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The thing it proves is Democracy is alive and well. marble falls Jun 12 #1
Industrial Grade Bullshit, Dear The Magistrate Jun 12 #5
To bad Hamas doesn't stand for Democracy. William769 Jun 12 #39
Yes, that is why there is an ICC arrest warrant for Netayahu.. TeamProg Jun 12 #68
Funny you didn't mention also for the leaders of Hamas. William769 Jun 12 #73
Not really EX500rider Jun 12 #100
That sounds serious. Torchlight Jun 13 #161
Sure does. jimfields33 Jun 14 #187
Not really when in fact you look behind who is financing a lot of these chaos agents Bev54 Jun 12 #48
It "Proves" Exactly what The Magistrate SAys it Does.. Hamas is NOT Cha Jun 12 #83
This is what Democracy looks like? LeftInTX Jun 13 #148
No doubt the response to your inquiry will be coming tout de suite! Abolishinist Jun 15 #206
"Democracy" has a new meaning. So many words have new and wrong definitions now it's hard to keep up. betsuni Jun 15 #211
Yes. The American people have been played. Irish_Dem Jun 12 #2
Netanyahoo paid HAMAS. Was he doing it with funds from Russia or was that separate? lark Jun 12 #14
That's not true. Mosby Jun 12 #90
"Netanyahoo paid HAMAS." Link for that please EX500rider Jun 12 #102
Okay atreides1 Jun 14 #176
So you think it would have been a better PR move to prevent foreign aid to the Gazans? EX500rider Jun 14 #178
This mularkey keeps being thrown around because TheKentuckian Jun 14 #188
You are sadly misinformed. Or should I say, disinformed. yardwork Jun 13 #137
Wow, that's an extreme assumption on your part. Think. Again. Jun 12 #3
It's A Conclusion From Evidence, Dear The Magistrate Jun 12 #4
Wow, you have evidence that... Think. Again. Jun 12 #15
Because You Work Very Hard Not To Believe It The Magistrate Jun 12 #16
Cool, do you also have evidence... Think. Again. Jun 12 #34
That's just nasty, Think. Again. Hekate Jun 12 #98
Yes it is. betsuni Jun 12 #101
Yes, dear... Think. Again. Jun 12 #107
Yes, dear... Think. Again. Jun 12 #106
Standard. edisdead Jun 12 #111
Over the line. edisdead Jun 12 #110
Yes dear,... Think. Again. Jun 12 #113
Yeah, Rec.. TY Cha Jun 12 #128
For Yrs, Netanyahu propped up Hamas womanofthehills Jun 13 #168
So What? The Magistrate Jun 13 #169
Didn't pick the right terrorist organization to partner with? TheKentuckian Jun 14 #190
I do as well PatSeg Jun 12 #72
Rude and condescending replies do not make you correct Pmc1962 Jun 12 #21
No, Being Correct Is What Does That The Magistrate Jun 12 #22
Please do not call other posters "Dear" obamanut2012 Jun 12 #35
Considering the adoption by some of an ideology that calls for mass murder of Jews NutmegYankee Jun 12 #66
It's not either-or. Croney Jun 12 #70
Hang on, are you implying... Think. Again. Jun 12 #77
I'm referring to the OP and the mindset of The Magistrate for his snarky response. NutmegYankee Jun 12 #78
I misunderstood your post. Think. Again. Jun 12 #79
Understood. NutmegYankee Jun 12 #81
Large portions of the kids protesting are Jews womanofthehills Jun 12 #82
I'm not anti two state solution. I very much desire it. NutmegYankee Jun 12 #84
Looking at the film of these specific NYC protests maxsolomon Jun 12 #97
I woukd like to see evidence. edisdead Jun 12 #112
"ProPal" tend to struggle mightily with math, history, and definitions of words. TheKentuckian Jun 14 #191
+1 betsuni Jun 14 #192
Not here in NYC. The "rally" was organized by Neerdeen Kiswani's hate group Within Our Lifetime. lapucelle Jun 13 #144
Well, eff them! electric_blue68 Jun 14 #196
Oh, yah... "took over "The Trains" "... Several subway cars 🙄 Pffffffft * electric_blue68 Jun 14 #198
JVP represents a very small portion of Jews LeftInTX Jun 13 #150
Hey, they promised to kill them last though! TheKentuckian Jun 14 #185
It's not exactly unimportant either. The term in certain (many) context is used to belittle women's ideas, and opinions. electric_blue68 Jun 14 #195
