Jun 11 #70
I'm beginning to love TSF. He needs to keep this up. ffr Jun 11 #72
He never went to a boat manufacturer. maxsolomon Jun 11 #74
This is far worse than the "choose your death: shark or battery" crap muriel_volestrangler Jun 11 #78
I was wondering wtf this meant... ShazzieB Jun 11 #80
and one day me boys onethatcares Jun 11 #81
So has anyone verified that he actually spoke to anyone at a "boat company"? oldsoftie Jun 11 #83
He's a pathologically compulsive liar. Trying to verify anything he says is a wild goose chase littlemissmartypants Jun 12 #108
But lies like this SHOULD be exposed. He cant go anywhere secretly. oldsoftie Jun 12 #111
He's terrifed of the ocean Owens Jun 11 #84
Wait until he finds out boats can use wind power Johonny Jun 11 #89
Yeah, but worse than sharks or electrocution is AdamGG Jun 12 #105
feckin insane YoshidaYui Jun 11 #90
But yachts can run on VGNonly Jun 11 #96
...and there are folks who believe he's the smartest man in the room. EarthFirst Jun 11 #98
Look up "Electric Boat Motor" on Amazon PurgedVoter Jun 11 #102
Tell us more, sir! Tell us more!!! Blue Owl Jun 12 #103
I can't even Skittles Jun 12 #106
Thanks for this, EarlG. Can we please bring back the DUzys? littlemissmartypants Jun 12 #109
AI is fun! JoseBalow Jun 12 #110
This Crazy Story, and Trump's Rants about the Windmills, Are All Designed to Do One Thing: panfluteman Jun 12 #112
I call them DownriverDem Jun 12 #114
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