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In reply to the discussion: OK, I'm sobbing here [View all]
OK, I'm sobbing here [View all] mcar Jun 11 OP
Me too. hlthe2b Jun 11 #1
Over a dumb ass charge too. Ligyron Jun 11 #75
;-( elleng Jun 11 #2
that's how a father acts onethatcares Jun 11 #3
That is how a father acts mcar Jun 11 #6
You will never see Smelvis hugging one of his sons malaise Jun 11 #9
Or a flag. pandr32 Jun 11 #11
Yes malaise Jun 11 #12
I don't want to hug his sons, either. wryter2000 Jun 11 #15
LOL malaise Jun 11 #17
... mcar Jun 11 #32
Wellllll. . . .depends on what with. . . niyad Jun 11 #37
Oooooo wryter2000 Jun 12 #97
It would take an hour BonnieJW Jun 11 #66
Double yech wryter2000 Jun 12 #98
However, he'd have NO PROBLEM gropping his daughter...... AZ8theist Jun 11 #16
You mean he had no such problem malaise Jun 11 #18
What'd I say? AZ8theist Jun 11 #22
I knew that malaise Jun 11 #26
Trump enid602 Jun 11 #43
I hope we get a refresher course from Fred' Jr.'s son malaise Jun 11 #70
"snort" 😄 electric_blue68 Jun 11 #74
How my father acted. Lord, do I miss him. shrike3 Jun 11 #14
Was discussing fathers with two strangers yesterday malaise Jun 11 #24
Yes, that cult soldierant Jun 11 #80
it's a personal moment. mucifer Jun 11 #4
I remember Joe telling the story of chasing MOMFUDSKI Jun 11 #5
My parents are Scranton natives mcar Jun 11 #10
I remember reading that story PatSeg Jun 12 #92
K & R malaise Jun 11 #7
His issues started with alcohol and then cocaine. LeftInTX Jun 11 #21
Thsnks malaise Jun 11 #25
But there is the obvious possibility of PTSD, which I seldom see even mentioned. niyad Jun 11 #39
Yeah, I stated the death of his mother. I think I read that somewhere. LeftInTX Jun 11 #40
Yes, you stated that his mother died, and left it at that. Not just the emotional damage, niyad Jun 11 #47
He had a mother, Jill Biden. At 3 he doesn't remember. Quit trying to give him excuses!! That is enabling Pisces Jun 11 #76
he. lost a mother and sister and then later a brother. And members of the demigoddess Jun 11 #78
Apparently, you would be surprised at what, at least some, three-year olds niyad Jun 11 #82
No. ShazzieB Jun 12 #89
After he lost his mother - Jill wasn't his instant mother womanofthehills Jun 13 #108
good thought, but mostly it was trauma. I read Hunter's book. It's quite good. LymphocyteLover Jun 12 #95
Thanks malaise Jun 12 #96
Thank you for the reminder to put it on my library list. niyad Jun 12 #99
I do not know a single one of my rw gun loving family that has not lied on the app. LizBeth Jun 11 #8
I'm sorry that he lied on the App slightlv Jun 11 #35
Your first line is incorrect. I never lied on any forms about drug use, and I niyad Jun 11 #44
Oh, I believe you niyad... slightlv Jun 11 #48
Not to worry, you did not offend me. I know that I am a bit of a strange one niyad Jun 11 #84
I'd love to be there to enjoy Renfest with you! slightlv Jun 13 #100
Oh, that would be so exciting! You would definitely have to let us know niyad Jun 13 #105
You'll appreciate this... slightlv Jun 14 #110
I, too, have never used marijuana in any form. I was in nursing school in the early 1970s... 3catwoman3 Jun 11 #71
The first time I ever even smelled pot, was when I was in college. Some niyad Jun 11 #83
Same here. llmart Jun 11 #72
So what? Doesnt make you better, or doesnt mean the person who smokes a joint is irresponsible. LizBeth Jun 13 #104