Slandering (no evidence to support a single claim made) those protesting the mass killing of Palestinians RAB910 Jun 12 #6
I Defend Nothing Nothing, Sir The Magistrate Jun 12 #8
Sir, they chanted "'Long Live the Intifada" RAB910 Jun 12 #11
Facts: sarisataka Jun 12 #42
I don't understand the whole "repeat back to the leader" thing AZSkiffyGeek Jun 12 #46
It reminded me of a church service sarisataka Jun 12 #51
I first noticed it with the Occupy movement AZSkiffyGeek Jun 12 #53
More from Torres at the above tweet. sheshe2 Jun 12 #92
That originated with Occupy Wall Street. lapucelle Jun 13 #136
YEs FACTS MATTER.. No one is Disputing That.. Good to Learn The FACTS... Cha Jun 12 #85
Distinctions without a difference don't matter much. TheKentuckian Jun 14 #186
Watch any of the many videos posted here mcar Jun 12 #19
Even Hamas supporters are protected by the First Amendment. tritsofme Jun 12 #7
There Is That.... The Magistrate Jun 12 #9
Who said they weren't? TheKentuckian Jun 12 #64
Absolutely. Dr. Strange Jun 12 #80
No matter how execrable we find their views, the people harumph Jun 12 #10
I Did Not Say They've No Right To Demonstrate The Magistrate Jun 12 #12
I see that was another poster who suggested Russian influence. Apologies. harumph Jun 12 #13
Well, it's devolving: LeftInTX Jun 13 #152
THANK GOD for the First Amendment ! stonecutter357 Jun 12 #17
You Seem Afflicted With A Common Misapprehension, Sir The Magistrate Jun 12 #20
Just as you clearly have the right to slander people by falsely accusing them of supporting torture, rape and murder RAB910 Jun 12 #24
'Long Live October 7!" The Magistrate Jun 12 #32
They did not say that -- they said some other fucked up stuff, but that was not a chant obamanut2012 Jun 12 #36
See post 85. sheshe2 Jun 12 #95
"THEY" being 2 people who quickly put the banner away. AloeVera Jun 12 #114
"They" were so ashamed of the professionally made banner they brought to the protest? sarisataka Jun 12 #116
Did you notice anything else from the UN report? AloeVera Jun 12 #118
Not everyone agrees on the war crimes of October 7 sarisataka Jun 12 #121
They are caling the exhibit, not the attack, Zionist propaganda. AloeVera Jun 13 #135
How a message and a viewpoint gets twisted around- good words sarisataka Jun 13 #142
Let's see... AloeVera Jun 13 #145
Listen To Yourself The Magistrate Jun 13 #146
I did not say Hamas is not to blame. AloeVera Jun 13 #165
Bloody-Minded Nonesense The Magistrate Jun 13 #166
+1 betsuni Jun 13 #171
Talk about bloody-minded nonsense. AloeVera Jun 14 #173
None Of This Refutes A Thing Stated Above The Magistrate Jun 14 #174
Is there anything less fruitful than... AloeVera Jun 14 #177
Depends On What Fruit One Seeks, Sir The Magistrate Jun 14 #179
Crowds supporting Hamas is where you lost me. AloeVera Jun 14 #181
Millions? The Magistrate Jun 14 #183
+1 betsuni Jun 14 #184
The pro-Hamas hate fest is even worse in Canada. lapucelle Jun 15 #217
NOT referencing what's going on re: I/P - but gas lighting is a real tatic. electric_blue68 Jun 14 #199
I was unclear and you reversed my cause-effect relationship sarisataka Jun 13 #149
Here's The Basic Argument, In Plain English The Magistrate Jun 13 #155
No, I understood. AloeVera Jun 13 #158
I find myself in unusual company sarisataka Jun 13 #159
Yes same as I rarely agree with her, must have pissed off her other buds in the Squad..at least Ilhan Omar/Rashida Tlaib EX500rider Jun 13 #160
She's right anti-semitism has no place... AloeVera Jun 13 #164
IMO Jew haters will hate Jews regardless sarisataka Jun 13 #167
Honest question. AloeVera Jun 13 #170
I do believe that is possible, in fact I still believe a majority sarisataka Jun 14 #175
Thank you. AloeVera Jun 14 #182
It does "sound awful" to give the benefit of the doubt to anti-Semites, lapucelle Jun 15 #219
"I see it as more akin to holding a Pearl Harbor commemoration in the still burning ruins of Hiroshima." thucythucy Jun 14 #180
