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57. Well, that didn't happen.
Tue Jun 11, 2024, 07:28 PM
Jun 11

He was found guilty on all counts.
Seems like evidence was clear and convincing to the jury.

He already tried and there was a plea agreed to... Hugin Jun 7 #1
I don't see an evil plot behind every corner. brooklynite Jun 7 #3
Good for you. Hugin Jun 7 #4
Garland did not pick the special counsel, he was a hold over from the Trump era karynnj Jun 7 #5
I look forward to seeing Garland go on Day 2 of Biden's second term. Demsrule86 Jun 7 #21
Me claudette Jun 7 #27
Garland is to courage as in what trump is to Christianity. Duncanpup Jun 7 #32
Which violated all DOJ protocals edhopper Jun 7 #39
If you don't see an evil plot behind every republican effort... Think. Again. Jun 7 #6
They got their evidence from the stolen laptop. Publishing that was definitely malicious Walleye Jun 7 #7
I believe the prosecution is well intentioned in prosecuting a crime..: brooklynite Jun 7 #8
If he wasn't the son of a democratic president they Emile Jun 7 #13
But he is the son of a democratic president. LisaL Jun 7 #14
Despite the fact that no average person would be charged. This crime can carry years in jail. And after Demsrule86 Jun 7 #17
I am just going to have to hide this thread...Hunter Biden is and will remain a target of the Republicans. Demsrule86 Jun 7 #19
What? former9thward Jun 7 #44
I don't think anybody should face to go to prison just because. yardwork Jun 7 #25
No they are not...there was a deal in place and the Republicans squashed the deal by pressuring the prosecuter. Demsrule86 Jun 7 #20
A re-write of history. former9thward Jun 7 #43
That certainly does not represent the experience of those... Wuddles440 Jun 7 #45
Come on now the Republicans are not hamas ilovegamers43 Jun 7 #10
Nope, comparing republicans to hamas is... Think. Again. Jun 7 #16
Its the whole hamas made Israel do it ilovegamers43 Jun 7 #23
You have no idea SocialDemocrat61 Jun 7 #9
The deal broke apart because of house Republicans Johonny Jun 7 #24
Here's an explanation of what happened. atreides1 Jun 7 #30
Garland did not pick Weiss. Happy Hoosier Jun 7 #29
"Which Garland granted" brooklynite Jun 7 #36
And? Happy Hoosier Jun 7 #37
He can plead guilty without a plea deal LisaL Jun 7 #15
There is no question, they are coming for him...and no he should not cave to the GOP assholes... Demsrule86 Jun 7 #18
The plea agreement would have gone through jimfields33 Jun 7 #34
Answer: yes. brooklynite Jun 7 #2
Yep, that's exactly right. LisaL Jun 7 #11
He may very well be found... appmanga Jun 7 #31
Well, that didn't happen. LisaL Jun 11 #57
No, it didn't (nt) appmanga Jun 12 #58
Yes, he could have plead guilty. LisaL Jun 7 #12
I'm sure Hunter is getting good advice from his lawyers FakeNoose Jun 7 #22
I think the Hunter Biden trial is hurting the Republicans. yardwork Jun 7 #26
Yes, President Biden will not pardon trump states he will do anything crooked he can mucifer Jun 8 #52
Do you think DOJ would stand behind its plea deal this time? bucolic_frolic Jun 7 #28
it might delay it til after the election. n/t librechik Jun 8 #54
The DOJ did stand behind the deal. former9thward Jun 8 #56
So, I have thought this bogus witch hunting from the start to such an extent I have not followed. LizBeth Jun 7 #33
3 charges DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 7 #35
These are all victimless crimes..... TheRealNorth Jun 7 #41
Illegal cause did not fill the form out correctly then two charges lying on those documents about LizBeth Jun 7 #42
2 for lying, 1 for actual possession of the gun DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 7 #46
Oh wow... thank you for getting into the itty gritty. Let any of my republican people argue that is a real crime LizBeth Jun 7 #47
Thanks... LizBeth Jun 7 #48
Why would he? Jirel Jun 7 #38
Hunter should probably do... TheRealNorth Jun 7 #40
I find myself undistracted. Iggo Jun 7 #49
It reinforces every day that President Biden and applegrove Jun 8 #50
It wouldn't be less of a distraction. duncang Jun 8 #51
food for thought librechik Jun 8 #55
As in Trump's trial tavernier Jun 8 #53
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