You might want to back off and apologize, since I did not, anywhere, say niyad Jun 13 #106
Yes... I will still say I do not use drugs even living in Oregon where I can regularly buy pot cause LizBeth Jun 11 #60
Meh...i tried it in college. ShazzieB Jun 12 #90
Hell, Kavanaugh lied under OATH. B.See Jun 14 #109
Just to add to the total inanity of the "system". erronis Jun 13 #103
Awwww wryter2000 Jun 11 #13
Too bad that even in that moment of anguish ... Grammy23 Jun 11 #19
I teared up too. FalloutShelter Jun 11 #20
That hug, Joe's expression speaks volumes. sheshe2 Jun 11 #23
It's the expression that gets me, she mcar Jun 11 #33
I know, mcar. sheshe2 Jun 11 #38
Yeah. Me too, mcar. calimary Jun 11 #52
Decent is the word that always comes to me mcar Jun 11 #56
In contrast to the a-holes who prosecuted this ridiculous case. Abigail_Adams Jun 11 #59
Joe Biden is a good man. yardwork Jun 11 #27
I'm real sure you are right about that. soldierant Jun 11 #81
"My Dad" lastlib Jun 11 #28
Hunter Biden and his wife and son met @POTUS at the base near the Biden family home in Wilmington LetMyPeopleVote Jun 11 #29
We have a winner! Mike Nelson Jun 11 #30
A heart. sheshe2 Jun 11 #41
❤️ littlemissmartypants Jun 11 #31
As parents we love our children unconditionally. Duncanpup Jun 11 #34
I mostly agree, tho I'd change it thusly... slightlv Jun 11 #36
That is a man worth fighting for. (nt) Paladin Jun 11 #42
Yep. Absolutely. calimary Jun 11 #53
Tears here as well. niyad Jun 11 #45
I miss my dad. Lunabell Jun 11 #46
Lunabell mcar Jun 11 #55
The whole thing sucks and it's the same goddamn judge who f*cked up the last time. Joinfortmill Jun 11 #49
I am tearing up too. A father's love!! brer cat Jun 11 #50
Don't read the comments on Xitter. Ocelot II Jun 11 #51
And the way Hunter is hugging his dad is worth a thousand words too. Native Jun 11 #54
They are a family. Period mcar Jun 11 #57
That's an "oh, my baby boy it's gonna be okay, I'm here for you embrace". Love our President. n/t iluvtennis Jun 11 #58
It so is! mcar Jun 11 #62
Such a striking contrast between the Biden family and TSF's. sinkingfeeling Jun 11 #61
Oh yeah. nt mcar Jun 11 #64
President Biden and son Hunter Biden greet each other. LetMyPeopleVote Jun 11 #63
Thanks LMPV mcar Jun 11 #65
Hugging Grandpa!!! niyad Jun 11 #86
Hey Don Jr., canetoad Jun 11 #67
That face....? FirstLight Jun 11 #68
Mhaalo for this So Much, mcar! Cha Jun 11 #69
Aww wendyb-NC Jun 11 #73
I would give anything JustAnotherGen Jun 11 #77
Proud to be a Biden Democrat. This is a real family. OAITW r.2.0 Jun 11 #79
That is love. Bluethroughu Jun 11 #85
Thank you so much for posting. i'm weeping too. Joe's a good man and a good dad. emulatorloo Jun 11 #87
Just like when Melania hugged Donald after his conviction Kaleva Jun 12 #88
... mcar Jun 12 #93
The only reason Hunter was brought up on charges is that his dad won the Presidency Botany Jun 12 #91
I really don't understand this take TexasDem69 Jun 13 #101
President Biden makes a powerful and heartfelt statement, reacting to Hunter Biden's conviction: LetMyPeopleVote Jun 12 #94
President Biden: "I'm extremely proud of my son Hunter. LetMyPeopleVote Jun 13 #102
That bdamomma Jun 13 #107
Being a loving father is admirable. Unless you're a Trumper. LetMyPeopleVote Jun 14 #111
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