Those who want to see, will. AloeVera Jun 16 #222
What an utterly obscene proposition! Beastly Boy Jun 16 #224
All your arguments about the Nova memorial thucythucy Jun 17 #225
The analogy makes no sense. It's a flawed attempt to justify a disgusting pro-terrorist, anti-Semitic demonstration. N/T lapucelle Jun 16 #223
By your logic, I would be excused if I were to deny the protesting thugs access to their places of assembly Beastly Boy Jun 13 #147
Especially since most hostages haven't been returned, and the physical, and emotional... electric_blue68 Jun 15 #201
"Quick look over here!" lapucelle Jun 13 #162
To begin with, you're linking to a draft report. lapucelle Jun 15 #212
Miloon Kothari is a member of the 3 person panel. lapucelle Jun 15 #213
US Department of State press release on the Council of Inquiry. lapucelle Jun 15 #214
The report cites war crimes by BOTH Israel's fighters, West Bank settlers, and certain Palestinian groups, including... electric_blue68 Jun 15 #200
That's not true. They carried the banner from Union Square to Wall Street. lapucelle Jun 13 #139
They have the right to do all that....AND we have the right to call it disgusting, and hideous. electric_blue68 Jun 15 #202
Yes, but for *anyone* to claim that it was "two people who were ashamed and put the banner away" lapucelle Jun 15 #215
"That wasn't a chant. That was a professionally made 10 foot long banner lapucelle Jun 13 #163
Do you have actual evidence to support that claim??? RAB910 Jun 12 #40
Leader Schumer read it into the Congressional Record. lapucelle Jun 13 #140
Here: LeftInTX Jun 13 #154
Hamas considers anyone who is not Hamas to be an infidel and to be put to the sword GoneOffShore Jun 12 #60
Ummmm sheshe2 Jun 12 #94
Exactly! We as American Citizens have a Right to Condemn Cha Jun 12 #87
100% correct. nt mcar Jun 12 #18
you've posited here that any demonstrator in New York supports Hamas bigtree Jun 12 #23
Not Worth Further Reply The Magistrate Jun 12 #27
words matter bigtree Jun 12 #29
"Some nebulous enemy that you perceive in New York..." lapucelle Jun 13 #157
I can't help but think this is all related to the coming election. 58Sunliner Jun 12 #25
And I can't help but think this is abt the war crimes Israel is committing. AloeVera Jun 12 #71
I mean the original attack by Hamas in October. Hamas is a terrorist org. 58Sunliner Jun 12 #75
How do the displays of Hezbollah flag and blocking the enrance to the Nova massacre exhibit signify Beastly Boy Jun 12 #123
I see the lies and propaganda are alive and well. canuckledragger Jun 12 #26
That's A Well-Turned Phrase, Sir The Magistrate Jun 12 #30
So it's ok for people to protest as long as you agree with them? flying_wahini Jun 12 #28
Where Did I Say They'd No Right To Demonstrate? The Magistrate Jun 12 #31
Take it up with the ACLU. mahatmakanejeeves Jun 12 #33
They Have Some Privilege Of Clergy, Sir The Magistrate Jun 12 #37
So, screw the Constitution because in your H.O. it looks like a Russian op? TeamProg Jun 12 #49
The OP has abridged the Constitution in what way? TheKentuckian Jun 12 #65
Post removed Post removed Jun 12 #67
The OP has no such power and also enjoys free expression. TheKentuckian Jun 12 #74
You'll not get a response from that one revmclaren Jun 12 #103
Whew! Exhausting. Oopsie Daisy Jun 13 #132
Yes "Truth" Does, TeamProg.. and The Magistrate's OP is Dead ON. Cha Jun 12 #89
You won't be getting a reply sarisataka Jun 12 #91
Long Live DEMOCRACY!💙💙💙 Cha Jun 12 #93
They chose poorly.... revmclaren Jun 12 #104
💙💙💙 Cha Jun 12 #108
I remember that from a long time ago on DU, MarineCombatEngineer Jun 12 #119
History was not kind Behind the Aegis Jun 12 #99
History is yet to be written. AloeVera Jun 12 #117
I think you missed the point of the post, MarineCombatEngineer Jun 12 #122
I know. AloeVera Jun 12 #124
He/she may come back after a review, there wasn't Posting Privileges Revoked issued, MarineCombatEngineer Jun 12 #127
