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27. Wait a 2nd, "the trial should have never been brought", and "we did not get the full story"...
Tue Jun 11, 2024, 04:00 PM
Jun 11

To me, and I am not being biased, is enough to not make a guilty call. If you don't have the complete story, how can you make a judgement? Maybe what you don't know exonerates the defendant.

I am sure the guilty verdict that trump deservedly received influenced their decision.

I'm glad they came forward to comment: Passages Jun 11 #1
(this) criminal case. harumph Jun 11 #25
Drug Test all the ammosexuals. forgotmylogin Jun 11 #29
Notice that they are able to safely come forward Ohioboy Jun 12 #59
Exactly. Your post should have it's own thread. Swede Jun 12 #60
That really does stand out, they did not hesitate to speak. Passages Jun 12 #61
One man said the defense putting the MOMFUDSKI Jun 11 #2
Unless the feds start prosecuting every weed smoker who buys a gun, maxsolomon Jun 11 #3
He was not just a casual marijuana user, Tickle Jun 11 #26
OK, fentanyl users, then. maxsolomon Jun 11 #28
+100! ShazzieB Jun 11 #30
Yep. calimary Jun 11 #33
Unless you've got a medical marijuana card, use of marijuana is disqualifying. Nevilledog Jun 11 #38
I did not know this Tickle Jun 11 #39
Exactly Nevilledog Jun 11 #41
That's my friggin' point! maxsolomon Jun 11 #52
CNN wishes that Hunter would hurry up and committ 31 more felonies so they could both sides this story better vs Trumpy. FSogol Jun 11 #4
Yawn... brooklynite Jun 11 #6
CNN ruins a perfectly good conspiracy theory..... brooklynite Jun 12 #58
I notice that none of them seem to fear any sort of retaliation thucythucy Jun 11 #5
You said a mouthful!!! MOMFUDSKI Jun 11 #23
Exactly my first thought mjvpi Jun 11 #32
When I first read the headline Farmer-Rick Jun 11 #35
Nailed it malaise Jun 11 #36
Aren't they worried to show their faces? That mad libs will go after them & their families? CrispyQ Jun 11 #7
Yep, first thing I thought too 0rganism Jun 11 #9
And the presidents statement didn't blame or accuse anyone of a witch hunt or of a weaponized DOJ. CrispyQ Jun 11 #10
Democrats are high-quality people. Republicans are low-quality people Traurigkeit Jun 11 #24
No basis for an appeal... brooklynite Jun 11 #8
His appeal is based upon the Special Counsel ScratchCat Jun 11 #14
Doesn't matter... brooklynite Jun 11 #21
The law is all but certainly unconstitutional under the current SCOTUS interpretation dsc Jun 11 #20
I think that's completely correct. He was clearly (too my eyes) selectively prosecuted for circumstances ToxMarz Jun 11 #40
HA! This whole thing stinks... druidity33 Jun 11 #43
I'll say it doesn't matter because, legally it doesn't... brooklynite Jun 11 #46
That honestly surprises me... druidity33 Jun 11 #54
Perhaps its the fact that -I- haven't been all over the Hunter Biden case? brooklynite Jun 11 #55
Well that's kinda the point... druidity33 Jun 11 #57
I agree with you about Marci Wheeler. I've been following her since Bush* was in office. dmr Jun 12 #63
I think there is an interesting issue on appeal. TomSlick Jun 11 #45
Turn it off. onecaliberal Jun 11 #11
I've said this since the case was brought D_Master81 Jun 11 #12
They tried. But hunters lawyers tried to add future trials jimfields33 Jun 11 #13
I hope the media continues to focus on Hunter Biden's case because the contrast with Trump Martin68 Jun 11 #15
I can't help but think that, though this is all bad for the Biden family.... LAS14 Jun 11 #16
They felt free to speak because Joe Biden wasn't threatening them. SunSeeker Jun 11 #17
A lawyer on Bloomberg TV videohead5 Jun 11 #18
Two good things about Hunter's guilty verdict: sop Jun 11 #19
I hate this about juries IbogaProject Jun 11 #22
A juror can do many things. A JURY is a much more difficult thing. brooklynite Jun 11 #48
At least one juror thought the case was in error IbogaProject Jun 11 #51
Wait a 2nd, "the trial should have never been brought", and "we did not get the full story"... Escurumbele Jun 11 #27
Sounds a lot like "reasonable doubt" to me nuxvomica Jun 11 #31
"Blame the jury".....that'll play well. brooklynite Jun 11 #47
That's what Jury nullification is for moonshinegnomie Jun 11 #34
Judy objects to being wiped out! marybourg Jun 11 #37
That's not how it works. Misery Business Jun 11 #56
Wrong. That's exactly how it works. kcr Jun 12 #62
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 12 #64
A good juror kcr Jun 12 #65
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 12 #66
Will these jurors get death threats now for finding Hunter guilty but feel remorse? kimbutgar Jun 11 #42
This should be the blueprint to go after the assorted lunatics who are in possession of firearms illegally wolfie001 Jun 11 #44
TY & Jurors! Cha Jun 11 #49
On MSNBC, Maya Wiley Deminpenn Jun 11 #50
Hope we move on quickly from this. I found the sordid details disturbing, but Hunter isn't Silent Type Jun 11 #53
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