I see. AloeVera Jun 12 #130
LOL. MarineCombatEngineer Jun 12 #120
🤣😂 Ha! Perfect! Oopsie Daisy Jun 13 #133
Thank goodness for that. Oopsie Daisy Jun 13 #134
What does any of this have to do with anything? TheKentuckian Jun 12 #86
It's their right, but we have the right to complain! LeftInTX Jun 13 #156
Oh, i remember Skoke, and Westboro Baptist Church... 1A, and we can say disgustng electric_blue68 Jun 15 #203
Hamas would not exist if Israel rainy Jun 12 #38
And On That Sterling Comedic Note, I Must Depart To Attend Household Chores The Magistrate Jun 12 #41
this would have played better if you hadn't made a broadside smear of 'Demonstrators in New York' bigtree Jun 12 #47
Do you have any links to support your claim that the NYC protests have been "mostly peaceful" lapucelle Jun 13 #141
How do you say "Run away!" in faux legalese? My four year old TeamProg Jun 12 #56
Hey, Man: A Panda Eats, Shoots, And Leaves The Magistrate Jun 13 #143
Which legitimate leaders are those? Hamas is the elected government of Gaza. tritsofme Jun 12 #43
I wonder if that is true... OneGrassRoot Jun 12 #44
I don't think you are aware of Hamas goal if you believe sarisataka Jun 12 #45
I absolutely agree with you... OneGrassRoot Jun 12 #62
Bullshit. The terrorism was flowing quite well when TheKentuckian Jun 12 #76
"needs to respect legitimate Palestinian leaders," Like who exactly? EX500rider Jun 12 #105
Woah... That's screwy! And something I didn't know (his "thesis" and books) electric_blue68 Jun 15 #204
The Humorous Thing About The Fella's Writings, Sir The Magistrate Jun 15 #207
Hmmm... More history to look at electric_blue68 Jun 15 #208
I Shall Remember, Ma'am The Magistrate Jun 15 #221
Oooops dbl post electric_blue68 Jun 15 #205
What legitimate Palestinian leaders is Israel refusing to recognize? yardwork Jun 13 #138
Genocide is the new Establishment. Us vs. Them. betsuni Jun 12 #50
100 percent true and factual. Great job! jimfields33 Jun 12 #52
Glad your thread has withstood the test of time. MarineCombatEngineer Jun 12 #54
Post removed Post removed Jun 12 #55
You would be completely wrong, MarineCombatEngineer Jun 12 #58
... William769 Jun 12 #96
You have been here since 2011 sarisataka Jun 12 #59
Is this satire? leftstreet Jun 12 #57
I think some of them do support Hamas, TBF Jun 12 #61
I just want to take another opportunity to say, since I don't normally jump into these threads bigtree Jun 12 #63
The US has enough to worry about without this. live love laugh Jun 14 #197
A flag tells who a person is sarisataka Jun 12 #69
Great thread! Mosby Jun 12 #88
Sure Buddy - and the Americans who opposed the war in Vietnam were supporting the Viet Cong, etc. OutNow Jun 12 #109
So this didn't happen? EllieBC Jun 12 #125
This one makes me puke. TheKentuckian Jun 14 #194
Heh, no kidding!* Yikes! electric_blue68 Jun 15 #209
WTF...Dude is advocating genocide while simultanously protesting genocide. PeaceWave Jun 15 #210
The pro-Hamas crowd is acting more like the KKK if you ask me. LeftInTX Jun 13 #153
Well, Jane Fonda did go to Hanoi and let herself be photographed on a Viet Cong AA gun. PeaceWave Jun 14 #189
Yep, and while I disagreed with her, I did respect her right to protest as much as I found it MarineCombatEngineer Jun 14 #193
But did she demonstrate outside a memorial or exhibit thucythucy Jun 15 #216
Years later, in her memoir, she wrote madaboutharry Jun 17 #227
When we marched against the War edhopper Jun 17 #226
Post removed Post removed Jun 12 #115
Vote for Georgia Latimer if you can. RandySF Jun 12 #126
TY! Cha Jun 12 #129
Apparently, saying protests are becoming more pro-Hamas than about Gaza's people betsuni Jun 13 #131
Oh brother. nt KPN Jun 13 #151
Kicking to keep this important post trending. revmclaren Jun 14 #172
Bump lapucelle Jun 15 #218
Kick. revmclaren Jun 15 #220
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